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Super Blue Blood Moon

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Alas, I could not see the Super Blue Blood Moon this morning. I was hoping to see the eclipse and I was walking at the right time but the cloud cover was too thick. I am envious of anyone who got good pics of the SBBM. My cousin Mac, who does *not* live anywhere near the god-forsaken Great Lake State, posted some good ones. I knew The Pensioner would want to see the eclipse if at all possible. But not. So I did not wake him up before I left for work. I suspect The Pensioner was already sentient when I snuck into the Monster Bedroom to throw my Winter Walking Skirt onto my Bedroom Mound but he didn’t say anything.

Hahahaha. I am watching Outlander tonight and so is the sassenach I married. Look it up.

Party’s over

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Until next January, that is. We have been to the Earle twice this month. That is definitely a record for us.

I had the duck canard last time (3 weeks ago). Tonight I had one of the veal dishes and I had to box half of it. The Earle is in a basement space and I love the old stone walls. They are really not the same kind of stonework that the Old Cabin faaaarplace is made of but they remind me of it and are therefore comforting. I spent my first 5/6 summers at the Old Cabin, until my family built a rustic little cabin next door to it.

The occasion was another birthday of porterization and we all had a great time and I love the Earle but it’ll probably be a while before I’ll venture there again. The GG is once again saying things like, “We eat out all the time.” Once again, I don’t really understand where he gets that. We have in fact eaten out a lot in the last week or so but last weekend was the folk festival and it was simply a kind of crazy weekend, one where we didn’t have total control of our schedule and were meeting up with various people. Other than that and tonight, I have to keep reminding him that we eat at home [usually] six nights a week, breakfast at home usually seven days and I take a lunch of leftovers to work virtually every day there isn’t some kind of dog and pony show going on there where they feed us.

It isn’t my day to do birthday wishes but since I forgot to do them on my own birthday, I have two belated ones. One is for clear enough skies here tomorrow morning to view what people are calling the Super Blue Blood Moon during the eclipse and two is for the GG to turn off the SOTU in the bedroom soon so I can go to sleep. Because I cannot watch that Train Wreck any longer. I am on the side of facts, reason, and common sense and that is not what we are getting with this president. I am sorry if you feel differently. I do not know why anyone believes anything he says. Good night. Sleep tight.

Do you know where your syllabus is?

Monday, January 29th, 2018

I lied yesterday when I said both my kids were in college when I began attending community college. Mouse was still in high school. But then I started thinking what the heck year *was* that anyway? I finally looked through my blahg’s pre-Wordpress archives to find the answer. Mouse was starting her senior year at Community High. It was 2004.

Lizard headed off to junior year (college) study abroad in Spain that year. She had plenty of advice about college for her old taaaaared mom before she left and I found this in my old pre-wordpress blahg archives:

  • Moom, where is your syllabus?
  • Is this all? Ed’s syllabuses are like a book!
  • Where is your homework assignment?
  • Your homework assignments are getting all curled up!
  • You need some folders! How many classes do you have?
  • Here are some Kalamazoo College folders.
  • I have just enough for your classes.
  • Put the syllabus in the left pocket.
  • Put the homework assignments in the right.
  • Print out that one syllabus that’s on the internet and put it in there.
  • You may lose the internet some time and you’ll be out of luck!
  • Is this your notebook?
  • You need a notebook for each class.
  • You are so unorganized.
  • Look at that pile of papers over there.
  • You need to organize yourself.
  • You better do your homework now.
  • You do *not* know how to be a student.

Uuuuuuuuhhhhh. We were in the ooooooolllld Landfill Chitchen. I did some of my schoolwork there but I eventually migrated over to the Green Couch (so I could watch all the dogz go by) (and give them “the eye”…)

I may not have known how to be a student but somehow or other I earned a consistent 4.0 average throughout the whole adventure.

I did use the K College folders for a while 💜

Skool Daze

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

We were over at H.O.M.E.S. having lunch today after Folk Festival Weekend and before Lizard Breath had to head home for the work week to come.

We were talking about going back to school after you have been in the work force for a while. I did that, not to mention I was in the MOM force for a WHILE (like when I went back to school, I had two kids in college, one of them on study abroad). I did not go to grad school, I went to community college. I LOVED it there. The program I was enrolled in was fun and challenging and it ultimately resulted in my Adult Career, which you know I love because I blather on about it quite regularly.

Community colleges provide low-cost educations to students who cannot for whatever reason (money or grades or whatever) go to say UMich or Kalamazoo College. Community colleges change lives. WCC changed mine. The main requirement to enroll is to pay the tuition.

The flip side of accepting anyone who applies is that, well, at least the intro classes have a mixed bag of folks of varying capabilities when it comes to reading, writing, critical thinking, and FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS!

My first assignment was a writing assignment. One page. The [wonderful] instructor was very specific about the requirements, including that it had to be PRINTED *BEFORE* class. I arrived at class with my printed homework assignment in hand to find a queue of people up at the teacher’s podium. “My printer broke.” “I tried to print my homework in the library and it didn’t work.” “I wanted to do the homework, I tried to do the homework, yada yada yada… … …” Jeebus.

The yada yada person totally washed out of the class a few weeks later in a spectacular way. He arrived about an hour late one morning. He was wearing a Stars-n-Stripes hat (this was before MAGA hats). Instead of slinking in with a quick “sorry I’m late” to the prof, he announced his arrival loudly by saying how he was late because he had helped a woman change a taaaaar somewhere.

Okay. After that, he found his way to his usual seat. Unfortunately, he didn’t Shut Up. He began a loud conversation with his quiet young class neighbor about that person’s name and then told that neighbor that *he himself* had been The Sword Excalibur in a previous life. Yes he really said that.

And then he left the room…

When he returned, he passed out vending musheen packets of M&Ms for all of the women in the room, not the men. (I did eat mine.) At that point I was trying to figger what drug he was taking, not that I would’ve known. And as Lizard Breath said when I told this story today, I was trying as hard as I could to stifle laughter. Excalibur? Really?

These were three hour classes so at the break the instructor crooked her finger at the Stars-n-Stripes hat guy to meet her out in the hall. He did not return to that class. Ever.

Functional specification for building Rolled Up Eggs

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

One of those days when you don’t feel like you’re doing much of anything constructive, right? Sat on the Green Couch for much of the morning. But wait! I cleaned up my entire Recipe Mess on my MacBook Pro. We’ll talk about the evolution of the Recipe Mess and today’s demolition some other day. Suffice it to say there were Once Word files in the Mess that were so old my current version of Word couldn’t open them. Thank the gods that Rolled Up Eggs was not one of those.

The create date associated with the Rolled Up Eggs file was 1969. That is an Alternative Fact. I did not deal with a computer of any sort until 1979. So I don’t know where the OS got that date. It was last updated in 1999. That may be true but that is not when it was written. I am sure that it was written for the Beach Urchins when they were just beginning to use the stove on their own, which was around… lemme see… 1994. Without further ado here is the spec:

How to Make Rolled-up Eggs

You will need:

    the small frying pan
    a small glass bowl
    a tablespoon
    1 egg
    butter (stick or tub)

Put a little bit of butter in the pan.

Put the pan on the stove.

Turn the burner on to 4.

Put in the bowl:

    1 egg
    1 tablespoon of milk

Mix the egg and milk with a fork until it is all the same color.

Put the egg in the pan.

Turn the burner down to 3.

Put a top on the pan.

The egg is finished when it isn’t watery on top any more (have a grownup check to make sure it is done).

Turn off the stove.

Slide the egg out of the pan on to a plate, rolling it up as you go.

For the record, rolled up was only one kind of egg that was available around here. There was:

— Mama Egg (microwaved with a little milk in a bowl).
— Daddy Egg (scrambled, poured into a pan, and cooked “flat” like a rolled-up egg but not rolled up).
— Grandma Egg (scrambled IN the pan, so a little messier than a Daddy Egg).
— Ron’s Egg (however Ron’s Restaurant used to make them).

Yes, I wrote this “functional specification”. It is exactly how I write things up for my job, except that there are no pictures. And no, it isn’t exactly a functional specification, more like user instructions.

Details details

Friday, January 26th, 2018

I have acquired a rather unfortunate reputation for disliking lawyers. Actually I know that they are not all bad. In fact, I have worked with one of the best. We won’t talk about the bullying and harassment I endured via a couple of the worst (or maybe most dishonest would be a better word) lawyers on earth. Warm regards🐽

I guess what has always bothered me though, is the seeming need to complicate and obfuscate everything. I want to ask something like, “Why can’t we just speak plain English?” My job as a systems analyst involves translating extremely complicated stuff into straightforward words. And pictures, boy oh boy, do I love making pictures! I love this job but in the last 24+ hours I have had my brain twisted into a pretzel by how to translate a whiteboard full of gibberish (in *orange* marker, of all things) into simple words and pictures.

Nevertheless, I am now kind of re-thinking how the byzantine lexicon of lawyers may at times come in handy…

I left work early today to meet up with friends and relations for an early dinner at Weber’s before some of them went downtown to the folk festival. I am afraid I may not have been the most social person tonight. After 24 hours of head-banging, when I got home today, what I really wanted to do was open up my work laptop and start creating pictures. Maybe I will open it up this weekend or maybe not. I hope I don’t lose my inspiration by Monday but maybe letting the whole thing roll in the back of my mind will sharpen it up by Monday.

What point am I trying to make? I don’t necessarily have one. Except maybe that I am reminded (again) about how it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round and that my way of thinking isn’t the only way to go.

Why I don’t know how to turn on the TV

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Actually, I can probably figger out how to turn the TV *on*. Finding a channel, not to mention a show on Netflix Apple TV or wherever? Not so much.

I don’t think all of these things actually work the TV. Some of them might work various stereo components. I’m just kind of amazed that they are all in one place, out in the open where you can find them (if you know how to use them). Back in the Jurassic Age, I remember one winter when Mouse and I were both “deathly ill” with some sort of hellacious cold virus. It was a Saturday and we were both on the couch in the back room and we couldn’t find a TV controller and we were both too lethargic to get up off the couch and switch the channel. So we watched Jumanji (the original one) and a couple other bad movies that were in rotation on whatever channel we were watching, over and over and over (and over and over) again.

In other news, yesterday morning I found The Gobbler! (Click the player at the bottom of this bunch of crapola, I don’t know how to embed it in an elegant way and don’t want to take the time to figger it out right now.) The Gobbler gets sent around to various family members every Thanksgiving, our little family and Pengo mainly. This Thanksgiving it went missing! We googled around for another gobbler and couldn’t find one that equaled *our* gobbler.

Well. I have been intermittently engaged in a Fly-Lady* style prodject to “declutter” my laptop. I am not doing this in an ORGANIZED kind of way, just whenever I have a few spare minutes I pick away at triaging random files. Delete or keep or move to a folder to be sorted out later. Yesterday, I opened a file named Michigan-[bunch of seemingly random numbers].mp3, and there was The Gobbler!

*I don’t follow Fly-Lady at all any more but a number of years ago when I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of crapola in my house she helped me get started on my de-hoardingacquisitioning journey and I highly recommended her. Yes, her website is kind of Old Skool. So what. She gets the information out there in such a way that you can grab what you want and get out. One of her main messages is to do things in small, easily digestible bits in small amounts of time. My de-acquisitioning journey is ongoing and I get immobilized sometimes but Fly-Lady’s advice and strategies always help get me started again.

Mail it to yourself

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

I was kinda kvetching about Mr. Taxman to some of my work folks. Mostly to complain about how hard it was to get my W2s. Except that it really isn’t. They just don’t make W2s available until the end of January. That is perfectly legal and I knew that and I told the GG that and then I got an email that it was ready today and… Well, all I can say is that I sent the PDF along to the GG. I still can’t tell you what my salary is. Oh, don’t get after me, I have a ballpark idea…

One person who heard my Taxman Sob Story reminisced about when his (long-dead) father retaaaared. He went home to visit his parents after the retaaaarment and found that his dad was sending mail (snail mail) to himself. They lived in an area where you could put a couple of different cities into an address but the zip code would get it there. He was trying to figure out how long it took for mail to arrive depending on the address he put on the envelope.

[deleted a bunch of stoopid crapola about toilet seats and ladders that in the cold clear light dark of morning, was too much even for meeee. You’re welcome.]

Taxman (George Harrison and Eric Clapton)

The Grinch and The Groke and corporate “TV”

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

So *someone* is obsessively working on The Taxes. I mentioned that yesterday? We’ll just call him Mr. Taxman. I managed to find (via the corporate intranet site) where I can log in to get my W2s for last year but they aren’t available yet.

Mr. Taxman asked if I could get my last paystub from 2017. Well, yeah, I think I can find that… … … I could NOT find my paystubs ANYWHERE! I know I have found them before. I cannot find them now. What I could find? Well… Right front and center on the intranet home page is [corporation] TV. Talking heads making mini-speeches about all of our wonderful corporate achievements.

I am not complaining about the company. We do a lot of cool stuff and it is a pretty darn good place to work (except for the occasional Black Thursday, ugh). I’m just a bit puzzled about why it is so hard to navigate an IT company’s intranet and why anyone thinks that putting corporate “TV” on the home page is a good idea. I’m not sure that a big red “My Paystubs” button would be a good thing to put on the home page (even though there would be a secure login) but it would be nice to have menu items with meaningful labels to get there. I could not find one today. I *would* like a big red “Employee Support” button on the home page. Try to figure out how to file a “ticket” if your laptop tanks? Good luck. (My laptop is fine, knock on wood.)

Picture credit to Lizard Breath. I stole it from facebook. Last night she posted a bunch of pics from last summer. Those two folks on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench are The Grinch and The Groke, aka my cuzzint and me. And something that looks kind of like a mini spaceship but is actually a beach umbrella. You may know about The Grinch but you may not know about The Groke. The Groke is a character in the 1st Finn Family Moomintroll book. My kids started calling me The Groke a while back and I didn’t really understand until I finally read the book. I bought the book waaaaay back when and I started to read it aloud to my grade school cracker-jack readers at breakfast. They took it over to read independently and left me in the dust. So I never did read it until last summer.

Yes, I am The Groke. The Grinch and The Groke. Two cousins who have been friends ever since they were three (The Groke) and six (The Grinch) and had a “fight” over who got to hold a smelly package of smoked fish in the back of their grandaddy’s Studebaker. I think our dads were with us and I don’t exactly remember ceeeegar smoke but I’m sure it was involved somehow. Sometime in his teenage years, my cousin acquired the nickname Grinch and now, much later than my teenage years, I have acquired the nickname Groke. 💚

Clink your cubes to celebrate the summer to come.

Where was I?

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

I don’t have much today. Y’all do not prob’ly wanna hear about my job. Actually it is waaaaaay fun these days because with our new “agile” “methodology” I feel like I have more freedom to, uh, create.

Lemme see… What else?

BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) sent along this link about the No Politics Day MeteorITE. I knew that pieces of the meteor / bolide had been found on top of a frozen lake but hadn’t posted about it.

It is the beginning of the Dreaded Tax Season. I always hate the Dreaded Tax Season. Where are your W2s? People do want to know. Answer: They aren’t ready yet. I will get an email when they are. That is the best that I can do. This is all a whole lot less stressful since I convinced *us* to hire a CPA. I’m remembering when we *both* *independently* did our taxes by hand. This was back in the day when a computer was minimally helpful and I remember sitting cross-legged on the Back Room floor with various forms and pieces of paper spread out around me. Things were so simple then. I suppose they aren’t all that much more complicated now but I don’t have the stomach for a random audit.

The government shutdown is OVER. YAY! Why under the sun didn’t they take three nail-biting weeks to end it all? I say that as a former nail-biter who has suffered through two government shutdowns. The first was the worst (for us) because the GG was furloughed and I did not have a job at the time. Second time around I had a decent job so the wolf wasn’t anywhere near the door but it drove me nuts to have him haaaaaanging around at home. Of course now that he is The Pensioner he haaaaaangs around all the time. That said, these stupid shutdowns are *hard* on the folks who get furloughed and please remember that not ALL of the folks that work for the government are idiot politicians or red-tape bureaucratic lackeys. Scientists anyone? IT folks? Actually the government could use a few more IT folks, um, Her Emails? For the record, I don’t blame Hillary for that so-called scandal. We’ll talk about that some other time.

I’m kind of done for now. The photoooo is from this morning. It was dark and dangereuse out there with very random residual bits of ice. My Mouse is here for dinner and we are picking out photos for our iPhone X cases. $1200 phones? Jeebus, we need cases… Love y’all.

I was right about the shower (or lack thereof 🐽)

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

It’s okay. It’s happening now and I get to listen to Sunday folk music for the duration.

A text storm took place somewhere around 10 AM. Mouse texted with tentative ideas about coming over here today. (I think she was worried about the Moom Alone issue 💜). Around the same time, the GG texted something like, “Where do you want to go for lunch?”. He was at HL and about to leave.

Mouse ended up staying home today (“I’ve spent my last two days off with you guys”.) And yes, she has. And my choice for a lunch spot today was The Session Room, one of the best places I can think of to go out to lunch on a very foggy Sunday because of all the windows. And wonderful servers at the bar, where we like to sit.

I don’t have much else except that I am now very much into the third Outlander book (Scottish novel series) and I had a hard time putting the book down to go and scramble dinner for tonight. All the while looking out into today’s somewhat Scottish weather. I mean the fog. But this is the Planet Ann Arbor and the fog will likely dissipate when the rain starts, later this evening? We’ll see.

Navel gazing

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Somewhere around the time the Michigan Meteor hit, my email application started dumping comments on my blahg into the spam folder. I didn’t figger this out exactly until my BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog) experienced the same phenomenon, as in one of my comments on her blahg ended up in spam. I dunno. I welcome comments (except for the odd troll) but I do not get a lot of comments and I don’t really care. My blahg is for me, not y’all (although I love y’all). I know it’s hard for people to keep up with my random musings. The GG cannot do it. Sometimes I can’t even do it.

At any rate, if you do comment and I haven’t responded to your comment, it may be because Apple mail sent it to the spam folder. Or it could be that I just didn’t reply to it because busy or whatever.

I can’t remember how many years I’ve been writing a blahg. I know that I started it when the beach urchins were teenagers and my brother (and parents) were still alive and kicking. Once in a while my brother would do a guest blahg and he liked when I did stream-of-consciousness things. I think I was wittier back in those days.

I “rolled my own” blahg in the beginning, meaning I… Well… What the heck did I do? I wrote my own html (but I still do that) and then I “fetched” it out to my site (I think that was an FTP application). There was no way to do comments, it was a static web page. Eventually I moved it all over to a wordpress platform and for a long time The Guru has been my host. He has nothing to do with the emailed comments going to spam.

It is difficult to figger out what to blahg about every single g-d day. For a long time I followed a bunch of Mommy Blahggers. Women with little kids who wrote about them and shared pics on the internet. They are mostly not around any more. I am guessing it’s because their children are teenagers and, well, you know. I *began* blahgging when my children were teenagers and, um, no, you do not talk about their lives unless it’s a benign milestone (graduating from high school, going to college, etc.) and even then, you either simply mark it as a milestone or blahg about your own experience with it.

Navigating the waters of social media is a bit like navigating my porch, which is icy as all getout again today even though we had 40 degree temperatures. Where do I put my foot? Is there ice under that water or not? What do I put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or my blahg? I dunno. Twitter is mainly a news feed for me but I occasionally put weird stuff there, stuff that I wouldn’t put on facebook. I try to be positive on Facebook. I don’t get why people go on rants on that platform. I am careful about what I post on my blahg but I do occasionally subtweet there. Sad that I feel like I need to do that.


Friday, January 19th, 2018

Mr. Golden Sun is *inching* northward these days. He rose at 7:59 AM today and didn’t set until something like 5:30 PM. I actually took this pic last Sunday. I was home from a loverly day in Detroit but feeling dead taaaared. Mouse posted something somewhere about taking a wee walk and I FORCED myself up off the Green Couch to take a Sunset Walk in the wee woods behind my house.

We are not finished with winter yet by any means but the days are a bit longer and I can feel that great big old wheel of time inching its way down the slide toward summer again. As much as I look forward to warmer weather, I also want to slow time down and live in the moment a bit more or better or whatever.

The GG is gallivanting around Up North somewhere this weekend and I did not feel like I could take enough time off to go with him. Some of the folks I work with are already taking vacation time (cruise, anyone?) but, at this time of year I am in big-time vacay saving mode. I don’t think a big road trip is in my future this year. We did Florida last year and I love Florida but without our beautiful Suzie down there, I’m not sure I have it in me to go there again just yet. I’m thinking more in terms of long weekends plus the regular summer moominbeach stuff. If that’s boring, I’m not sure I care. The moominbeach is my home and I need to go there and live for a while in the rustic little cabin my parents built.

So, dinner of porterization for me tonight, at Knight’s, a quick walk from the Landfill. That place was SLAMMED tonight! Some kind of kiddo hockey tournament was in town and there was a big family group that took up most of the upstairs and I dunno what else. It was good fun and I tried to sell the porters on lightweight WARM coats and iPhone X phones computers and I dunno what else. We’ll see what they do. Walked there and back and it was pretty okay without YakTrax and so beautiful outside!

You may have heard some rumbling

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Say it in a Rrrrrrussian accent. It was not a meteor.

What a faaaaar drill. We don’t often have 9AM meetings at Cubelandia but we were trying to interface with Israeli colleagues and 9AM here is 4PM there so I had to cut Thursday Coffee with MMCB2 short in order to get over there for a 9AM meeting. Except that I did NOT GET THERE ON TIME. Why? Well. 1) Got stuck behind a bus. 2) Got stuck at every blasted stoplight from Barry Bagels to Cubelandia. 3) Traffic jam where there usually isn’t a traffic jam. Black ice accidents would be my first guess but it could also have been school-related traffic.

I got to work five minutes late and the call was already in progress. I gave the LSCHP the heads-up that I was present and went to My Cube to get set up to Skype in. Um, it is an Israeli number. I had NO CLUE how to dial a number in Israel. I couldn’t interrupt the folks (in my office) already on the call but The Google eventually got me on. Because I am [usually] a Ninja!

OMG. So, I could hear the CRD and the LSCHP *in* the office as well as on the phone. Things got a little, uh, contentious at one point. I was kind of amazed that the CRD didn’t, um, explode. But then, the LSCHP DID explode. Everyone in The Neighborhood could hear him, most of whom were not on the call. I took the phone away from my ear and looked over at Nikio (not on the phone) and we both totally cracked up. This was unusual for my team at Cubelandia, where we work hard to maintain a culture where people respect each other, but the call ended on a friendly note, the LSCHP having recovered his usual demeanor. After the call I heard the CRD say he “wanted to cry” (I can’t *imagine* the CRD crying) and later mentioned to someone that they may have heard some “rumbling”. Indeed.

I remained on MUTE throughout the call. I had nothing to add except laughter and that would probably not have been appreciated.

This is not the best photo because the cute little seahorse ducked its head behind some seaweed just before I clicked the button but I do like the colors. I had a small sea shell collection when I was a young child. I believe my great aunt Elizabeth bought it for me on a trip to Fla. It was in a small flat box, kind of like a candy box, and all of the shells were carefully labeled. It was one of my prized possessions for many years and it included a seahorse! My seahorse looked a lot like the little guy in the photo and I was fascinated by it.

If you ever need to call someone in Israel lemme know and I will help you out. Other than that, Love y’all and g’night,

What a Blast!

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

No Politics Day was reeeeeealy niiiiiice. And then there was the icing on the cake… I was too far away from windows to see the flash but Mouse did. We all heard the “bang”. What the heck was that? Was it thundersnow? Thundersnow is rare but it does happen. I looked outside. It was NOT snowing. It was also VERY likely way too cold for thundersnow.

Social media provided the answer. The Michigan Meteor! Yes, a meteor apparently entered the atmosphere somewhere over southeast Michigan. It was apparently traveling fast enough to generate a Sonic Boom! Do you remember Sonic Booms? I do. Living near an air force base (Kincheloe) as a kid, we heard them pretty frequently. My WWII pilot dad loved them.

I’ll put in a little mini-plug for social media here. First, without social media, we may not have had a clue about the Michigan Meteor until maybe this morning. As it was, a few of my more stable facebook friends posted what they had seen. There followed almost 24 hours of kind of wild stuff, including a bunch of folks on one thread who were saying “I seen” this or that. The Commander’s ashes are churning at that incorrect verb tense – see, saw, had seen, etc. Jeebus.

Finally, The Scientists seem to have figured out that the meteor broke the atmosphere in Livingston County which is more or less north of us. No one is sure (yet) whether any pieces of the meteor made it to the ground – which would make them meteorITES. I didn’t know the difference between meteor and meteorite before. I am not a scientist, er, except that we are all scientists. At any rate, an area has apparently been identified where meteorites might have hit the ground and it is not all that far away from here.

This is not the first time that No Politics Day has included a Big Blast. I will never forget that the original gulf war (in modern times at least) began on NPD back in 1991. I’ll take a meteor over a war any time!

Hangers on No Politics Day

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

I have had a couple of really sweet experiences today. For an introvert, that is.

First, I took a Sunset Walk a couple days ago and there was a lost YakTrak on the sidewalk. A single one, I mean (I’m coining the term “YakTrak” as the singular of the plural “YakTrax”). It wasn’t mine because it didn’t have a strap. I have learned the hard way that YakTrax without straps easily come off so I always buy the ones with straps. Yesterday was a holly-day for me, so I was Sitting on the Green Couch Watching All the Dogz Go By before all the iPhone stuff and along came Ano and his human and his human walked up my driveway and deposited the lonely YakTrak on our front porch. I watched all of this but I was too introverted to go over and yell out the door something like, “Thanks but that’s not my YakTrak.” I saw Ano and his human in the woods this morning. It’s been a while. I had COLD2 and took a break and it turned out that Ano’s human had a slow period too. It was sooooo good to see those guys again. And I did tell them that it wasn’t my YakTrak but thanks anyway.

And then our sweeeeeet Building Mom… And I mean that loooooong sweet. This woman puts the “Mom” into “Building Mom”. Anyway, she Skyped me today to ask when No Politics Day was for me. I said it was today. And then I said that I usually kept NPD sorta quiet. She said she would keep mum and then, a little while later, she snuck the cutest little NPD card over to my cube. It was the size of a post-it note with cute sparkles. I love our building mom.

And so now I am home and we are cooking hangers on the grill tonight and Mouse is here to help us eat them. I don’t EVER want either of my children to go through hell or high water (aka snow driving) to spend No Politics Day with me. For a long time, my kids were too far away to come home for NPD and I didn’t usually spend that day with my moom either.

At any rate, my wish is that all of you have a good No Politics Day and I love you all.

Monday Phoneday

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Also Snowday… But we were oot and aboot ANYWAY. Because Phoneday. I had kind of forgotten that people actually line up in front of the Apple Store BEFORE it opens. We were there at something like 10 minutes before 10 and there were a few people already in line and a genius of some sort was out there with an iPad or something triaging people’s tech needs. When he got to me, I said “new phones” and when he asked how someone might identify me, I said, “um, sparkly black bomber hat.” The GG had gone to the “library” but he would also have been distinctive in Red Plaid (which I will NOT wear on my head although I do wear Red Plaid skirts). Anyway, a Weak Sun shone down through the snow on our messy drive over there.

The dirty deed was done and don’t ask me how much it cost except that my debit card was rejected when we tried to run it as a debit. That’s a good thing. We were pleased with our Apple Store Experience today. Our handlers did not talk down to us as sometimes happens. It’s a bit disconcerting when it DOES happen because the GG has a computer science degree and we BOTH have long careers in the IT industry and I have a senior position at my online banking corporation, plus the GG and I have been buying (and programming) Apple computers and things since 1979 (two WORKING Apple II+s in the Landfill Dungeon). We don’t know it all but we can beat up on computers pretty well. But whatever.

Anyway, we bought new phones and then went home and began the scary process of restoring the backups we had done on our “old” 6s phones to our new x phones. This turned out to be very scary indeed with a frightening message that the restoration couldn’t happen because… either… 1) the backup was corrupted or 2) incompatible with the new phone. We were flummoxed for about 10 minutes and then… Tada… A new message appeared. Our existing 6S phones had been upgraded to a new IOS version. Our new x phones, having been in boxes for a while, had not. So we had to do a looooooong upgrade to a new IOS version on the new phones and then… It took over an hour to restore the backup from the old phone.

We did not eat brek today because we planned on a lunch downtown (it is a holiday, after all and I didn’t have to work). I think we were planning on eating lunch well before 1:45 PM or whatever it was when we finally got downtown. We ate at the Blue Tractor and we spent most of our time there untangling the GG’s email issues (complicated by him changing a setting on MY new phone instead of his b/c they look the same from the front). The Guru can relax because we figgered it all out without having to text him. We are always appreciative of the Guru.

So, back to the Apple store. Why? Because the GG’s iPhone 6s turned out to be eligible for the $30 new battery. Mine was not. But I haven’t been having battery issues. It’s all a long story but they had a battery available for his 6s and they were able to install it today so we slodged BACK through the snow to the Apple store this afternoon and picked up his 6s.

Man oh man, I have been in Briarwood Mall enough times today to last me for all of 2018.

Sunday Funday

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

I haven’t been down to Detroit since June! June June June! That means that I need to get a hair cut… But anyway, we went down there today and it was soooo much fun.

First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Detroit. I am old enough to remember when it was a bustling city and we visited my MacMu grandparents down there at their beautiful art deco house on Mark Twain. My granddaddy would drive us around in his Caddy-lac. Boyz (Grandaddy, my dad, and brother) in the front seat, girlz (Mom, me, and Bolette in the back). We would go to the Henry Ford Museum and Belle Isle and the Northland Hudson’s department store. To a kid from the Yooperland, downtown Detroit in those days was a wonderland. And, as I have said before, Bolette was my step-grandmother but we loved each other greatly. Mostly, I remember “helping” her wash the dishes. She would ask me questions about school and she would actually LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS! Love.

Fast forward. The 1967 Detroit riots resulted in my grandparents moving from their beautiful home on Mark Twain out to the Beverly Hills suburb. I am pretty sure they weren’t directly hit by violence but the writing was on the wall that they needed to move out of the inner city. It was sad in so many ways, not the least that the house was Bolette’s house and at least one of her siblings also owned a house on the same block. Granddaddy and Bolette’s place was beautiful. I loved the breakfast nook. It was sad that those long-time owners felt they had to move.

So here we are on Belle Isle. It was colder than hell but the sun shone on Detroit. So we and some French speaking folks were taking photos. With tripods and fancy equipment. I had my iPhone and this is about the best I could do. Not so bad, eh?

Loving that I have a daughter living in Detroit, where a set of my grandparents once lived. They would have probably enjoyed the Green Dot and Founders.

Another one rides the bus

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Okay, thought I posted this yesterday but apparently didn’t hit the publish button.

The GG was sitting behind me and we were a couple stops away from Our Plum Market Stop when I realized it was a weeeeee bit tooooo quiet back there. I figured the GG was just hanging out doing stuff on his phone but when I turned around, he was ASLEEP! Um, you need to wake up so we can get off the bus!

We made it off the bus successfully without even leaving any glubs or whatever on it (although I think the GG dropped one glub or another something like three times between the bus and the market). About his only comment on the whole thing was that he liked this bus driver because he was such a smooth operator. Yeah, enough to lull his passengers to sleep. Good thing this passenger had his wife along for the ride.

Other than that, “ho-hum” pretty much sums up today as I continue to slodge my way a bit more lethargically than usual through this icy winter. I did NOT go to the farmers market this morning. We usually do take a bit of a break in January. It’s the only month that you can’t reliably find lettuce at the market and, although the market posted pics of various greens later on today, I had already procured some from the Plum via The Pensioner. Plum lettuce is perfectly serviceable but I do miss washing the earth out of my usual locally grown lettuce.

Downtown today? The usual, thank you very much. Janel was running the bar today and Chris was there but he was into the basketball game so we didn’t really interact with him and the soup was stuffed pepper. The GG is antsy about branching out to different lunch spots and I am okay with that to a point but I love hanging out at the Griz with Janel on Saturdays. Of course we also went through a recent “phase” of “maybe we should do something other than the Oscar Tango on Fridays” and then the other day he was like, “we need to go to the Oscar Tango this Friday”.

And then… There was the ODD conversation about how we go out to eat “all the time”. Uh, whut? We go out to eat Friday night and Saturday lunch (and sometimes Sunday, especially if it’s dreary out). I cook at home on weekend nights and every weeknight except Friday. I like to cook. I take leftovers to work for lunch EVERY DAY. Out to eat? All the time? Whaaaaaaa? Well, we did eat out every day the five days preceding xmas. It was wonderful to do that and I was glad my refrigerator was pretty much empty at the end of it except for xmas eve/day food. I was also totally exhausted by all of the [wonderful!] socializing. Introvert? Recharge? Yes!

Roads are improving…

Friday, January 12th, 2018

… or whatever. I worked from home today. I went outside at 0-skunk-30 to take the recycle out and it was 40 degrees and raining like crazy. I started to take a walk but there was water everywhere and I kinda gave up.

By the time I usually schlep over to work, the temps had dropped precipitously and snow was coming down and I sent an email to work letting people know I was wimping out. A lot of people wimped out, as it turned out. Working from home is not always optimal for me but it worked out today.

We walked downtown to the Oscar Tango for porterization and now we are home and fighting with Apple TV and I thought I had more interesting stuff to say but I can’t remember what it was so I think I’ll bag it for now.