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C into the C, C, and C back out again.

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

I didn’t do any of that kind of thing today. I walked and did chores and picked away at the few bits still left after The Comm. The weather was gorgeous again today and here are some early morning pics.


Actually, the next pic is not early morning. It is mid-morning after I finished my chores. Dishes, sweeping, etc. I ran into Dashie and her husband at the end of the beach where Young Mike and his family will be building a house next summer. Better a Piedy than some outside person. And at the other end of the beach…


I think by that time I had already finished this prodject. Been a while since I’ve baked cookies but people were requesting them. Also, the mugs are by Lizard Breath.


A special person arrived and put feathers in her hat.


Waiting for her big sis to arrive in a couple of days. In the meantime, an informal and inpromptu family party happened on our deck tonight with the RegenFolks from next door. Love when this kind of thing happens.


G’night! KW

And the beach goes on

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Mostly pics today beginning with this crayfish claw.


My beach walk was foggy this morning. Alas, the Algolake was not sitting out on the other side of Light 26. The Paul Tregurtha was upbound and the Gott was downbound and the fog was not apparently thick enough to impede their progress.


Here is a late afternoon pic. I was sitting with my Regen cuzzints here. We swam together along with their significants and some younger Finfam cousins and friends. There were other folks around that I didn’t know very well and I was concerned to see small children not very well supervised. The water on our beach is shallow until after the second sandbar. There aren’t any dropoffs or undertows but I was brought up to be vigilant about watching children around water. It only takes an inch to drown a small child. Alas, I didn’t know who these children belonged to. And the beach goes on.


And then we were porterized. We had planned to sit down on the bank just above the beach but it was like an inferno down there in the late afternoon sun (remind me about this in January) so we sat on the moomincabin deck instead.


And so the beach goes on. Love y’all. KW

Elevated walkways

Friday, July 29th, 2016

On my walk this morning, I met up with an old friend. She said that she saw me (on her walk) all the way down at Doelle’s and was thinking by my “youthful” stride that it couldn’t be 62-year-old me, that it must be one of my daughters. Naw, it was me. My friend is older than me but also very spry. I was flattered because I’m not sure I could keep up with this “older” woman if I had to 🐸

So I got back from my walk and the GG proposed a wee hiking trip to the Tahqua Trail section of the North Country Trail. I had been daydreaming about Tahquamenon Falls but wasn’t quite up to a trip up there. The Tahqua Trail? Yes. So we rolled on up thru the res and the Curley Lewis and hung a right at M123 and stopped here at the rest area just north of the mouth of the Tahquamenon River. (When I was a kid, it took a few hours to get here, if you took the shore route. Not so much now.)

So we got to the Tahqua Trail today and I saw how beautiful the light was at the mouth of the Tahquamenon River today and I said STOP in that rest area and I got this beautiful pic.


Can I just say that the outhouses at this rest area are stellar. I used one and I did not even get a whiff of human excrement. It actually smelled *good* in there but not an overpowering scent.

After our stop there, we parked up on the Tahqua Trail to do a mini-hike. For many years, this section of North Country Trail went along a road. Not fun. Our Hiawatha Shore-to-shore NCT chapter managed to re-route parts of that trail into the woods, building elevated walkways where they were necessary. The GG was involved in the re-routing prodject and helped build 20 elevated walkways.Beautiful section of trail and easy to hike.

Hiking pics below, lightly captioned.


An elevated walkway that the GG helped build.



The graffiti is new but the rusted tin can is old. Not sure why but it seems to stay there.


Today we walked 13 of the 20 elevated walkways, #6 through #18. Beautiful walk!


Laudromat Blues

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

sunriseI meet up with my coffee buddies every Thursday at Barry Bagels. I wasn’t down on the Planet Ann Arbor today and so I missed our meeting. Normally I wouldn’t even think about this but one of my coffee buddy’s youngest child was severely injuried in a car accident a few weeks ago and so I am particularly missing my coffee buddies today…

So, I was hanging out in the Up North Laundromat this morning. It is close to the Soo Locks and also Ashmun Street, so while my stuff was in the washing musheen, I walked over to Book World on Ashmun and bought some colored pencils to go with the “adult” coloring books I bought last year for the cabin. And then I walked the locks. I was ready to give up my teensy tinsey little purse for inspection but nobody came out of the guard shack or whatever. Some workers *outside* the gate hailed me with a friendly, “It’s okay, just go in”. And it was and I walked around the locks park until I figured my laundry had been washed. I hung around while things dried because the drying process takes some finesse.

I will say that when I checked out the laundromat when I was just waking up this morning, Google Maps said it didn’t open until 9:00 AM. When I got there, all of the doors were wide open and a sign said it opened at 7:00 AM. If I had known that, I wouldda been there earlier but probably not at 7 AM. But it all worked out and it’ll be interesting when Meijer moves into town.

I spent a lot of time reading on the bank today. Finished “A Darker Shade of Magic” and loved it although I had to take breaks because lots of blood and violence. Started “Barkskins” and loving it so far. Made a version of chicken shwarma tonight. Pretty dern good. And the GG has headed down to sit on the bank and I think I will join him to watch the sun set. (And not listen to polly-tickle stuff on NPR).

Field trip

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

Given that it was foggy and a bit windy this morning, I think it was a good choice for a day trip. We headed down to Iggy and got the GG a [uh] “senior” pass to the state parks. I guess it saves us money when we want to camp (which I will only do if I can get to a damn shower). It’s okay and I’m glad that we save money but I still struggle to understand why these benefits are for “older” folks who, well, often but not always, can afford to pay full price. Anyway, we crossed the Bridge and headed over to Wilderness State Park and we drove out all the way to the end and if you embiggen a couple of times and squint a little bit, you may be able to see the Big Mac way over there. Or not. But try. I have never been to Wilderness State Park before and I loved it!


Our goal today was Cross Village where Our Northern Correspondent was taking a quill box class with her husband. Porcupine quills, that is. The Commander did a wee bit of quill work way back in the day and I’ll tell that story some other time. As we snaked our way down from Wilderness to Cross Village, we crossed our beloved North Country Trail a few times.


Next stop, the Three Pines Studio and Gallery. Our Northern Correspondent spotted us as we walked by the studio windows. I know she was surprised to see us and it was so much fun. We were given a mini-tour of the class and got to meet the teacher and her children. The teacher was sorting a large box of quills by size, etc. I so wanted to take a picture of that box of quills but didn’t out of respect. She said it was a *half* porcupine but man oh man there were a lot of quills in there. This gallery wasn’t *all* about quill boxes and some of you have seen the GG in his element on facebook or Instagram.


I took over driving after Cross Village and navigated the tunnel of trees (M119 in Michigan) down to Harbor Springs and eventually into Petoskey, where we grabbed lunch at the Mitchell Street Pub. I had the spinach salad. It had bacon and hard-boiled eggs and that wee bit of protein plus all of the veg was enough for me. And sorry but I do not light up quite like this.


And then, I steered the Frog Hopper up US31 to the I75 SUV Speedway and back up across the Big Mac and home. We are tired and so are you (and you are also bored). G’night, -KW.

Float and read. Float and read Paddle.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

I helped launch the GG on a read and float kayak expotition this morning. The water was flat calm and here he goes.


I loved loved loved watching my triplet teenaged 1st cousins twice removed and their friends on paddle boards this afternoon. So glad they are living there. (Missing C*Q*L though). I heard one of the girl triplets say something like, “We’re gonna make mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken nuggets. I so remember those days. 💜

A Yellow-shafted Flicker hit the front picture window here today. Often, the birds who hit our windows recover and fly away but alas, this one did not make it and is now in our freezer awaiting I’m not sure what. Triplet Moom next door told me that they had a dead turtle. When I told the GG about the dead turtle, he was all excited, “Where is it?!”. We had such a beautiful beach day that we never got a dead aminal exhibit going but it was all fun.

Later in the afternoon, the GG took a nap in the Lyme Lounge and I took the purple kayak out. I didn’t read. I paddled.


I did a few little cleaning prodjects today including cleaning out the purple kayak and then we sat down on the beach with my Regen cousins in the late afternoon and then… The GG could not find his iPhone. Jeebus! Various gyrations ensued and I kept saying FIND MY IPHONE! and eventually that’s how he found it. And yes, it was underneath the sand where he had been sitting. It is okay and I am glad he found it but anyone who has grown up on a beach knows that the sand swallows things fast. I can remember when girls that I grew up with lost rings (from their boyfriends) in the sand and we usually did not find them. Same with an iPhone. Never carry your iPhone on a beach unless it is in a secured pocket or basket or whatever.

Sometimes it’s the little things

Monday, July 25th, 2016

In my not-necessarily-humble opinion, the moomincabin is looking pretty darn good and “feels clean” if that makes any sense, this summer. I continue to try to find a balance between de-cluttering and making anything approaching a significant change. In truth, I don’t really *want* any significant changes, at least not until the family is ready to talk about them…

So today I tackled some small stuff. First, I hung a whole bunch of stuff on the clothesline. It was a dry, windy day and I like to air linens out when I have the chance. There’s Radical Betty’s old beach towel. It lives here now for whenever UKW wants to come and visit and I have been using it myself, just to keep it active (or something). Next up is a towel that Liz has been using. I associate it with my brother but that’s not his Real Towel. His Real Towel was his Tagger Towel (cute tiger) and it is upstairs somewhere. My beloved old beach towel (green/blue stripes in various shades and widths) *may* still be around in the form of a couple of cleaning rags but not sure. My grey maxi-skirt that got wet around the edges dragging along the shore yesterday. My blue bath towels and one of the bath mats. A wet washcloth and the micro-fiber cloth I used for the next chore. A couple of rugs also hung outside over our intermittent railings for a long time today.


The next chore… We have this recycling bin outside the back door of the moomincabin. There were no fewer than THREE white plastic buckets collectors of big dead bugs in that thing. I am the Queen of Recycling and I could not figure how to manage the moomincabin recycling with all of those buckets in there. So I rolled up my sleeves and pulled them all out of there and washed them out, let them dry in the sun/wind, moved them to the garage, washed out the recycle container and (after we dropped off some recycling stuff today), set up new bags in the bin.


I went out to the garage to continue to process what few of the Commander’s belongings remain and I found a treasure trove of old booklets and pamphlets of recipes and, well, we’ll talk about the Mirro-matic pressure cooker that I will never use another day. The Comm was an inveterate saver of pamphlets that come with appliances large and small (that’s a good thing and I try to emulate it) and it’ll be fun to reunite the pressure cooker with its instructional pamplet. And how about those beans? The last page of that pamphlet talks about Bean Queens and I have actually had the privilege to know one of the Gratiot County Bean Queens in my life. I hope she is still around.


Errands in town (aka Sault Ste. Siberia): recycling, Clydes for lunch (do NOT feed the seagulls), and Glen’s Family Fare for a “few” groceries. ($127)


And then, in the afternoon, fellow beach-goers sat on the beach. It wasn’t one of those beach days when the water is calm and you sit down there and get hot and swim, etc. But [almost] every day is a beach day. Love.


Sprinkly day

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Actually, my early morning walk was in rain and the cute li’l blue skirt I wore for that is still drying out. I had a rain jacket on but no bumbershoot. I went out again in the mid morning. Our much needed rainstorm had largely ended by then but we had very very light sprinkles off and on throughout the day. Actually, after Lizard Breath reluctantly left for Megalopolis, the GG and I spent most of the afternoon sitting down on the bank. Was it a beach day? Well, yes. Because it was beautiful and warm down there and the sprinkles were pretty easily tolerable most of the time. So, here are some pics from today, *very* lightly commentated. In the first, I loved the clouds. The nearer point we can walk to. The farther one is our beloved neighbor Cananananada, across the St. Marys River (no apostrophe).


Bonus insect in this next one 🐸. I love bonus insects, don’t you?



This next pic seems to show a harbinger of The Next Season, aka Fall. Actually, although I know nothing about botany, I don’t think this particular plant is a reliable predictor of that season. I dunno what it is but I think it always has red leaves in the summer. A mutant? I dunno.


Those beautiful patterns the “sawdust” makes on the beach as the water goes in and out.


A little giftie my beloved daughter gave me before she left today. Lichen. She put it on my arm. Eventually I moved it over to one of our intermittent deck railings, the ones the GG designed and built when we became worried about octogenarians falling off the deck.


And then there was this *not* a bonus insect. I found this plant and an insect earlier today when I took a western kind of walk without my phone [gasp]. I went back and… Initially there wasn’t an insect. But within the space of maybe 10 seconds, several insects flew in and out. This is one of them.


Good night and love to all of my nine readers.

Water walk with me

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

I am not crazy about driving the I75 SUV Freeway while pulling a trailer but I can do it and I did it today, for hours and hours and we got all the way to Brimley and were driving the last couple of miles and there was this…


It was okay. It was just a rear-end thing and no one seemed to be injured (thank you) so we got through and I wouldn’t have posted the pic if it had been anything worse.

The Commander and Radical Betty would *always* take a water walk to Doelle’s and back in the late afternoon on a hot summer day. I often went with them, sometimes with a small beach urchin or two in tow. Today I took a memorial water walk to Doelle’s and back. I found stuff like this.


And then there were these people… 💜


And here is my new facebook profile pic. Shameless shameless shameless heee heee hee. New bathing suit but looks almost exactly like 15-year-old one… …


And then some cousins and their dogs came over and sat with us on our deck. <3


And finally, I did what I loved to do during my entire life as a young parent. Sit on the beach and watch kids swim. My children, my nieces, my cousins’ kids and any other kid who happened to be around. The [ulp] 30-year-olds don’t need me to watch them but I love watching them anyway.


I will ride bus

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Here we are sitting in the Oscar Tango at the edge of downtown celebrating the start of an “epic” 2-week vacation for me. It is the first time I have taken off two consecutive weeks in the nine years I have been working over at Cubelandia. We are at our usual Friday night spot here on the Planet Ann Arbor, the Oscar Tango, and we are with our A2 / Birch Point Beach buddies of porterization, as usual. We will all be making our way north tomorrow morning, although morning has a different definition for us than it does for our friends, i.e., we will be up and outta Dodge as early as possible with Lyme Lounge in tow.


We had to walk through a couple blocks of art fair to get to the bus station to catch the 32A (yes, they have changed the routes) back over to the west side so I guess you could say I went to the art fair.


“I will ride bus.” That is what the King of Cryptic Text Messages sent out to a select group this afternoon. I received it just as I was setting up for part two of one of those meetings from hell this afternoon. “Let the madness continue, straight jackets will be handed out at the door” was included in the invitation the Tall Boss sent out. W1.5 and FZ were in there and when I read it to them, they totally cracked up. It doesn’t take much for those of us chained up over in Cubelandia. Anyway, the KofCTM did indeed ride the bus downtown (and subsequently sent me another text “in bus” with a pic of being “in bus”). I walked down but we both “rode bus” home.


The contention didn’t continue into today’s meeting. The Benevolent Despot had been recruited to actually attend it as a squelch factor but he was playing with his phone the whole time. I was able to publish the document related to *that* meeting as well as another rather more squishy one by the end of the afternoon and I think it was enough to get the dev team rolling for the next couple weeks so I will not have to telecommute. The Benevolent Despot seemed ready to get rid of me for a while, i.e., here’s a HIGH defect for you but it can wait until you get back [yawn]. And yes, it will wait and two weeks will go toooooo fast and I’ll be back butt in seat before you know it.


And so farewell to The Gorgeous Garden Planet Ann Arbor. For a while. We’ll be back. It is so hard to leave our beautiful home down here on the Planet and yet it will be equally as hard to leave the moominbeach when it is time to return here. 💜

P.S. I cannot believe how many typos I have already corrected in this post of blather. If you find more, lemme know. Sigh…

Do not read without holding your nose

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

outhouseI’m just kidding. But my work day defied description and there were elements of Outhouse Functionality involved. I knew the meeting I needed to lead would be contentious (although we were *all* polite, even Mr. Nyet). I had expressed my concerns about it ahead of time but I got support from my [new] manager so I just plunged in, starting it out with a disclaimer and, uh, an unfortunate OS crash when I moved my [new] work laptop to the meeting room. Nothing like starting out a meeting with having to re-a-start your computer (multiple times…) and then my new manager dialed the wrong number when trying to loop the remote participants in. Fortunately she did not [accidentally] call the police. My former manager once did that and my current manager was the one who met the poleese at the door to explain that there wasn’t anything for them to do in our building.

I got a lot out of today’s meeting but, as I expected, there were contentious issues. We sorted some of them out but not all of them. I was [mostly] having fun at this meeting. I have been doing this job for a long time and I am pretty damn good at it (I think) and I managed to get folks to come to a consensus about some of the issues but not all of them. We have a new meeting scheduled for tomorrow to deal with the rest of it. We’ll get there but I may have to put in some hours next week during my vacay time to do it. That’s okay because we will be chilling anyway and if I put in some work hours next week, I will have more vacay time available in the fall when we are going to want to hike, etc. ūüôā

Oh and then, I had to navigate home from work. Jeebus. Westbound I94 was hosed. State Street from Cublandia to I94 was hosed. I managed to get home at a reasonable time but it was not easy and I had to take a rather unusual route to do it. It’s Art Fair week and I knew traffic would be hosed today. I managed to take back roads to get home in only a half hour or so but it was not fun except in the flying by the seat of my pants kind of way that I enjoy when driving a motor car, especially my Ninja with its 6-speed manual transmission 🐸

Love y’all,

Switching to Daz

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

twoshoesThis wasn’t exactly the start to my morning but it threatened to define the working part of my day. Things were rolling along smoothly for the early part of the morning. I took my walk (I wore blue Keen sandals like the red one on the left). I came home and emptied the dishwasher and flung some laundry around and watered what few plants there are to water this year and took the compost out and ate a bit of brek and then I got into the Ninja and took the usual slow roll over to Cubelandia, dropping my absentee ballot into the mail along the way. Parked at Cubelandia and walked halfway across the parking lot and… Hmmmm… “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Oooooooooooops, two different shoes. How the heck did I do that?

You guys, I am not a fashion plate. I wear a “uniform” to work every day. It approximates some version of bizcaz. But I actually have enough pride to decide that I could not wear that particular “pair” of sandals ALL DAY at work. So… I schlepped ALL THE WAY HOME AND BACK to change my left sandal. Jeebus is about all I have to say.

The day did not improve for a while as people were uncharacteristically worried about us being in a “crunch” with all kinds of people including yer fav-o-rite blahgger taking vacay in the imminent future. In the interest of getting work done before vacay, I almost *missed* a twice-rescheduled meeting about some stuff I need to write up. We won’t describe how I did that. I *wanted* to be there. But I had to be sought out (weren’t you on the invite? yes I was🐽) after it started. I couldn’t dredge up my current paper notes on that project from the mess on my desk and so I was somewhat unprepared and for a while I was hanging out on the Tower of Babel listening to a couple of (beloved) people who are more familiar with different institutional vocabularies than I am.

Translation was painful but in the end I got what I needed outta that meeting and when I turned it into functional requirements (informal ones) and sent it off to Mr. Nyet (who had asked me to send him a “summary”) and some others, I received a one-word response. The word had an exclamation point on it. The word was “Perfect”! I yelled out “DAZ” and all I can say is that hilarity ensued.


Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

I was looking for pictures of me in the Methodist church basement for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary. I know they are out there. I remember that I wasn’t all that crazy about the dress we bought for that. I was partial to a floral design with puffed sleeves. The Commander talked me into a more “elegant” design. Me? Elegant? Not so much but I can be but not in the usual way that you are thinking of.

Anyway, I didn’t find pictures of me in the basement of the Methodist church basement for that party but I did find pics of me and some cousins at Jeep and Pan’s wedding, which was around the same era.

First there is me and my brother. I am wearing a dress that I don’t think I liked.


Here is one of the kids’ tables down in the basement of the church. You can see me and my brother and my Regen cousins and our good friends, the Mullin twins.


Here is The Commander aka my mother with the cake that she made for the wedding.


And here are the beautiful bride and groom. What can I say? I loved them then and we love them now and that is kind of all I can say.


Big Bang

Monday, July 18th, 2016

bangIt was 10-something AM at Cubelandia. The Inimitable KennyP was at her station collecting lunch orders.

Pause… Cubelandia is far enough away from any restaurants that our building mom orders lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for those who can’t take a long enough lunch hour to go out and obtain food. I am not one of those people. For one thing, nobody really cares much how long my lunch takes. Also, I am an inveterate packer of leftovers for lunch. I fill a very small container with leftovers, almost always stuffing some salad in on the top and some sort of fruit as a side. Oh, and sometimes some little chocolate pieces but I seem to be on an off-phase with those, at least for the moment. I could say I save money that way but given that I spend lots of money on the food my leftovers come from, it probably doesn’t work out that way.

Lurch. People were ordering lunch and life was humming along when BANG!!! Everyone in the building heard it. Except meeee because I was outside taking a quick loop around the building. When I came back various people were kind of agitated and GoGrannyGo was circling around in QA/BA row looking stressed out and whispering about birds flying into windows. What happened here?

I walked around to KP’s desk to make an inquiry and what had HAPPENED was that two Canada Geese had crashed into the windows of Cubelandia. TWO!!!! KP turned around in time to see them fall down into the bushes outside her window, where they thrashed for a bit and, uh, died (sorry). She called animal control and after a couple hours they had been removed. I grew up on a beach (in the summer) and when you grow up on a beach, dead things wash ashore all the time and sometimes they die *on* the beach. I can deal with walking around dead decaying fauna on a beach. Sitting in an office with dead geese in the bushes at eye level? No. Please no. The Inimitable KennyP handled it all with aplomb as usual.

So yes, today’s pitcher is of Cubelandia’s exterior where the geese crashed into the window. This is where I work, folks. I love it there. This place and the people I work with have so many times been a respite from some of the other parts of my life. Not that my life is all that bad because it isn’t 💜

In which some fin/cFam gals manage to navigate Ikea and not come out with *just* *one* stuffed rat.

Sunday, July 17th, 2016

Can I just say that this morning’s trip to Ikea was probably my fave ever. I have a love/hate relationship with that place. We won’t go into detail about that but can I just say that the place makes me dizzy. I can’t exactly explain why but it is in the same way that I felt dizzy when I was in kindergarten and my class went up the steps at Stinkin’ Lincoln to parade our cute Halloween costumes to those Big Graders. Of course I eventually became one of those big graders and I probably ran those steps two at a time. Anyway, I felt a bit of that kind of dizziness again today when we got to the top of the Ikea escalator but I got over it, especially when I saw this cute l’il birdie tucked into one of the showcase displays. After that, I was okay. I didn’t even get dizzy in that last huge warehouse type self-serve place!


I took a wonderful trip to my mouse’s new apartment and then to Ikea today. I loved her new apartment (although I will miss the Prince of Denmark’s encampment at my house). She needed something like the Frog Hopper to haul home the kitchen cart/island and a few other things and I am always happy when my very independent adult children ask me for help with something.

Her new apartment is lovely and here are a few little vignettes from it and then good night. Family dinner in the back yard here on the beauteous Garden Planet Ann Arbor tonight with Bequet’s lawnmower on the other side of the arbor.




Eating processed food and playing Pokeyman Go

Saturday, July 16th, 2016

spinachThat is, I haven’t yet eaten any of the food I processed today. Lemme see…

Pulverized two big bunches of basil and friends into a couple baggies of pesto for the freezer. Gotta have that stuff on hand!

Washed lettuce. Duh.

Gazpacho! (Tomatoes, green peppers, onions from the farmers market, little cukes from Farmer John at work and other ingredients from the pantry or Plum Market.)

Cleaned and trimmed teensy tinesy zucchinis and summer squashes. Enchiladas tomorrow? And maybe other stuff, def salad.

Trimmed brussel sprouts and cut up a wee red cabbage to saute with dried cherries and pecans tonight.

Husked corn for tonight with an extra couple cobs for leftovers or to use the kernels in enchiladas or salad or whatever.

Trimmed strawberries (last ones this season?) for shortcake tomorrow.

Trimmed and peeled carrots for future use, not sure when. For the longest time I thought carrots were just kind of blah. And guess what, they are! When they’ve been sitting around on a shelf for a while. Fresh outta the ground? Not so much.

I think that’s about all… Whew! Good thing I like to be on my feet moving around ’cause I sure did a lot of that today. More to do tomorrow and a family dinner tomorrow night (exotic veggie enchiladas if I can pull them off) but the day will start with an Ikea run. Don’t worry, I’m just driving the getaway car.

No, I’m not playing Pok√ɬ©mon Go although I am strangely intrigued by it. As one person said, “I want to say I’ll never play Pok√ɬ©mon Go but then I said I’d never play the cat yard game too and…” Something like that anyway.

It’s kind of funny though how fast life has changed since Pok√ɬ©mon Go even if you don’t play it. I was meeting Mouse at the farmers market this morning and I was engrossed in adding something to my phone grokkery list when Mouse found me. “Hey Moom, are you playing Pok√ɬ©mon Go?” “No, of course not, perish the thought!” Or something like that. A little later, I was over at the Plum and was standing in the bulk food aisle texting with the Grand Poohbah (subject rodent poop and chewing, etc., I know you wanted to know that) when a nice young employee asked me if I needed help. I probably need help but not the kind she was offering so I politely declined but also felt compelled to say that I was not playing Pok√ɬ©mon Go because there I was, staring at my phone. I mean, only a little over a week ago, I had never heard of Pok√ɬ©mon Go…

I cannot make myself pronounce Pok√ɬ©mon correctly as hard as I try (or not). Every time I hear the word, I think back to when the beach urchins were in middle school and Pok√ɬ©mon was all the rage (but not for the beach urchins, that I know of) and I can remember our principal MrMad standing up on the stage during the Odious Gift Wrap Fundraiser prize “celebration” and talking about “Pokeyman”. Note that MrMad managed to rope MEEEEE into standing up on the stage for that dog and pony show too. To this day, I can’t remember why I as PTO treasurer needed to be up on the stage but fortunately he did not make me talk ’cause boy oh boy, that was NOT my fave fundraiser.

Oh yeah, a little postscript to the day. I got a strange email late this afternoon from the replacement china place notifying me that they had some odd pieces in my grandmother Margaret’s pattern. When we dragged the huge box of that stuff outta The Commander’s attic a few years ago, it was 98% intact but one of the few broken pieces was a covered serving dish of sorts. I made an inquiry at the time but haven’t heard anything since. I think I found it today and yes I ordered it. I want this china to go to someone in the family. It is gorgeous but it isn’t my style and doesn’t match my house, not that anything in particular matches my house. I need to get off my duff and make that happen somehow!

Love y’all! -KW

I’ve drinken the Koolaid

Friday, July 15th, 2016

greenieYes “drinken”, not “drunk”. Yes, the LSCHP has been known to use “have drinken” as the past participle of “drink” (I had to Google that). Y’all know what a past participle is roight? Most of y’all prob’ly do anyway. I had to Google it. I remember getting all of that stuff drilled into my head starting in grade school and it intensified in junior high with the sisters Loye and Pratt of Kleenex in bra fame. I actually loved those ladies. I loved the part of English that drilled us on things like verb conjugations (I had to Google *that* too!). I loved Drill-and-Kill in general but that’s me and it’s part of why I was always a straight-A student even though I struggled *mightily* for the first couple years of high school not to be. “Cheating” on tests to get lower grades? Yes but why…

I can’t claim to be fluent in terms of grammar and syntax any more hence all of the stuff I had to Google. I still don’t really understand the subjunctive and I’m sure I violate it all the time (don’t try to ‘splain it to me🐸). Here’s an old (2007) post about the damn subjunctive, not to mention an interesting trip to Chicago O’Hare to catch a plane to Senegal.

I can tolerate people who haven’t learned English grammar rules for whatever reason. I mean some people didn’t have Mrs. Loye or Mrs. Pratt for teachers or The Commander for a mother. Like if you were born from my mother and you wanted to use a word like “ain’t” you had better be over in the schoolyard or someplace where she couldn’t hear you. And some people use English as a second language. I’m okay with that. I wish I knew more languages than English. Me? Latin but it’s dusty (but I will *never* think of Latin as dusty! Just my knowledge of it). FORTRAN and some other computer languages.

Yeah, so the person who I have heard say “drinken the Koolaid” is the LSCHP and he is well aware that this particular past participle is not the correct one (he is fluent in more languages than I am). He uses this kind of language with those of us who understand whatever the heck he is doing to make our careers as cozy as he can without project manager nit-picking, etc. But he also uses “pitcher” for “picture” and “set” for “sit”.

The grammar stuff would annoy me if I were in a different situation with a different person but with my particular place of work, I associate it with a benevolent despot who creates a safe place for a whole bunch of folks to do their jobs without heavy supervision. He makes those “mistakes” on purpose. I love him for that 💜

Who can I manage to misidentify today?

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

tiedyeroseI do not know how the heck I did that. The facts just do not add up. I have known my aunts Betty and Bubs my entire life. I know what they look like. I know the HAT Bubs was wearing in the pic (I have one just like it except mine is purple of course). I remember the hats Radical Betty wore. The *shirt* is a Bubs-like shirt, not particularly a Betty style. I know what *year* I took the pic. I know that Radical Betty died the year before. It’s been a rather unusual topsy-turvy week and I was dead taaaarrred last night but that was a pretty egregious error. I am sorry!

So, randomness from today. Three of us are celebrating a return to empty-nested-ness. Well, I’ll qualify that a bit. I’m not precisely celebrating. I absolutely loved having The Prince of Denmark around here for a month. It was fun. It was summer. She bunked [usually] in the Lyme Lounge or a hammock in the back yard. I loved bumping into her in the morning before work. In the long term though, I know she will be happier in her own space and I want to continue my flinging prodject (so she and her sister don’t have to do it for me some day🐽). I won’t give you a detailed description of the other two families. In one, the last child at home has found a job with bennies in her field. She is a “creative type” and that is not all that easy, as I understand because of my own journey. Please please please don’t start babbling about STEM and all that crapola. Artists are valuable to our culture and society and we need them. Delete rant. Finally, another friend has had daughter and husband, baby born here, and several aminals (LARGE dog) for a while. New aminal friendly (within limits) apartment for daughter and fam.

There was a forest faaaar on a portion of the eastern Yooperland North Country Trail that we have hiked many times. It was pretty quickly contained but I think our group will be avoiding that area for a while. Last time I was anywhere near there, we were slodging through a couple feet of snow… … …

That is about all. I telecommuted this afternoon but you do NOT want to know about the archaeological dig I got tangled up in. I love those digs but not when I’m telecommuting because connecting to the work server from a non-work location is s-l-o-o-o-o-w. I’ll bug FZ tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll know. (And he has a dog named Tigger…)

Oh, the Schoolteachers gave me this little fleur at their garage sale at Houghton Lake on 4th of July weekend. They are longtime friends of the CFam. I think it looks wonderful in a cute li’l cactus shot glass on a [wrinkled] tie-dyed bandanna.

Love y’all,
The imperfect human being sometimes known as Kayak Woman

Apropos of nothing, the cat was on the buffet today

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Let’s see. What kind of trouble can I get into today? We have birdhouses all around our house including three that are hung at eye-level on the north wall. Sometimes during nesting season mooma bird will kind of freak me out by flying into or out of one of those birdhouses, like a few inches in front of my face. Those little birdies are FAST! This afternoon I was taking out the compost and one of the birdhouses was just rocking up a storm with little cheeps (I think the other two are empty at the moment). As I was walking by, I managed to get the pic below. I then skedaddled because I’m pretty sure I could hear mama nearby. There are at least three birdies in there because that’s how many were hanging out when I came *back* from the compost but there was no way I could get that pic.


I also went into a kind of a time warp type thingy today. It started when both facebook and my cute little Timehop app served up this picture of my 1st cousin once removed (son of my cousin) being towed into shore by an Amazon Woman after a li’l boating accident. He *does* know how to sail and he was familiar with that boat but he did dump it that day. Fortunately our little bay off of Gitchee Gumee was not too cold at the time. (I doubt he reads this blahg o’ blather but if he sees this, I hope he doesn’t mind that I posted the pic.) Those windmill thingies in the back are in Cananananada.


After that I kind of got going on the old photos and I came across a few more. Like these two Bettys sitting in the sun. The one in the white sunglasses is still alive and living down in the city of Detroit. Man oh man do I miss the other one. I love all the Bettys and I miss all of those beer afternoons with Radical Betty. And Lizard Breath has a lot to live up to since I named her after her great aunt Betty (and a whole other bunch of Elizabeths in the fam) PLUS her grandmother Frances. Fortunately she does that with aplomb. I wasn’t as good at naming my second child but I have always loved the name she chose for herself 💜 and she also lives her life with gusto and emulates her ancestors with aplomb.

Oops! As npJane has pointed out in the comments, I’ve confused sisters in the pic. That’s Bubs, not Betty. Also, given that the pic is from 2010, Betty was no longer with us. 🐗🐗🐗🐗🐗


And finally, here is The Commander threatening her fav-o-rite [not] daughter with a doggamn cane.


Love y’all,

I’m kind of taaaarred tonight but here’s some bee balm

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016


You are not gonna get much from me tonight. Man oh man, did I get a good hike in today and some wonderful time with an uber cousin and some work at the end of it all. But that’s about it.

Except that can I just say how much my family means to me. My own little nuclear fam but also my extended family of cuzzints, etc. I love you all, the aunts and uncles who remain, nieces, and cousins of every degree. I am not excluding any of the GG’s wonderful fam at all, just focusing on my own for the moment. 💜

P.S. Looks like big storms are moving in. We do need rain.