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Mr. Rank and Mr. Odiferous

Monday, August 31st, 2015

cast4Once upon a time, I was taking a shower at command central, aka, the Dillon house and the phone rang. That was back in the day when all we had were landlines, so I was kind of struggling into a towel or whatever to go answer the phone. Just as I was exiting the bathroom door, Mr. Rank and Mr. Odiferous (my cousin Grinch and my uncle Duke) barged in the front door and Duke answered the phone. Yes of course it was OK for them to barge in without knocking (and answer the phone). We were all brought up to enter other family members’ homes and cabins without knocking. I spent what seemed like ordinate amounts of time this last summer reminding the wonderful, well-mannered young men my cousins have brought up that they didn’t have to knock before entering the Moomincabin. Just barge on in. On the other hand, Cap’n Queen Leila seems to get it. Somebody over there? I’ll just barge on in. Love it.

Anyway… Way back in the day when Mr. Rank and Mr. Odiferous were building a ski chalet on the beach for Radical Betty, they didn’t always have easy access to a shower, so sometimes they would come into town and take one at my parents’ house. And that’s what they were there to do that day. I think… Or maybe they were there to borrow my crappy old car, a rusty old Pinto wagon. My old coot was forever lecturing me about not lending out my car to anyone but then anytime Mr. Odiferous needed a station wagon, my old coot would order me to let my uncle use the car. It was OK. Dad and Duke were war pilots and I did trust them with that old beater. The larger lesson was pounded into my brain and, to this day I rarely lend my cars to anyone.

So, the contraption that keeps my little finger immobilized has been rank and odiferous since the day they put it on me. That was the day they put the screw in my little finger. I’m sure it was all very sterile but it smelled like hell right from the beginning. Iodine or whatever the hell that stuff was. Add that to sweat and whatever and you don’t really even want to know. Three more days.

Two trailers now

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


In the Landfill Driveway, that is. The Lyme Lounge with the Trashmobile behind it. The Frog Hopper is behind these trailers and the Ninja is in the street. I still cannot drive my beloved Ninja. Sigh.

Wishing I was still at Houghton Lake with the GG and his wonderful sister, The Beautiful Liz. Good times and good night. Thanks to the GG for doing all the driving this weekend. I can certainly drive the Frog Hopper but probably not for three hours.

Quiet weekend at Houghton Lake. Wish you were here!

Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Actually it became a weeeee bit less quiet a little while ago when my s-i-l The Beautiful Liz pulled into the yard. A welcome surprise! 💜 This is a Rocket Trip for us, to pick up the Lyme Lounge. We drove up at 0-skunk-30 this morning, stopping at our fave Best Choice Market for some steaks on the way. After a walk (meeeee) and a nap (the GG) and a snacky lunch, we launched the Flote Bote for a fishing expotition.


The fish weren’t biting so eventually we moseyed over to the Muskegon River.


Since we were in the area, we stopped at the tiki bar. Just one, thank you very much.


I wonder if The Commander could have foreseen that her son-in-law would end up using her purse. If he hadn’t commandeered it, I’d’ve prob’ly dumped it at Kiwanis or somewhere long ago. I’m not sure what’s in there. Tools, I guess. Or fishing gear? Hopefully he won’t leave it in the Mission Hill graveyard.


It wasn’t the warmest day out on the bote and I cannot fit the sleeves of my polartech jacket over my cast or whatever this contraption is, so I wrapped myself up in a beach towel like us kids used to do after swimming in Gitchee Gumee on a cold summer’s day. The sun did deign to make a glorious appearance on our return trip across the lake.


Steaks and corn on the grill, salad and Yukon golds or whatever. Had a hankering for a good steak and caved to it after a month or so of rather up-and-down appetite. And I was able to cut salad veggies today, meaning my hand (as a system or unit) is stronger overall – again, since it got to about this point pre-surgery. Five days. Onward and upward! 🚀 And good night! 💜

Looking for something else, I found this

Friday, August 28th, 2015

skierWhat was I looking for? A picture of the beauteous bathroom wallpaper that came with The Landfill when we bought it. A large format floral pattern in a palette of blue, green, purple, and silver. Yes, the metallic version of the color silver. Didn’t I say it was beauteous?

I wasn’t really expecting to find a pitcher that focused on the wallpaper. I was looking for a gratuitous shot. One where somebody was taking a pic of the beach urchins in the Blue and Only and happened to get the wallpaper in the background.

I have yet to find a wallpaper pic but I did find this gratuitous shot of a little blue Ford Fiesta, aka Daddy’s Little Blue Car. And a certain skier in a beauteous white ski jacket with green chevrons across the front. This jacket was part of the fanciest ski outfit I ever owned. There was a pair of matching overalls and a green ski sweater too. I bought it in Steamboat Springs on a ski trip with a whole bunch of Fin Fam members. Good times.

I had saved up enough money for the trip and a new ski outfit. What I didn’t anticipate was that the day after I bought the outfit, I broke a ski tip. Budget? What budget? Fortunately my old coot was also on that trip and he sprang for a new pair of skis. Olin Mark IIIs. I bet they are part of a chair by now.

By the time this pic was taken, I had pretty much switched completely over to x-c skiing. Hence the [Calvin Klein] jeans because insulated ski overalls are way too warm for x-c skiing unless it is 18 below zero or whatever, Also, I was married. How do I know that? Because I am wearing a blue sweater I bought in Nova Scotia.

You might guess that by the time this pic was taken, my sense of “style” was in the process of devolving from ski-babe [wannabee] to queen of whatever ratty old layers I can dredge out of the washtub in the bottom of the bathroom closet at 0-skunk-30 in the morning. And so, I have inadvertently managed to bring this entry full circle, *from* the Blue and Only Bathroom *to* the Blue and Only Bathroom.

Sign on the dotted line

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

signatureMoom, what are those yellow streaks on your arm? Looks at arm. Duh… Blech! Oh, it’s okay. The yellow streaks are on the under part of my forearm between the top of my cast and my elbow. This yellow is the same color as my fingers were when I got out of surgery last Friday. Iodine or some kind of antibiotic or whatever. My fingers have not been yellow for days now but I didn’t think to look at the back of my arm. Here’s the deal. I can wash probably 95% of my body adequately with my left hand and the help of a crappy back scrubbing thingy, when it doesn’t decide to fall apart. I am pretty darn clean, but. I will say that every time somebody takes one of these unwieldy contraptions off of me, I make sure they give me a chance to wash my hand and arm. I tried to scrub those yellow streaks off tonight but they seriously dude ride out now are seriously dried out now and they did not go away. [I dictated that last bit with clenched teeth even though the dude thing cracked me up.]

I walked downtown tonight to take my Mouse out to dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin and signed on the dotted line to pay for dinner, as you can see. Honestly, I think my left-handed signature is more legible than my normal right-handed one. This is the second time today that someone had to sign on the dotted line. I did not do it the first time, which was in CKL’s office, where we signed a contract to renovate the Blue and Only Bathroom. We are scheduled to pick out materials the day after Labor Day. Colors I am thinking of are white, turquoise and/or aqua, black, and maybe some teak. That’s as far as I have gotten with this project. Projected start date is November 25. They will be able to install a toilet for us every night during the project but not a shower, so I will have to deal with a bag shower in the dungeon. That’s okay. I became an expert with one of those back when we had to pump water by hand at the moldy old Courtois cabin in the winter. C’mon it’ll be fun. Oh yeah, we’re gonna get rid of the chimney! Yay!

P. S. Thanks to our friends of Porterization for the hilarious get well card! 💜

Don’t be afraid to care

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

jackoFirst of all, I posted this picture on Instagram this morning and my sharp little cookie figured out that her moom was walking. Yes I was. I’ve *been* walking, except for Saturday when I was a legitimate basket case. This was the first morning that I did my full 3 mile 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl. And then I went to Cubeland for a whole day of work there. I am tired. That is all…

…about that (you know what) anyway. Let’s change the subject! The folks who apparently chalked this early jack-o’-lantern onto the sidewalk do one of the best Halloween displays I have ever seen. Except that I don’t usually see it because when I walk by there at 0-skunk-30, it’s dark out. Heck, it is dark out for most of my walk now, at the end of August. All I will tell you about the display is that it involves a lot of plastic rats. A few skeletons appear when we get really close to Halloween. I dictated that last sentence in a really spoooooky voice! Tooooooo bad yoooooooou couldn’t heeeeeeear meeeeeee 👻.

I will be watching this house more closely this year as we ramp up to Halloween. Y’all know that once Halloween is done it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Another year in the hopper. Run, rabbit run. [youtube link].

Short term goal #1: switch back to driving my Ninja

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

handrepairI put gas in the Frog Hopper today. I did it with my left hand of course. The hardest part was trying to figure out which way to turn the gas cap to get it off. (I wish you could’ve heard my tone of voice as I dictated that. Sarcasm with teeth clenched anyone? Jeebus.) When will I be able to drive my six speed manual Honda Civic SI again? My cute little Ninja? I miss driving that loverly zippy little vee-hickle.

Another short term goal is paddling a kayak. Alas, I don’t think that’s going to happen before the end of our short Michigan summer. Why isn’t typing a short term goal since my primary job tool is a laptop computer? First because I can actually type pretty fast and accurately with my left hand and second because my typing skills are not what they pay me for, not that I am comparable to Einstein in any way [snort].

I went into to Cubeland this morning but bagged it to telecommute in the afternoon. Packages arrived addressed to the GG, so I didn’t open them. Wouldn’t you know they contained care packages for meeee from the Beautiful Gay and the Uncly Uncle aka Chloe Belle. I am wearing the copper bracelet and ring now.

Love you all (even my haters (and I do have some although I don’t reciprocate the feeling))

Titanium Pinky rules

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Lemme see…

I did not take my walk this morning. Actually I let the GG get up first.

I asked him to make me a pot of coffee. Alas, we are out of coffee. Okay, will you go over to Zingerman’s @PlumMarket and buy me a cup? [You have to be at work at 7? (Who knew?) googly googly. It opens at 6. Please?]

Out of the shower as the GG is saying goodbye. Are you going to get me coffee? Already did. Plus a breakfast pastry of some sort 🐸 [Back already? Was I in the shower thaaaat long?]

I seemingly took a quantum leap forward overnight. A small quantum leap and one that I am very cautiously optimistic about but I’ll take what I can get. Titanium Pinky barely made her presence known at all today and the hand she’s attached to felt stronger overall. Still being very careful not to stress the system.

In keeping with not stressing the system, I telecommuted today. I knew that spending the entire day at Cubeland would stress me overall and therefore stress my hand and therefore Titanium Pinky. Cabin Fever set in at about 2PM.

Quit work at 5 and took a walk. Much needed.

Yeek. Almost did the unthinkable thing of falling in the bathtub while washing my feet after my walk this afternoon. No, I did not lose my balance. I grabbed the side of the tub with my good left hand and it was wet and my hand slipped. I caught myself right quick. Without using Titanium Pinky and her hand. Grab bars in the new Only-Somewhat-Blue-and-Only Bathroom? Maybe so but those wouldn’t necessarily have saved me in this narrowly avoided weird accident. Kids, do not worry. It was the kind of slo-mo situation where I would’ve landed on my you-know-what. ‘course, I could’ve injured my goddamn good hand. ENOUGH, KW!

If things continue on an upward trajectory (fingers crossed — those that can move, that is), I will walk at least a half walk tomorrow morning, then head over to Cubeland, at least for the morning. I will telecommute for the afternoon if Titanium Pinky tells me to chill.

Eating aphids in Azkaban

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

ride2Day 2. Looking forward to Day 13. Hope? Another person who once endured a hand injury requiring more invasive surgery than mine is performing on one of the many instruments she plays this weekend. At Day 2, I am still taking it VERY easy. Day 13, with good luck I’ll get to start working Titanium Pinky a bit.

Progress? Appetite? Marginally less wonky today but still light and unpredictable. Breakfast? A repeat of a dish Liz made last night: toasted bread from Zingerman’s with goat cheese and grilled veggies. It’s a keeper! I ate two of those little toasties and a couple strips of fancy bacon Liz got from the Plum butcher. Lunch? A few squares of fancy chocolate, also acquired by Liz, after a Frog Hopper drive through beautiful western Washtenaw County and a couple of mini hikes. A wee bit of whine tonight. No pain pills for well over 24 hours and only took a couple of precautionary ones in any event after numerous warnings from various nurses about waking up screaming in pain. Uh, pretty hard to do that when you aren’t sleeping… Because you are worried that your forearm is going to separate from your body and fall out of bed… Still, fingers crossed. More about pain tolerance in some future post. Or maybe not.

Where the heck was I? Came back from wandering western Washtenaw and loaded up Harry Potter #3, which took up the doldrums of the afternoon pretty well. More Twin Peaks tonight.

One of things I humbled myself to ask Lizard Breath to do for me before she left today was to cut the ends off the brussel sprouts from the farmers market yesterday. Of course she found bugs. “Moom, there are aphids on these.” Some discussion and mitigational activities ensued. At some point I asked to see one of the aphids. I could see it but it was so teensy tinesy that I came to the conclusion that we probably eat aphids every time we eat brussel sprouts and we will probably eat them tonight. Bon appetit!

Boob tube convalescence

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015

hickenYes. Put the titanium screw in the pinky that is attached to this arm. I won’t give you the gory details about yesterday’s outpatient surgery except to say that I have a love/hate relationship with the nerve block. It kept me from feeling pain during and after my surgery, enough so that I did not need to be sedated. Being left with a cement block where my forearm used to be? Not so much fun. I won’t go into that too much either except, suffice it to say, I was looking at a long boring evening last night since I did not feel like sleeping and haven’t found a replacement book for my last one yet. About all I had to look forward to was keeping track of where my arm was at any given moment. Yuck.

Enter Lizard Breath, who suggested via text message that I find a TV show. “But what?” “How about Twin Peaks? You guys started watching that last winter.” I whined that I didn’t remember what episode we were on (and yes I was feeling sorry for myself at about this point). Our beach urchin thought that maybe we had left off at about episode five and after not too much argument, that’s where we decided to begin. I watched three whole episodes. It was exactly what I needed. The only thing it didn’t do was put me to sleep although I did close my eyes briefly a few times. Didn’t really get any good sleep last night until some time around that batscope hour, when I surfaced and found that I could finally move my fingers again. What a relief.

I took it easy today. Didn’t get out of bed until around eight and then sent the GG down to the farmers market to meet Mouse, who helped him search out the stuff that was on my list. Lizard Breath came over this afternoon, helped with laundry, watched Harry Potter with me, and is now engineering part of dinner. Odd experience to be sitting around on a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon watching a movie but it was just the ticket. With any luck more TV tonight will actually put me to sleep. I need it.

Good night,
Titanium Woman

P.S. I was dictating an email message to BFF this morning and my laptop translated the word “which” to “quidditch”. Apropos or just weird?

Just call me Titanium Woman

Friday, August 21st, 2015

All is well. That is, except for the fact that my right arm feels either disembodied or like a dead weight due to the neural block 🐗 Pain scheduled to hit when that wears off. Cheers!

Something to look forward to without [much] trepidation?

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

CKL was here today. Of course, I scrambled to declutter the Landfill Chitchen before she came because, as rumor has it, the picture of our kitchen on her office wall is the biggest.

Anyway, no money changed hands today but measurements were made and pitchers were taken. Not the pitchers in this post. These are Minecraft crappy old iPhone photos. CKL has a big honking camera. Anyway here we go. The Blue and Only Bathtub! I am actually using that back scrubber these days. Don’t worry, it isn’t anywhere near as old as the tub or the tile. Suave Ocean Breeze shampoo there. No big “product” users here, even for feet. Snort 🐗


The sink and chimney.


You don’t get a picture of the Blue and Only Toilet today but here is what some of the floor tile looks like.


Here’s another. It also shows the rust on the tub and some other ugliness.


Here’s my dresser! Okay, it’s not really my dresser but that wash tub down there is where I keep my walking clothes. I can go in the bathroom and get dressed after my shower without waking up the Grumpy Growler by turning on lights to look for clothing.


Of course we had to go in the dungeon (with CKL stopping to visit her favorite artifact along the way) to check out the chimney down there.


I want to get rid of the chimney. It isn’t needed anymore. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to do that. Guess what? CKL demolished her own chimney in her Pink and Only Bathroom! Demolishing a chimney is both legal and doable! So let’s go!

And then the afternoon ended with a cacophony of smoke alarms beeping and screeching and yelling fire. Why? Because one of them was out of battery. There’s got to be a better way. Good night.

P.S. Someone seems to be googling chimney demo YouTube videos…

Man do I hate when the Landfill refrigerator vapor locks…

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

gps…and I do not have two fully functional hands to open it and nobody else is home (not that I would ask for help if they were) and I slam my damn broken pinky into the door.

We won’t talk about my pinky any more tonight except that it is really okay. The GG thinks I should talk about my feet. Toe Jam anyone? He says that I have a remarkable lack of that. It’s true and that might be because I have been thoroughly cleaning and drying between my toes since I was a teenager or before. Dry between your toes. That’s what my doctor uncle used to say about athletes foot or whatever it was. We won’t talk about how soft and leathery my feet have become since I have started to use “product” on them. TMI? I think so too.

Do you know where you are? What does your GPS tell you? Remembering back in the late 1990s when we had old-school GPS units. I think this one is a bit newer since I found it in a bunch of photos from 2007. Nowadays we use our phones for GPS more often than not. Even on the North Country Trail up in the Yooperland.

Sorry that I don’t have more to say tonight. You’re welcome. Thanks to the GG for doing the dishes tonight. I normally like to do them myself but I’ll be lazy for once. I’m still dictating into my laptop and that’s hard work and the next couple of days are very busy. Chop chop good night 🐸💜 y’all.

Winder Salesmen

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

It wasn’t that Luke kind of knock, so I knew it was a solicitor. Usually I make the Grumpy Growler answer the door when he’s home but he was taking a well-deserved nap and I thought something like, “Oh what the heck”, and I answered the door.

Solicitor: I’m doing work for your neighbors and are you ever going to get around to replacing that window?

KW: [oh, jeebus] No, I like that window.

Solicitor: What is the appeal? I don’t see the appeal. [Maybe you don’t see the appeal either.]


KW: You haven’t seen it from the inside. [Making no indication that he was welcome to enter the house.]


What do I like about that window? That it has nine panes each with its own ledge. That there is that big shelf down there at the bottom. That I can sit on the Green Couch watching all the dogs go by forever and see everything out that window. That I can stand on that big old shelf and crane my neck and look up and down the street to see what’s going on. Is it drafty? I don’t know? Maybe? Do I care? Not really. I’m not all that crazy about airtight houses.

When all of the crap that I have been hoarding all these years eventually collapses on me and kills me and the beach urchins have to deal with the aftermath, I suppose they will be kvetching around about resale value and wondering why the old bag never replaced that crappy old 60s vintage front window. Or, you never know, maybe whoever eventually lands in this house will like it too.

Not that I’m planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

P.S. The Commander’s house is up for sale again. I sold it two years ago. I am not sad. It isn’t the house that I grew up in although I have many good memories taking my children there. Life goes on.

Castle Rock

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Nope this is not Castle Rock. Can you guess what/where it is? Sneak preview!


At first glance, I thought the person coming up the steps down there was yer fav-o-rite blahgger. I decided it wasn’t. Similar hair but not dressed like KW at all (plus KW took the pic, duh). I did struggle a bit to get up those narrow steep kinda rickety looking steps. I get vertigo pretty easily and had to stop to collect myself once. But I made it, darn it 🐸 Don’t look down.


Lake Superior anyone? Maybe on steroids with sharks and sneaker waves. No swimming on that long beautiful beach.


If baggy old parents like me had had Facebook back when this photo was taken, it probably would’ve been my profile pic.


Love y’all. Feeling Sympatico with Hank the next door dog tonight. He’s wearing the cone of shame.

P. S. Didja guess where the photos were taken? Have you been there?

Random Sunday-ness on the Planet Ann Arbor

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Up early and after a quick breakfast out to the West Lake Nature Preserve to hike. Why did we get up so early? So we could get pictures like this spiderweb. Click and click again to embiggen enough to see water droplets along the web filaments. I wish I had taken a pic of the sticky seeds that dotted my cast wrapping and skirt later in that hike but I was actually a little freaked out about them, at least at the time.


Big time shelf fungus in Miller Woods after a long hot day of not being very productive. The GG was quite productive so I guess I get to take a pass today.


I made a pretty good 1-3/5 handed salad but it isn’t as good as the salads The Beautiful Gay makes.


Mouse arrived with her semi annual eggshell donation for my compost heap.


Last but not least, we have the GG’s new grillfriend.


Good night. Love you all.

Talking to myself

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

produceTap tap tap. Tap tap tap. Ahem. Is this thing on?

A couple of people have suggested that I try to dictate words and sentences and paragraphs to my computer so here goes. I tested this out on an email message to BFF earlier today and it worked pretty well so I will try it on my blog blahg and let this nefarious splint/cast contraption thingy just sit for a while. I will have some editing to do but my left hand can handle that with ease. Now if I just had something interesting to say we’d be all set 🐗.

See all that lovely produce on the counter there? I got most of that at the farmer’s market this morning and yes I did walk down there. Having a broken pinky does not affect your legs. I processed a lot of that produce today, even cutting some of it up, slowly and carefully, mind you, with a big sharp kitchen knife and lots of leverage from my left hand. I did most of my Saturday chores on my own today. I did ask for help taking the shower curtains down and putting them back up again and putting clean sheets on the bed. I could have done those things but I felt like it would be too slow for me to do them safely and not stress my pinky, even though it is immobilized. Of course Rooooomba does most of the vacuuming. The Grumpy Growler does the rest but he does that anyway. It’s yer fav-o-rite blahgger who hates to vacuum.

Alas, I don’t think that dictation is available to me at my job. If it was I don’t think it would be very helpful, especially if I were writing HTML. If I wanted to write a paragraph tag, saying something like “left angle bracket p right angle bracket” would result in “left angle bracket p right angle bracket” and not “<p>”. So I am waiting for this episode to be finished. Back when I was having babies I would always look ahead, thinking something like, “When Thanksgiving comes around, the baby will be born.” I am doing that kind of thing with my pinky now. I hope I don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving for the worst of this to be over.

Don’t take my words too seriously tonight. I am writing about mostly nothing both because I have nothing much to say that’s new but also because I am kicking geeking out with dictating words into my computer. Honestly, trying to give you my innermost thoughts on this blog tonight would be very difficult without a lot more practice. You’re welcome. The GG heard me say “innermost thoughts” and he received crap said, “Yuck!” Frankly he is right and I hope you are having as much fun as I am right now.

So, Wan Oo excused me from cooking today. I didn’t quite excuse myself. I did a lot of the prep and some precooking of veggies. The GG is now grilling fish and corn. Good night, kayak woman.

I had a title but my $%#@ cast deleted it

Friday, August 14th, 2015

ducksWe could use a good thunderstorm here but I think all we’re gonna get is rain. But I’ll take it. We haven’t had a lot of hot steamy weather this summer so I can’t really complain about this stuff and anyway it is 78 degrees right now so not really all that hot although I was sweaty enough after walking home from the Oscar Tango that I put a garbage bag over my cast and took my second shower of the day. And here comes that rain 💜.

My cast brought a new friend out of the woodwork today at work. I told Don this was the first bone I had ever broken. He said he had broken so many bones he couldn’t even remember how many. How do people go through life breaking bones all the time? How do people go as many years as I have withOUT breaking one?

I won’t complain about how swampy this whole apparatus feels today and how tired I was of trying to type with all of this gauze and wrapping dragging over the keyboard and touch pad all day. Backspace backspace backspace, re-type. Ctrl-Z about a billion times to restore something that got accidentally deleted. I guarantee I will be infinitely more sick of it by the end of Monday afternoon. Hopefully the bone doc will put something different on, or at least new and clean. Right now it kind of feels like my hand is wearing a damn diaper.

So, how about those duckies there? They just sat there as I tiptoed close enough to get their pitcher. I think these are teenage ducklings but they made me think of the afternoon The Beautiful Gay and I were sitting around by the Hoton Lake dock and a mooma duck herded her tiny baby ducklings up on the seawall for a little nap. We were calm and quiet and they snoozed next to us until the GG came galumphing down with a gas can or whatever.

Psst. Hee hee, the GG walked all the way over to Certified Kitchen Bathroom Lady’s showroom this morning. Why? New bathroom(s)? Stay tuned…

Throwback Thursday

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

I don’t want to talk about my finger tonight. It’s fine and I can do a lot more things every day and by the time I actually get to see a bone doc (Tuesday morning), I’ll probably have to schedule surgery and go through the whole damn thing again. At this point I’m pretty sick of talking about it. So let’s do a random throwback Thursday instead. Actually I was looking for pics of Liz the time we were at my brother’s house and she fell and broke her arm while playing a circle-y type tag game on the grass. He had recently installed a sprinkler system so the grass was wet and slippery. For the life of me I can’t find a pic of her cast. She was in 8th grade and by the next year we had a digital cam. But here are a few other random old pics I found.

One of my faves ever. When I was a beach urchin, driftwood and pulp logs were all over the beach. Hardly anything like that any more. This was somewhere in between. Don’t you love those long t-shirts.


Here are my baggy old parents making uglies on the beach more years ago than I’m strong enough to count.

grandma face and grandaddy

And here are two of their grandchildren sorta emulating them.


Both of those photos are about the same vintage and I am pretty much done for tonight. The GG is ruminating about what life might be like without the internet and I am reminding him that we both grew up living life without the internet. I wonder if he has read the bone clocks book yet…

Out of the woodwork

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


Plum Market this afternoon: I turned around after grabbing a cart just as a young man was returning one. I told him that I should have taken *his* cart. He didn’t reply in words. Instead, he lifted up a big cast in solidarity and asked me what was broken. I could see that his hand was free so I figured his injury was [arguably] worse than mine. Well, he got hit by a car. I told him about the silliest accident on earth aka the one that led to my injury. Because he didn’t say the words “car accident”, I have been left wondering if he had been walking or cycling when he was hit. Wish I had asked. And then I threw my backpack on (cast arm first, there is an order to dressing/undressing activities) and risked further injury as a pedestrian crossing the Dexter-Maple intersection.

Cubeland yesterday: I am walking down the aisle as a young man approaches from another direction. He sees my arm at about the same time as I see that he has an interesting device on his knee. His story? Actually his knee is not broken. He was hiking and his kneecap became dislocated. I asked if that meant that his kneecap slid to the side. Yes. I am familiar with phenomenon because I grew up with a family whose kneecaps had a tendency to dislocate like that. Some great aunt or whoever was rumored to have become so accustomed to kneecap dislocation that she would just reach down and put her kneecap back in place. This young man, not so much. There were great crunching noises when his kneecap dislocated and he endured a bumpy gurney ride out of the woods and his first ambulance ride ever about which he complained that he didn’t even get a sucker. (This is where I hear The Commander’s voice saying, “It’s a LOLLIPOP, NOT a SUCKER! We don’t use that word!”)

And then there are all the “when I broke my [insert bone here]” folks. Including M and Rocks, who both said something like, “I broke my [insert bone here] while playing with [insert small child here].”

I love all of these folks. They make me feel a lot less alone.

That is all. I am fine and getting back to more of my regular activities (driving on freeway today, instead of the slow route) but work is where I have to make the most sustained effort at accommodations and we are slammed this week and so I am taaaaaared at the end of the day. G’night.