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What’s the story, morning glory

Friday, September 30th, 2016


I dunno. It rained today. It rained yesterday. It’s prob’ly gonna rain all weekend, at least off and on. I don’t really care if it rains or not. And, well, the GG called me a few minutes ago and I have totally lost my blahgging train of thought. Everything is okay, I’m just missing our Friday walk down to the Oscar Tango and other typical Planet Ann Arbor weekend activities, like going to the dump through football traffic or whatever.

Still raining here. We need it and it is still warm here on the last day of September.

Love you all, KW

Hooray for a two shower day! ’cause a duck may be somebody’s mother

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

streetlightI heard Louie-Louiiiii and Gabby talking about showers today. I didn’t quite catch what L-L said about his shower habits but Gabby was saying he couldn’t walk out of his house in the morning without taking a shower. I didn’t join the conversation. I don’t mind talking to men about safe-for-work-type showering habits but somehow talking about that topic with men *at* work doesn’t pass the breakfast test. But I wanted to say that I agreed with Gabby! I also cannot leave my house[cabin/trailer/whatever] in the morning without a shower! This morning? I got up and took my [usual] shower and then I went out for my [usual] walk and when I got back from my walk, I felt like I had taken another shower, this one being without the benefit of soap/shampoo. I was wearing a $200 (!) rain jacket and using an umbrella. I got wet *anyway*! I changed into dry clothing (and washed my feet, don’t ask) when I got back and now that I am home from a full day of work plus, my wet clothing from this morning is *still* hanging out drying in the bat[h]room.

And then there is the streetlight saga (it isn’t a saga yet but we’ll see). A HUGE tree fell on December 28, 2015. It fell in my neighborhood and it fell on the sidewalk(s) between the woods, as you can see. I walk there every day as do many other neighbors. The streetlight has been out ever since. They (I think the school district) eventually fixed the fence. The one that had already been destroyed many years ago by ANOTHER tree that fell down. The streetlight is still out. I think it belongs to the city. I didn’t think about it much over the winter. I figger that when it’s colder than hell out, it’s unlikely that someone is gonna be hanging out by the woods at 0-skunk-30 looking to molest baggy old women. And then it was spring/summer so it was light out when I walked in the morning so I could see. But here we are going into the dark side of the year and it is totally dark when I walk through this area when I begin my walk and barely light when I get back. I am still not all that nervous about predators but other people are and I think the city needs to fix the streetlight. And so I downloaded the city’s “fix-it” app and reported the streetlight issue. We’ll see what happens.

Creeping in

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

fallSo, lemme see…

I wore smartwool socks when I walked at 0-skunk-30 this morning. I probably didn’t really need them but for the first time in a long time, they were not too hot. Disclaimer: I have worn them a couple of times in the Yooperland this summer. But not very often and then only to keep my feet clean and comfortable on a coolish evening. Not to take a walk.

I wore tights to work today! Definitely have not worn a pair of tights all summer. I wore them with my summer sandals and no socks over them but still.

I wore a wool/silk turtleneck and polartech vest on my walk this morning. I’ve worn the vest a few times when the weather was on the edge of chilly in the morning (and in the Yooperland). I haven’t worn the sweater (except last weekend at Tahq, which is in the Yooperland).

I wore my usual black tank top to work today but I shclepped my purple cardigan because I was wearing my polartech jacket. I have worn that jacket a lot over the summer but, again, mostly in the Yooperland and then mostly early in the morning.

We had rain today and the sky was filled with heavy, gloomy looking fall-type clouds. The kind that look like they could hold snow if only the temperature was 30 degrees cooler.

The red leaves are an outlier. Even in the Yooperland, the leaves have not changed yet. At least everything was very green last weekend. It may look different up there by now. Things are starting to look a bit the worse for wear though.

It’s coming. Are you ready?

Washing my feet in a lasagne pan

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

I had a plan to photograph an actual Lake Superior sunRISE on Saturday morning. I have umpteen gazillion pics of sunSETS on Gitchee Gumee. I do not think I have ever had the opportunity to get a sunrise. So I got up plenty early in order to drive the Ninja over to the turnout before sunrise. And then… It was 6:30 AM and I was finished with my shower and it was still pitch black and the sun wasn’t going to rise for another hour and the GG was still asnore.

We ate breakfast in the Lyme Lounge that morning. The GG surfaced in time to start cooking for me to actually EAT and get over to the turnout a couple minutes before the sun came up. Here he is and yes I CAN cook and I can even cook in the Lyme Lounge but lately it is getting to be a little more like a man cave than I would prefer, so I sat back and let him do what minimal cooking we did.


When I got to the turnout (where there is cell service), my phone said that the sun would rise at 7:27. In fact, it rose at 7:29. I suspect that it rose at 7:27 in Sault Ste. Siberia, which is where my weather app was set, and 7:29 at the turnout south of Paradise, where *I* was.


We got up to Tahquamenon Falls PDQ that morning, took the shuttle to the Upper Falls and hiked down to the Lower. What was good about getting out early was that, on that beautiful day, the sun was still low enough in the sky to light up the water. This foam is below the upper falls. It is a natural characteristic of the Tahquamenon River and not some kind of agricultural or industrial pollutant.


The trail between the lower and upper falls is built largely along a hillside. It is challenging to keep it navigable and trees eventually tip over and fall into the river. I’m not sure what the heck is going on with this tree (trees?) but here is the GG posing in it.


I always love reflection pics. We are below the foam (mostly) at this point.


And this is a close up, foam near the shore and a lens-flare.


It’s a 4-mile hike from the upper falls to the lower falls and of course we made it there. If I can kvetch for just a moment, I get so annoyed when I meet people on the trail who for whatever reason seem to size me up and try to instruct me about the trail. Hey guys (usually men, but sometimes women), I have been hiking this trail since I was a kid. Back before there was a brewery. So, the lower falls…


And the upper falls.


We ate lunch at the brewery after that but then we walked out to view the upper falls and then we continued on to where the North Country Trail picks up again and we walked out to where there is a series of complex ponds created by beavers in which the water levels are different in each of the ponds. Here is the GG standing by a beaver dam. What you may not be able to tell from the photo is that I am standing below the water level.


After all of that hiking (33K steps for me), when we got back to our campsite, my feet were FILTHY! This may be TMI but I wash/defoliate my feet every afternoon. I have been doing that since I was a teenager. When my family was at the moomincabin in the summer, I would return from an evening walking around on the beach with the other teenagers there and I would always heat some water on the stove and hoist my feet one after the other into a basin in the kitchen sink and wash them. Nowadays I wash my feet every afternoon when I get home from work even though they aren’t all that dirty from being at work. Hiking and camping? Dirty? Yes. The plastic container I used to use to wash my feet apparently broke but there were a bunch of aluminum foil lasagne pans available and so I washed my feet in a lasagne pan every afternoon that I was at Tahq. Loved it.

A weekend on the moon except that the wifi is probably better on the moon

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Yes, I took a semi-break for a few days. You are welcome. I know y’all have been wondering about my sanity. She blahgs every day? She BLAHGS EVERY DAY? SHE BLAHGS EVERY DAY? What could she possibly have to say? Indeed. I only *very* intermittently had any kind of cellphone signal since Friday. We eventually figured out that we could get enough signal at our campsite in the GORGEOUS Tahquamenon State Park Rivermouth campground by sticking an iPhone in the Lyme Lounge window frame.


I launched off the Planet Ann Arbor at 0-skunk-30 last Friday and I reached the little rest area just north of the mouth of the Tahquamenon River and across from the Tahqua Trail, the rest area with super-clean outhouses (seriously, they do *not* smell) around noon. It is also one of the few spots in the Tahquamenon area where there is a reasonable AT&T phone signal. I stopped. I used the outhouse and checked my phone (I won’t tell you in which order.) The GG had JUST TEXTED that he was in Paradise, heading down toward the Rivermouth campground, so I called him and a few minutes later, he met me at the rest area. There followed a bit of a kerfuffle that I am not strong enough to write about at the moment (picture the GG going like a bat outta hell past MEEEEE stopped at a “trailhead” and then picture yer fave blahgger driving up and down a damn dirt road wondering where the hell the GG was and calling him incessantly and FUTILELY!!! (BECAUSE NO SERVICE!) trying to find the correct trailhead. Or don’t picture it. Please. I was MAD! And then we got connected and I was mad a bit longer and then I wasn’t because, well, stupid, and then because I was walking in the woods.

The GG has been up at Tahq with our North Country Trail buddies for over a week. They worked on multiple prodjects but many of them involved beavers. The next pic shows the 220 foot boardwalk they built over one particular beaver dam. We felt honored to facilitate the Porterization of this boardwalk yesterday afternoon and there are some pics of that but it is well within the realm of possibilities that those pics might incriminate someone of something so I won’t post them… The North Country Trail volunteers work like, uh, beavers, to keep the trail open for everyone who wants to hike it. This particular section is not easy to get to.


It’s a bit harder to see the beaver deceivers that the GG spent a lot of his time on. He got into the water to install these things. The work was mostly done by the time yer fave slacker got up there but he had this “T” thingy to attach on Sunday. After listening to MUCH discussion amongst the work crew, I sorta understand how beaver deceivers work but I won’t try to ‘splain it here. Maybe @tmotu will comment with a coherent description.


But Friday. When I got there and went through the kerfuffle, I needed to hike! So, the GG hiked me past all of the hard working NCT volunteers and on up to the ridge that takes the NCT from the Tahqua Trail to the Lower Falls campground. We didn’t go that far that day. It’s something like nine miles up there and we weren’t quite into that much hiking that day plus we’d’ve had to hitchhike back down to our vee-hickle(s). We did hike to Camp 10 Lake and here is that beautiful lake, which we can see from the ridge.


Eventually we got back to our campsite and here was the sunset over the mouth of the Tahquamenon River.


I had a very hard time leaving our campground this morning. It wasn’t just that we had to travel 350 miles south to our home. We love our home. It was so hard leaving all of our friends. Carol in her beautiful tent that miraculously stayed dry last night because we did have rain! Booker and his folks. I walked down by the river with him and his mom this morning. And then we hung out in Stan and Kay’s luxurious trailer while they and the GG talked trail language and I worked on old unfinished xwords with an ear open. We’ve been hanging out with these folks for many years now. I love them. Since I am not the kind of person to go out and recruit friends, they fall into the category of people who I am friends with because they didn’t give up on me. Love.

33,000 steps

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

I guess technically you could say I have figured out how to post an entry to my boring blahg of blather from the Lyme Lounge’s current location at the Tahquamenon Falls State Park GORGEOUS Rivermouth campground. It involves putting my iPhone in the window frame, a precarious venture at best. I’ll show you a pic one of these days. As for the post, this is about what you’re gonna get because, well, see title. If you are Facebook or Instagram friends with me, I have posted some pics there. At the moment, this introvert is re-a-charging her batteries before she joins the rest of the crew at Stan and Kay’s bonfire across the way. Love you all, KW.

Two faces of the Great Lake State (warning, rambling stream-of-consciousness content)

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

daytwaLast weekend? Downtown Daytwa. I’m sure the folks who live there don’t call it Daytwa anymore often than California residents call that state Cali. Or people here on The Planet Ann Arbor call our city Treetown or Oz or whatever. (Er, I *think* I’ve heard people refer to the planet as “Oz” before but not sure.) It’s like when people started to refer to residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as “Yoopers”. The look on The Commander’s face when hearing the label “Yooper” was priceless and you always wanted to make sure she wasn’t anywhere near her kitchen knife. And she was a transplant, having grown up in, well, Daytwa, or close to it at least. She grew up on her grandparents’ farm in Garden City but megalopolis swallowed that once rural burg up long ago and when I was a teenager, the Mac family sold the house and somebody built a Burger King there. They had been renting it out for years and I had never been there but Grandaddy and Bolette took us on a tour before it was sold and demolished. Does Burger King still exist? I dunno and I dunno what is in that spot now but I kinda bet it is not a Burger King. I have the address somewhere so I guess I could take a field trip some time. By the time we took that tour, The Comm had lived in the Yooperland forever, made friends, and raised children (us) there.

I am a bit different than The Commander. Growing up in the Yooperland (I actually kind of love that moniker), I lusted for our trips down to my grandparents in Detroit and their beautiful little art deco home on Mark Twain (with a breakfast nook!) and our shopping trips to the downtown Hudson’s where The Comm began her career so many years before. I loved sitting in the back of Grandaddy’s Cadillac driving through downtown Detroit with all of its beautiful sky-scrapers. It was so unlike home, where the tallest building was six stories.

Detroit as I knew it as a child kind of didn’t exactly exist when I became an adult. My grandparents left their beautiful home on Mark Twain and moved out to Birmingham. White flight alas… But, I also visited Ann Arbor a lot as a kid and I always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to live here and somehow I was able to do that. And can I tell you how much I love it here? I’m sure you already know that.

But I’m going up to Tahquamenon tomorrow. If we are lucky there will be a shuttle between the falls for folks who don’t want to hike both ways. Or we will manage it on our own because we will have two vee-hickles. Or I might even hike both ways! Whatever, I am going north to the beautiful Yooperland and looking forward to hanging out with our North Country Trail Friends and I love having the (meagre as it is) means to be able to live in multiple places. We have worked so hard in our lives to be able to do that but it is worth it and love you all so much 💜

That’s a wrap! (And those fleurs yesterday were zinnias, not dahhhhlias)

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

emptypansThis is all that’s left of my lasagne factory a couple weekends ago. These pans represent a meat (Italian sausage) and a veggie (spinach/patty-pan squash). Another meat version got demolished over the weekend.

I’ve done pretty well if I do say so myself. I *contributed* food to the North Country Trail work party but by the time I get up there on Friday, it sounds like most of the food will be gone and we’ll be eating out. That suits me just fine. I’m pretty dern bushed this week and it’s only Wednesday and my plan is to: 1) Finish off the few remaining leftovers here, 2) take a tuna bagel from Barry’s in for lunch tomorrow, 3) put any perishable veggies into the compost tomorrow night (they’re getting past their prime, onions and potatoes and things exempted), and 4) not cook again until, oh, about Monday night. If the GG wants to make coffee this weekend, he can knock himself out. It’s not that I don’t like to cook. I very much do. Just that the logistics of cooking in the Lyme Lounge in an area where there aren’t any farmer’s markets, let alone comprehensive up-scale grocery stores that I can *walk* to is kind of more than I feel like dealing with for the weekend. Do not get me wrong! Part of the Tahquamenon/Paradise area’s charm is it’s lack of such amenities (and there *are* stores and we *will* patronize them). And what the heck, Paradise happens to have an absolutely fabulous quilt fabric shop where I have spent many a hard-earned dollar back when I was quilting hoarding fabric. And there is a BREWERY up at the Upper Falls area of the State Park.

Oh man, there is a spider crawling all over my counter and up the outside of my shirt and whatever but now I have lost track of him. I am not categorically afraid of spiders but if it is something I don’t quiiiiite recognize, I’m just not sure. Like the BIG one I killed yesterday morning on the bathroom floor. I actually hate killing spiders but, uh, was it a brown recluse? Probably not but… The Commander *was* categorically afraid of spiders. When I was three and The Engineer was “on the way”, we took what we called The Long Trip (probably a week) and visited old Fin/Halliday relatives in Canada and our Sherman friends in the Niagara Falls area of New York. We spent our first night at a motel in North Bay on Lake Nipissing (yes, look it up) and I remember being ecstatic that the bathroom fixtures were PINK!!! I was three, remember! I did not remember the spider in the (pink) bathtub but The Commander did.

Spiders are everywhere, especially at the moomincabin and The Comm developed a way of dispatching them by grabbing a couple of layers of paper towels, squishing them, and throwing them in the garbage. I let a lot spiders live if they aren’t in my way (I do vacuum up their webs) but I used The Comm’s technique to dispatch that particular spider. I felt a wee bit of remorse for that but I got over it pretty quick. I don’t *ever* feel any remorse about killing biting flies or mo-skee-toes. Slap slap slap, zap! Oh, or ticks. Yick!

Late afternoon, late summer

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016


I do not know who is managing the Haisley Garden but it has been thriving this year. A couple days ago, I walked by it and I happened to notice a “thicket” of morning glories. I wanted to take a picture but I had experienced quite a long day including working (I mean my job) and driving 40 miles north for a baby shower. Tired doesn’t exactly describe my state of being at that moment but I *didn’t* take a photo then. I’ll get back there tomorrow (or the next day), I thought…

By the time I did get back there, it was today (and I almost forgot so had to backtrack) and the morning glories were not exactly open. I don’t exactly think they are fading (or whatever). I am thinking that we have had [arguably] unseasonably hot sunny weather (I am enjoying it) and that they are being bombarded with more hot sun than might be optimal. Oh well. What else can I photograph? All of the flowers in the photo. Are they dahlias? I’m not sure. And whether or not they are dahlias, how do you say dahlias? You say Day-lias and I say Dah-lias? Is there a correct pronunciation? I don’t know if it really matters although it probably does matter that I eventually figured out that “Colonel” was pronounced “kernel” and not how it looks and that “Chicago” was not “Chick-a-go”. Jeebus.

And this is what my hair looks like today

Monday, September 19th, 2016

vacbrushOh, just kidding. Even without any blow-drying or anything, my hair caused quite the stir over at Cubelandia today, interrupting any kind of productive work for more time than I would’ve wanted since I actually have, y’know, work to do. It didn’t help that today is also Talk Like a Pirate Day. At any rate, the Benevolent Despot spent quite a bit of time in my row today and everyone was expounding on how often they wash their hair (or don’t). TMI? In some cases, like when one of the not-as-frequent hair-washers mentioned that they sometimes ask their spouse to smell their hair. I also discovered another person who doesn’t like to camp if they cannot wash their hair in the morning. I *knew* I wasn’t the only one.

And then there was the whole discussion about hair salons. Where did I get this beautiful haircut done? Detroit. Downtown? Yes. Like, DOWNTOWN? Yes. DOWNTOWN. As in big skyscrapers all over the place. Then Louie-Louiiiii started talking about getting his “hair” done and people began to “ridicule” him (it’s okay, he dishes out as much as he receives and we all respect each other) because L-L is not known for an abundance of hair. I told them all that the gentleman sitting in the chair next to me resembled L-L (except he had a bit of a beard). If it were me, I would just wash and go (I mean, that’s what I usually do anyway) but this gentleman was getting some good treatment there. Maybe that’s all that matters for some people and I think that’s okay.

So the pic is a vacuum cleaner attachment with a history of sorts. Many years ago as a new home owner, I was gifted with various used vacuum cleaners. The one that Bolette gave me scared everyone except my dad, who was an excellent vacuumer, and although I think Lizard Breath had it in Kzoo her senior year, it didn’t come home. Good riddance! The Electrolux that was in my uncle’s doctor’s office when I was a child is another story. That thing is still around and it rocks. Except that many years ago, I lost my beloved brush attachment. I looked and looked and looked for that thing and could *not* find it anywhere. I’m sure I bugged the GG about where it might be but I never got any kind of a response.

So a couple weeks ago, the GG / Pensioner was messing around with the Electrolux and HE ACTUALLY ASKED ME WHERE THE BRUSH ATTACHMENT WAS!!! !!! !!! WHAT?! I DO NOT KNOW! I ASKED YOU THAT QUESTION REPEATEDLY MANY YEARS AGO. I DO NOT KNOW WHERE IT IS. And then. Hmmmm… I thought something like “eBayyyyyy”… Clickety click. I found it at something like Easy Vac. $10.00 or thereabouts. It arrived today. It fits! (There was some question about that.) I am so excited. So, in the last few days, I have been excited about a fancy haircut and an Electrolux vacuum attachment. And the beat goes on.

And I’m sure we’ll find the original brush attachment one of these days.

At the introvert table again but loving it

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

clematisThe last time I went to a Cfam shower, I got there too late to snag a seat with my in-laws and so I was actually forced to make, uh, small talk with, uh, [perfectly nice] strangers, including the mom-to-be’s mother who happens to also be a well-known state polly-tishun here. Intimidated? Well, duh. But also intrigued. I had fun talking to her (I actually think she was more interested in talking to my beautiful *poised* daughter and that’s okay). I got a very high-level overview as to what might make her “tick”. I don’t ever expect to drill down any further than that, not that I need to. Like, I doubt she will ever be joining me and MMCB2 for coffee at Barry’s on Thursdays 🐸

Today’s shower was a bit different. Different Cfam branch, different venue, TRAFFIC problems that caused a lot of people to be very late. I snagged a table for the Cfam out-laws that were struggling to get there and I sat there alone for quite some time. I wasn’t lonely at all. I told The Lady of Linden that I was holding down a Cfam table for the introverts and eventually my lovely daughter Lizard Breath and three sisters-in-law arrived. Well, not all of us are necessarily introverts and it doesn’t even cripple those of us who are but can I just say that a few of us warmed up a bit after we eventually decided to order a glass of whine? Don’t worry, we were careful. Most of us had approximately an hour drive home through god-only-knows what traffic and construction, etc.

This was a Skype shower. The expecting couple live in Seattle. It’s the Lord and Lady of Linden’s youngest son and his wife. The prospective parents were on Skype and so were we. They had expected a couple of friends to join them in their apartment for the shower but those friends are having a baby today so they were absent and we wish them the best of luck.

This was a wonderful event and then I got home and walked over to the Plum Market to get a few ingredients for my shrimp scampi [for one] dinner tonight. I’m trying to get my refrigerator down to ground zero and I am very close but I had a small package of shrimp in the freezer that needed to be used.

Mercury Retrograde morning and a Richard Scarry kind of day

Saturday, September 17th, 2016

It is September and it is not snowing (yet). In fact, it was very warm this morning but it was raining. And that would be okay except… I was headed off to Detroit and 1) I could not get onto the I94 18-wheel Slogway at the Jackson entrance. There was a cop there blocking the entrance. Okay, I traversed a bunch of “back roads” and caught up with 94 at Ann Arbor Saline Road. Everything was all right except it was raining cats and dogs and I was in the Ninja and… 2) When I got past Metro, the pavement changed into this grooved stuff that made me feel like I was sliding around on the road a bit. I slowed down a bit but it still made me nervous, especially when I was passing oil tankers and things. Just about the time I was wondering if my 8-year-old vee-hickle was actually having some kind of issue, the pavement changed and things were fine again. But then. 3) My GPS was telling me to get off on an exit that didn’t seem to exist. Yaaaaaaa! It was okay, I got off on the next exit and it took me right where I wanted to go. Except… 4) I was .2 miles from the turn to Lizard Breath’s house but Rosa Parks Drive was between that turn and me and about a gazillion bicyclists were going along Rosa Parks and they weren’t letting traffic through and and and YAAAAAAHHHH! Eventually the bicyclists came to an end and Liz was standing on the corner and then she directed me to (aaaaaah) a nice bagel brek.

I took a pic of the empty, rainy outdoor area of the Detroit Institute of Bagels but I didn’t post it because it was pretty boring. And then My New Favorite Doggie arrived. It’s okay, it is wet out there but it isn’t raining at the time this pic was taken.


So, the reason for going to Detroit was for me to get my scraggly hair cut by the professional tag-team that Lizard Breath hires to cut her hair. My hair was getting scraggly so I signed on for a cut. And here I am, looking happy about the whole thing.


A whole lot of construction stuff is going on all over downtown Detroit and some of it was going on outside our hair salon. The guy with his back to us eventually interacted with us. At first he caught me with my iPhone cam pointed at him (although I was really focused on the bikers). I won’t try to describe the window interactions we had with him but he showed us his muscles and then later pretended to take a photo of meeee inside the salon. It was a Richard Scarry kind of day. The kind where all kinds of stuff is going on all over in the street.


So, I went into this hair salon with kind of long scraggly hair and what is below is what I came out with. I know that I have “good” hair but it was so much fun to hear multiple people say things like, “I hope you aren’t going to cut all of your hair off.”


Here is a view of what it looks like outside the hair salon we went to. That building was probably around when I visited my grandparents in Detroit.


At the end of it all we got whine, salad, and pizza at Ottavia Via.


And then I drove back to The Planet Ann Arbor. My drive home was smooth. Love.

Two “babies” now

Friday, September 16th, 2016

When I got home today, I expected to have to schlep a couple of garbage carts up from the street to where I keep them next to the Landfill. What? They were already up there. Not to mention that they were in the right place, meaning that the recycle bin was closest to the door. I was flummoxed when I first drove up. I thought maybe the neighbors had done this for me (it wouldn’t be the first time). When I got inside, I noticed that someone had cooked a bit of an egg meal and even cleaned up their dishes afterward. Oh, seems like My Mouse has been here. Man oh man, do I love my Mouse. I was tickled pink. That is just about all. Except that I’m going to be spending time with my Lizard this weekend, which is just as good. You’ll have to wait for tomorrow for what we are doing then [wink] but we are gonna have fun!


Thursday, September 15th, 2016

redplaidnationI don’t wear red-plaid Stormy Kromer hats (or any Stormy Kromer hats (don’t buy me one)) and I don’t wear red-plaid vests or jackets or much of anything else. I have my own loverly set of winter hats. They are much more sparkly than Stormy Kromer hats. If Stormy ever decides to add sequins and things to his hats, I might be interested. Until then, not so much. And if they create hats with sequins and things, ask me first, please.

So how do I comply with #redplaidnation if I don’t like to wear red plaid hats and jackets and vests and whatever. I am a Real Woman and Real Women wear skirts (if they want to) and I have been looking for YEARS for a red-plaid skirt that would be appropriate for my hiking activities. My requirements are that it be more or less knee-length and there is an elastic waist. Oh, and that it doesn’t look like a sexy Catholic school girl Halloween costume. Jeebus.

I ordered this skirt from an Etsy vendor and it arrived today and I LOVE it. It fits and it is short enough that I can hike in it. It is presented as a biz-caz clothing item and it works for that and I’ll probably wear it to work but it will also work for hiking in the woods.

So the GG completed the moomincabin closing today and is now encamped up at the gorgeous Tahquamenon River Mouth campground. I worked today. I love my work but man oh man, I would love to be camping in the Lyme Lounge tonight.

Hidden beauty

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

turtleCute? Yes! It’s Wee Turtle, maybe a wee bit bigger than one of my small-but-agile hands. Click and click again to check out Wee Turtle’s coloring. I couldn’t really see how pretty from my vantage point, which was in bright sunlight with the probably terrified Wee Turtle cowering inside her/his shell. Red markings? Who knew? I moved on PDQ after I got this shot. I was happy that Wee Turtle was pointed in the direction of the pond, rather than the parking lot.

Other than that? Writer’s block? Big time! How is it Wednesday already? I get up. I take a shower. I walk for an hour. I nitz around the Landfill for an hour or so picking at little cleaning chores and eating some sort of brek. I am a big fan of leftovers for breakfast, at least on work mornings. My niece Pengie used to eat things like leftover hamburgers [or once salami] for brek when she was a young child at the moomincabin. I could say that I emulate her when I eat weird stuff for brek but the truth is that I was doing that kind of thing well before she was born. Maybe it’s some kind of weird genetic trait that we both have inherited? I dunno and I won’t say anything more about that.

“Miles, you are off on a tangent”, said Mr. Toolan in high school when my chemistry lab partner (Miles) asked, well I can’t remember now. I didn’t have a crush on Miles (or maybe I did despite myself) but I liked him a lot and later on, my good high school boyfriend was good friends with his older brother and I’m not sure I have a point here so I will quit while I am [maybe] ahead. Or not. But kinda wondering where Miles is now. Not to mention his brother and wife and their children and probably grandchildren and likely great-grandchildren by now. I hope Miles is still alive and that he found his way into a nice life with a good job and partner. He was very smart and sweet and deserved all of the best stuff life has to offer.

And so I do a bunch of stuff around the Landfill most mornings and then I make my slow cruise over to Cubelandia. This morning I had some stuff I had to take to the post office u-scan. Now that the GG is retired, I sometimes hand off tasks like that to him and he seems happy to help me out, which is great! But I needed to do this stuff myself.

And so goodnight! (And love y’all)

Non sequiturs?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

There was this.


I did not take this pic. I was sitting over there chained up in Cubelandia when The Pensioner texted it to me. He was in the Huron River. I hope he was taking it at least a wee bit easy, maybe hanging out with a boooooook.

And then, at the end of the day, there was this, which totally cracks me up. Yes, it is that…



Click [and read] before sharing

Monday, September 12th, 2016

bearwomanI have nothing. I am feeling overwhelmed with “information” these days. I felt overwhelmed with “information” as I drove to work today, listening to National Petroleum Radio. I was definitely overwhelmed with information at my work today but that’s what my work is all about and I can handle that and even occasionally rock it. I felt overwhelmed by “information” as I was driving home this afternoon, listening to National Petroleum Radio.

Again, again, again. Research, research, research. Facebook folks. Please please please… Before you share an article, please research the source. I’m talking to people on both “sides” of this bizarre presidential election as well as those who habitually share links to other non-political weird stuff that isn’t true. I mean, do you get up and pour yourself a cuppa and sit down to surf the internet and hit “share” 25 times or whatever without even reading the article? Do you have a JOB???? I have never unfriended ANYONE but I have hidden a few people, even those I love in real life, because WTF is your point? If you are reading this, I have NOT hidden you.

Oh, the bear! It is on the door to the ladies powder room at the bowling alley in Roscommon. Bear Woman. This bowling alley is wonderful, as I wrote about last week. The backside of that door has an eagle.

Good night Roooomba, Good night Roooomba, Good night Rooooooomba, You’ve done your job today

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

What did you do today? Our wonderful young neighbors asked us that. Well. I made three lasagnes (two Italian sausage and one veg = spinach/patty-pan squash). I am sending them up to Tahq (frozen) with the GG to share with our NCT buddies during a session of trail maintenance. I hope it all works out. With the lasagne that is, although I also have my fingers crossed that I will be driving to *Tahq* to meet up with the GG and friends, and NOT War Memorial. Don’t wanna do that again. Do NOT wanna do that again.

Oh yeah, I also made something for us to eat tonight and it’s probably enough for the next few nights and probably some of it’ll get frozen for later consumption. What did I make? Eggplant/patty-pan squash parmesan. So that’s what I did. The GG tinked around with various prodjects including all of the outdoor crapola. We always put the outdoor crapola at the moomincabin inside when we close it but it doesn’t seem to happen down here at the Landfill. I don’t really know how much progress was made today but I’ll take what I can get. The neighbors did child-care and dog stuff and went to the skate park party a few blocks away. I don’t think they are skate boarders but it was a FUN party at Vet’s Park. Make no mistake. We love these neighbors and hope they stay here!

We haven’t done the whole Sunday morning “pick you up on Arborview” thing since maybe early July. We did it today. I left for my walk and the GG picked me up as I was walking up Arborview and we schlepped down to the River to walk the Barton Dam nature area. As we were walking across the footbridge into the park, it was 7:11 and I checked my phone for today’s sunrise. 7:11. I took some pics, very lightly commentated.



I almost couldn’t get this pic. It was so bright that I struggled to shield my eyes from the sun. And don’tcha love the lens flare?


And then there was this well-known symbol under the railroad bridge. This dern thing wakes me up most nights. I have [mostly] made my peace with it. (Where the heck was the train today?)


And finally… I did not find my QOFE badge but I did find this. Except I’m not sure that that it’s even mine. I can think of a couple other people it could possibly belong to. I found it in a big bead-type mess that was mostly mine so not sure whose it is. But I am gonna adopt the sentiment ANYWAY 🐸 (Click to embiggen.)


Lasagne factory

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Lasagne factory stage one anyway. I didn’t finish my Lasagne Prodject today but I am halfway there.

I love when I wake up in the middle of the night and it is raining cats and dogs. This was what some people are calling a “tropical rain” and I kind of understand what they mean by that. It was warm walking down to the farmers market (in the dark) this morning and the rain varied between light and drizzle the whole way. No lightning though. No thank you. A hiker was hit by lightning on the North Country Trail over the Labor Day weekend and died. Not our section, thank you very much. It was on the section that goes along the Manistee River (I have hiked a few Bob Miles of that section of trail) but it could happen anywhere.

Anyway, my walk today was gorgeous and here is the view from inside Kerrytown, where we sit to drink our coffee when it is too cold or wet to sit outside.


The next shot is gratuitous in every way. I wanted to get a simple shot of the market at, oh I dunno, 7:30 AM, when it isn’t crowded yet. You can see the GG there in his tie-dye. A couple of other folks are also in the shot. The woman in red is Sabra, one of our city council members. I don’t always agree with her but I have grown to love her. (She doesn’t represent my ward so I can’t vote for or against her.). And that’s her husband with the cane. They are at the market just about every time I am. (I betcha the GG didn’t know who they were 🐸)


Yes, we made a run down to the Kiwanis Thrift Shop today. We didn’t have a whole lot but every little bit counts. The GG seems to think we are about at the end of our flinging. I disagree. I want to fling some of the old in-law furniture (both sides) that is hanging around in the Landfill Dungeon. We’ll get there.


Today was a Umich Football Saturday and maybe that’s why the GG suggested we walk down to the Griz for a beer lunch. We did that all last year but kind of abandoned it sometime in the spring so we could concentrate on yard chores, etc. I guess it was *time*. Our fave bartender Janelle was not there (but she still works there) but Erica was (and we love her too). We got our usual side of mac-n-cheese and a coleslaw to split.


Of course, I spent the ENTIRE time we were drinking beer/whine eating lunch trying to figure out when we purchased our iPhone 6Ss. I spend my [work] life doing modern-style archaeological digs and I am pretty dern good at it and I eventually figured out that we bought our most recent iPhones about a year ago. The GG had set an alarm to get up at that batscope hour a few weeks before that to order our phones. He ordered our phones and they arrived a few weeks later. The ordering process was difficult and I have kind of forgotten the whole thing. But I did figure this stuff out. The iPhone 7? I’m not quite ready… But you never know…


That white aminal is Soft Seal. The Commander created Soft Seal. The beach urchins loved Soft Seal. Soft Seal has kind of prickly whiskers. The beach urchins loved Soft Seal *anyway*. Those prickly whiskers were part of Soft Seal’s charm.

Rabbit holes

Friday, September 9th, 2016

fungusI spent my whole dern day scurrying around down in various rabbit holes. Some of them connected with others and I kept bumping heads with other team members down there. FZ probably caught the brunt of it all. At the end of the day, I jumped over the wall to hit him with one more reality check. His eyes glazed over and I could feel him freezing up. I back-pedaled a bit. Okay. Let’s not do this today. I will do a little more research. I am “getting” this and I bet if I let it percolate over the weekend, I’ll figure it out. That’s usually how it happens. You are banging your head against your laptop screen at the end of the day and then, the moment you hit the freeway, you are like, BINGO! I didn’t quite hit the bingo moment yet today but I am getting there.

Oh, and then there are the ducks. They don’t look like baby ducklings at all. They are the size of adult ducks, at least to the untrained eye. But they seem to have lost their mooma and keep imprinting on people at work. If you want to go outside, you have to make sure there are no ducks hanging around the door because they will follow you. And if you have been outside and want to go back in, you have to make sure there are no ducks hanging around the door because they probably won’t let you *get* to the door to get in. And then there are the ducks that get underneath your vee-hickle so you can’t easily drive away until they decide to leave. Not to be confused with the seagulls that once napped on the Ninja’s roof or the Redwing Blackbird that poops on the mirrors in the spring.

This is the first Friday night that we have both walked down to the Oscar Tango and back all summer. We have certainly been at the OT a few Fridays and I have walked down all of those times. But going home, we have either accepted a ride or taken the bus. It has been an interesting summer and knock on wood that we are back on an upward trajectory again.

Toadily outta steam tonight. G’night.