Okay folks. I am not crazy enough to write something that might be interpreted as disparaging to the government without explaining a few things. After all, in this household, it pays the rent and quite a few other expenses.

The GG is a long-time employee of the US Environmental Protection Agency. He's a computer scientist who is regarded as a national expert in the field of vehicle emissions testing. He loves his job and works many, many, many long, hard hours. He leaves the house at around 7 every morning and I never quite know when to expect him home, anywhere between 6 and about 8 in the evening. Lots of weekends too. I always figure there's about a 50/50 chance that I'll be able to get hold of him at work, even now that he has finally succumbed to the acquisition of a cell phone. The reason is that he is often deep in the bowels of the laboratory where his phone doesn't always pick up calls. Or in a meeting. Or bombing around SE Michigan visiting various auto industry folk.

Those guys work hard over there. They are committed to the mission of the agency and this is definitely the first time I have EVER been called upon to help them solve a crossword puzzle! A moment of spring fever maybe? At any rate, it is not the usual activity.