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Hangers on No Politics Day

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

I have had a couple of really sweet experiences today. For an introvert, that is.

First, I took a Sunset Walk a couple days ago and there was a lost YakTrak on the sidewalk. A single one, I mean (I’m coining the term “YakTrak” as the singular of the plural “YakTrax”). It wasn’t mine because it didn’t have a strap. I have learned the hard way that YakTrax without straps easily come off so I always buy the ones with straps. Yesterday was a holly-day for me, so I was Sitting on the Green Couch Watching All the Dogz Go By before all the iPhone stuff and along came Ano and his human and his human walked up my driveway and deposited the lonely YakTrak on our front porch. I watched all of this but I was too introverted to go over and yell out the door something like, “Thanks but that’s not my YakTrak.” I saw Ano and his human in the woods this morning. It’s been a while. I had COLD2 and took a break and it turned out that Ano’s human had a slow period too. It was sooooo good to see those guys again. And I did tell them that it wasn’t my YakTrak but thanks anyway.

And then our sweeeeeet Building Mom… And I mean that loooooong sweet. This woman puts the “Mom” into “Building Mom”. Anyway, she Skyped me today to ask when No Politics Day was for me. I said it was today. And then I said that I usually kept NPD sorta quiet. She said she would keep mum and then, a little while later, she snuck the cutest little NPD card over to my cube. It was the size of a post-it note with cute sparkles. I love our building mom.

And so now I am home and we are cooking hangers on the grill tonight and Mouse is here to help us eat them. I don’t EVER want either of my children to go through hell or high water (aka snow driving) to spend No Politics Day with me. For a long time, my kids were too far away to come home for NPD and I didn’t usually spend that day with my moom either.

At any rate, my wish is that all of you have a good No Politics Day and I love you all.

Monday Phoneday

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Also Snowday… But we were oot and aboot ANYWAY. Because Phoneday. I had kind of forgotten that people actually line up in front of the Apple Store BEFORE it opens. We were there at something like 10 minutes before 10 and there were a few people already in line and a genius of some sort was out there with an iPad or something triaging people’s tech needs. When he got to me, I said “new phones” and when he asked how someone might identify me, I said, “um, sparkly black bomber hat.” The GG had gone to the “library” but he would also have been distinctive in Red Plaid (which I will NOT wear on my head although I do wear Red Plaid skirts). Anyway, a Weak Sun shone down through the snow on our messy drive over there.

The dirty deed was done and don’t ask me how much it cost except that my debit card was rejected when we tried to run it as a debit. That’s a good thing. We were pleased with our Apple Store Experience today. Our handlers did not talk down to us as sometimes happens. It’s a bit disconcerting when it DOES happen because the GG has a computer science degree and we BOTH have long careers in the IT industry and I have a senior position at my online banking corporation, plus the GG and I have been buying (and programming) Apple computers and things since 1979 (two WORKING Apple II+s in the Landfill Dungeon). We don’t know it all but we can beat up on computers pretty well. But whatever.

Anyway, we bought new phones and then went home and began the scary process of restoring the backups we had done on our “old” 6s phones to our new x phones. This turned out to be very scary indeed with a frightening message that the restoration couldn’t happen because… either… 1) the backup was corrupted or 2) incompatible with the new phone. We were flummoxed for about 10 minutes and then… Tada… A new message appeared. Our existing 6S phones had been upgraded to a new IOS version. Our new x phones, having been in boxes for a while, had not. So we had to do a looooooong upgrade to a new IOS version on the new phones and then… It took over an hour to restore the backup from the old phone.

We did not eat brek today because we planned on a lunch downtown (it is a holiday, after all and I didn’t have to work). I think we were planning on eating lunch well before 1:45 PM or whatever it was when we finally got downtown. We ate at the Blue Tractor and we spent most of our time there untangling the GG’s email issues (complicated by him changing a setting on MY new phone instead of his b/c they look the same from the front). The Guru can relax because we figgered it all out without having to text him. We are always appreciative of the Guru.

So, back to the Apple store. Why? Because the GG’s iPhone 6s turned out to be eligible for the $30 new battery. Mine was not. But I haven’t been having battery issues. It’s all a long story but they had a battery available for his 6s and they were able to install it today so we slodged BACK through the snow to the Apple store this afternoon and picked up his 6s.

Man oh man, I have been in Briarwood Mall enough times today to last me for all of 2018.

Sunday Funday

Sunday, January 14th, 2018

I haven’t been down to Detroit since June! June June June! That means that I need to get a hair cut… But anyway, we went down there today and it was soooo much fun.

First, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Detroit. I am old enough to remember when it was a bustling city and we visited my MacMu grandparents down there at their beautiful art deco house on Mark Twain. My granddaddy would drive us around in his Caddy-lac. Boyz (Grandaddy, my dad, and brother) in the front seat, girlz (Mom, me, and Bolette in the back). We would go to the Henry Ford Museum and Belle Isle and the Northland Hudson’s department store. To a kid from the Yooperland, downtown Detroit in those days was a wonderland. And, as I have said before, Bolette was my step-grandmother but we loved each other greatly. Mostly, I remember “helping” her wash the dishes. She would ask me questions about school and she would actually LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS! Love.

Fast forward. The 1967 Detroit riots resulted in my grandparents moving from their beautiful home on Mark Twain out to the Beverly Hills suburb. I am pretty sure they weren’t directly hit by violence but the writing was on the wall that they needed to move out of the inner city. It was sad in so many ways, not the least that the house was Bolette’s house and at least one of her siblings also owned a house on the same block. Granddaddy and Bolette’s place was beautiful. I loved the breakfast nook. It was sad that those long-time owners felt they had to move.

So here we are on Belle Isle. It was colder than hell but the sun shone on Detroit. So we and some French speaking folks were taking photos. With tripods and fancy equipment. I had my iPhone and this is about the best I could do. Not so bad, eh?

Loving that I have a daughter living in Detroit, where a set of my grandparents once lived. They would have probably enjoyed the Green Dot and Founders.

Another one rides the bus

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Okay, thought I posted this yesterday but apparently didn’t hit the publish button.

The GG was sitting behind me and we were a couple stops away from Our Plum Market Stop when I realized it was a weeeeee bit tooooo quiet back there. I figured the GG was just hanging out doing stuff on his phone but when I turned around, he was ASLEEP! Um, you need to wake up so we can get off the bus!

We made it off the bus successfully without even leaving any glubs or whatever on it (although I think the GG dropped one glub or another something like three times between the bus and the market). About his only comment on the whole thing was that he liked this bus driver because he was such a smooth operator. Yeah, enough to lull his passengers to sleep. Good thing this passenger had his wife along for the ride.

Other than that, “ho-hum” pretty much sums up today as I continue to slodge my way a bit more lethargically than usual through this icy winter. I did NOT go to the farmers market this morning. We usually do take a bit of a break in January. It’s the only month that you can’t reliably find lettuce at the market and, although the market posted pics of various greens later on today, I had already procured some from the Plum via The Pensioner. Plum lettuce is perfectly serviceable but I do miss washing the earth out of my usual locally grown lettuce.

Downtown today? The usual, thank you very much. Janel was running the bar today and Chris was there but he was into the basketball game so we didn’t really interact with him and the soup was stuffed pepper. The GG is antsy about branching out to different lunch spots and I am okay with that to a point but I love hanging out at the Griz with Janel on Saturdays. Of course we also went through a recent “phase” of “maybe we should do something other than the Oscar Tango on Fridays” and then the other day he was like, “we need to go to the Oscar Tango this Friday”.

And then… There was the ODD conversation about how we go out to eat “all the time”. Uh, whut? We go out to eat Friday night and Saturday lunch (and sometimes Sunday, especially if it’s dreary out). I cook at home on weekend nights and every weeknight except Friday. I like to cook. I take leftovers to work for lunch EVERY DAY. Out to eat? All the time? Whaaaaaaa? Well, we did eat out every day the five days preceding xmas. It was wonderful to do that and I was glad my refrigerator was pretty much empty at the end of it except for xmas eve/day food. I was also totally exhausted by all of the [wonderful!] socializing. Introvert? Recharge? Yes!

Roads are improving…

Friday, January 12th, 2018

… or whatever. I worked from home today. I went outside at 0-skunk-30 to take the recycle out and it was 40 degrees and raining like crazy. I started to take a walk but there was water everywhere and I kinda gave up.

By the time I usually schlep over to work, the temps had dropped precipitously and snow was coming down and I sent an email to work letting people know I was wimping out. A lot of people wimped out, as it turned out. Working from home is not always optimal for me but it worked out today.

We walked downtown to the Oscar Tango for porterization and now we are home and fighting with Apple TV and I thought I had more interesting stuff to say but I can’t remember what it was so I think I’ll bag it for now.

Don’t count your chickens until they hatch!

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Once upon a time, I went to a casino. I mean that I went to a casino to do something other than meet the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie for breakfast at Sacy’s Restaurant by the Back Bay. I am not a gambler. I can’t stand being around cigarette smoke. I hate when a “band” includes a young woman who dances around with a saxophone the whole time, NEVER ONCE BLOWING ONE NOTE OUT OF IT! (My musician brother-in-law hated it with me but he doesn’t read this 🐸) My plan that night was to observe. When we walked in, the GG handed me a twenty dollar bill and pointed me to the slot musheens.

Backing up a bit, I guess I maybe hadn’t been in a *casino* before but I had definitely seen a slot musheen before. They were all over the Black Hills/Badlands area in South Dakota when we took our last Big Family Trip out there in 1998. You know that kind of trip. The kids get sick, the car dies, and the dog runs away. Er, except nobody got sick and we didn’t have a dog and the car didn’t exactly break down but the fuel pump in the POC made a funky noise as we were driving away from the WORST Holiday Inn in Chicagoland on our way home and I was nervous about that, being me, with my trained-musician’s ears. We made it home, ka-whomp.

Anyway, out there in South Dakota, or at least in Deadwood, every restaurant and motel lobby had a slot musheen. I did not play any of them. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVED that trip and I loved Deadwood. More later someday maybe.

Back to my interaction with a slot musheen. I stuck that twenty dollar bill into the musheen and I think I lost the whole thing in something like 20 minutes?

So, I am not a gambler. And now we are talking about the stock market, as you might guess. I cannot get all that excited about the current bull run because I think we are overdue for a correction. I am not a stock market guru, in fact I think I learned about (and understood) the stock market back in the Jurassic Age but I don’t remember any of that. But my gut feeling, being a human being who has lived more years than I care to count, is that what goes up must go down.

The pic is from 2003! I found it randomly. The person in the pic had recently finished her freshman year at Kalamazoo College. Man, did we have a big beach that year!

Also, it wasn’t until I began writing this stream of consciousness type blahg entry that I remembered WHY I went to that casino all those years ago. It was January 11. Hey, that’s today. My identical twin (in spirit) celebrates her birthday on this date and I went to that casino because that was where she was having her birthday and I wanted to celebrate with her. The Beautiful Gay is the Uncly Uncle’s wife and the UU is the GG’s identical twin brother. Of course TBG is not my identical twin but she is one of my soul mates. HB Gay! 💜

Driveway of Doom

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

It is 38 degrees right now and various areas of my driveway, mainly the ones I have to navigate to get to the garbage/recycle carts and Frog Hopper are covered with various sheets of ice. Some of this ice is under a little water (because 38 degrees) and in some places it’s hard to tell if there is ice under the water or not. Loverly, loverly. The Pensioner does not want to de-ice the driveway because he doesn’t want it tracked into the Landfill. I am about to overrule that. Shoes/boots off in the “vestibule”. We can wash the vestibule floor easily. (We do de-ice the sidewalk in front of our house so people can walk safely!)

This morning when I was out at 0-skunk-30, the skies were clear and the waning crescent moon was bright in the sky. By the time I set off to work, a loverly fog had set in. That was fine. The roads were good and I got all the way to Ellsworth Road before a wee bit of drizzle began to hit my veeeeendsheeeeld. 29 degrees? This could not be good. Nevertheless, I persisted and the roads remained fine for me. Half an hour later? Angie kinda dragged in saying that the roads were terrible and cars were in the ditches, etc., everywhere and getting across the sidewalk leading into the building was almost impossible.

The roads were fine a couple hours later as the temps rose. We are having a January Thaw. It will last until maybe sometime Friday and then we’re back down into a pretty good freeze again. Snow or not, I dunno.

If I could afford to eat at the Earle every night… The Earle has been around for a long time and I went there maybe once when I was 20-something. I could not afford The Earle in those days. I can afford it now but certainly not more than a few times a year. I had the canard. Y’all know what canard is, roight? It came with mashed potatoes/turnips. I have recently re-discovered turnips. When they are fresh from a local farm, they are soooooo good. Add a little horseradish. Not your mother’s grocery store turnips white/purple rocks.

Our seats were not exactly a booth. We had a four-top table separated from other similar tables by a booth-like enclosure lined with corks. Very cool and probably provides a bit of sound insulation between tables.

nct blue

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Man, did I make any sense yesterday? Word Salad. Lots of thoughts rolling through my head and not enough time/patience to organize them properly (or AT ALL). Not to mention that old saying about when you have written something (story, essay, blahg entry, thesis, software dev functional specification, whatever), go back and delete half of it. And then, go back and delete half of it again. Yest? Not. Diarrhea of the keyboard. Sorry. Or not 💩

Anyway, whenever I am entranced by pottery at an art fair or wherever, I remember a couple things. 1) I AM NOT COLLECTING ANYTHING! and 2) My daughter makes this stuff so I don’t need to buy it. A couple of my faves are some of her earlier mugs. I like them so much that I managed to chip one irretrievably by swinging around the chitchen, trying to put it into Bertie for a bath. Sigh.

One of her more recent prodjects is this set of handle-less North Country Trail mugs. Note the tree bark color and blue NCT stripe. I can’t get a straight answer about who is the end recipient for these. She has given mugs to some of our NCT buddies but these seem to be hanging around the Landfill so maybe(?) they are for us? There is good old Gitchee Gumee behind them. Our main section of trail runs from the Straits of Mackinac to Lake Superior. And to the left of Gitchee Gumee, there is a woven trivet that MerriCarol made. (She and her son knew The Commander 💜) I love how the Blue in all of these items matches my teal blue subway tile.

So, we are about to head downtown to The Earle for a birthday dinner of porterization. This is Diane’s day and it happens to be the same day as The Commander’s, who would be 97 today if she were still alive. (It is also Richard Nixon’s birthday.).

Mini Man Cleaning and Man ‘splainin’ and brain using

Monday, January 8th, 2018

I mean a mini spate of Man Cleaning, not a Plasterer Midget doing some cleaning.

I was going on and on about how well I was cleaning all of my glass vases and things and, as it turns out, I missed a whole heckuva lotta dirt and grease and who knows what else. I guess getting the dead insect carcasses out wasn’t quite enough? Anyway, I call uncle. The Pensioner (and Turnstile) came home yesterday and today TP RE-CLEANED ALL of the glass items that I had cleaned over the weekend and then got up on the counter (eek!) to vacuum and WASH the tops of the cabinets. And THEN, he artistically arranged all of my lovely glassware back on top of the cabinets in a cool kind of color order. It is not exactly rainbow order but I am LOVING IT! I’m not sure if I can get a good pic of this without some futzing around but THANK YOU! The Pensioner is an artist at heart, despite the fact that he earned his living as a gov’t computer scientist. Highly intelligent guy, and one who may not always get credit for that.


I can dooooo without the Man-‘splainin’. PLEASE. I have been procrastinating f-o-r-e-v-e-r about updating my iPhone 6S IOS. I have been procrastinating because I have 13,000 photooooos on my iPhone and I know that backing it up will take FOREVER! And it is, because I am doing it right now… And I don’t even WANT to back up the goddamn photos! So, really, what I want to do is back up EVERYTHING except the photooos. But I couldn’t (at first) figger out how to back up my iPhone at all so I sucked up and asked for help. Me, the IT girl who has been beating up on computers for more years than I am strong enough to count and slodged through ooogly snow to get to work today for our first scrum meeting in our new agile dev meth[odology]. It went about like I expected, which was… not exactly agile… I have hopes that this will work for us though. I’m just a girl. I just wanna have fun. But I can doooo computers and I “get” people too. Really. That’s likely why I have never been [knock on wood] faaaaared from a job. (I mean fired, not laid off. There is a difference.) We’re in a transition period at my work and I will do my best to enable what we are trying to do.

So, my iPhone is getting backed up and I’m not sure how long it’ll take for the actual IOS upgrade to happen once I get that thing started.

In the end, I am wondering about the man-splainin’ given that The Pensioner has often during our history said something like, “Let’s use your brain.” And we do for certain things, but TP is not anywhere near stupid either and sometimes we also need his brain.

It has an insect carcass in it, do NOT wash it!

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

I have been washing my “glass” collection this weekend. I did not wash the bug carcass out of this wee vase. It’s pretty hard to see through the glass but the wee buggy is entrapped in a gossamer sheet of web and there are a couple other bits and pieces of former life or whatever preserved in this little vase. A while back, around the time that Man Cleaning was happening here at the Landfill, I pulled my collection of mini-glass artifacts off the front window with the idea of cleaning them. My Mouse was here and when she saw the web and carcass, etc., she said, “No no no no”.

So I didn’t. Even I can understand when it’s important to preserve a wee insect carcass.

I did pull all of my BIG glass vases, etc., off the top of the kitchen cabinets today. I washed them unmercifully, making sure all of the insects were cleaned out of them. It was mostly house flies in this case, so not very elegant.

Collections? Similar to my Santa collection, I have two Glass Artifact collections. One collection is small pieces that I keep in the front window and the other is large vases and bottles and bowls and things and such that I keep on top of kitchen cupboards. My collections are small. They both include a few items that I have collected myself (one as recently as January 2017) and others that came from The Commander’s house. I am not an active collector so I am not looking to add to either of these collections. Although… If I ever [again] find an aubergine glass vase or bowl that I LIKE, I will buy it. Why did I not buy the one at Treasure Mart a few years ago? I dunno. It was only $55 but I was on foot but I’m sure I couldda paid and droven back down there to collect it. But I didn’t…

I’m ornery tonight so let’s talk about birth rights

Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Or maybe not. We can go there some other day. I hope to hell we can have a conversation about birth rights involving the Moomincabin someday but I’m not sure we’ll ever get there. Birth right? Whose? I’m not sure. But I think I actually have as much of a birth right to that place as anyone else does. I was actually THERE when we built it. I was six years old. Me and some of my cousins would run over there from the Old Cabin to check things out every day and Kenny Steve the builder would let us run around and, uh, check things out.

I am closer to 10 in this pic of 10 of us 11 cousins. The Beautiful Jan is missing from the pic that day but she was very much there in spirit and definitely a vibrant part of the family to this day.

Still there

Friday, January 5th, 2018

This is really just a drive-by but I am always happy to know that the moomincabin persists throughout the winter.

The GG left for the north country this morning and he and I were futzing around moving automotive vee-hickles around and then I drove the Ninja to work and didn’t much think about anything. Well, except that one of my work friends caught sight of my HAIR after I had removed my hats (yes, two hats) and pulled out my ponytail holder. My hair was sticking out every which way (Kaitlyn, I need you!) and what a mess. I kinda wondered if I had been called a drowned rat, which was about what I looked like.

I get email notifications when my credit card is used for gas (not sure why the heck I set that up but it can be handy) and so the GG got gas at Fenton and then at Brimley. Brimley? I knew he was going north but I wasn’t sure that he’d get all the way up to the Moomincabin. He did. It is still there. Our neighbors are vigilant (that is a good thing) in that they (Jeep and Pan) noticed someone had “droven in” at the Moomincabin. I appreciate that so much.

I walked over to Knights for porterization tonight. I’m not sure how cold it is. It’s probably a bit above zero but wheatever whatever (wheatever? spelling mavens, where are you? 🐽). I wore pants under my skirt but I did not take them off when I got there. Various people still remember when I took my snowpants off at Knight’s more than a few years ago. I was pretty well suited up for walking tonight but I did wear *sandals*, that is, Keen sandals with smartwool socks and tights underneath. I was not cold and the sidewalks were clear enough that I didn’t need YakTrax.

In which…

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

We almost NEVER talk polly-ticks at work. Somebody said something about Lipstick on a Pig back in the SP days but he was co-opting that statement to describe something at work. And, BTW, I believe this sweet man tended to vote for Republicans but wasn’t crazy about John McCain’s choice of running mate. Yes, that was a while ago. I think the next thing he came up with that described something we were talking about at a meeting was “poop floats”.

Today, I kept hearing “Trump” and “stupid” and “moron” and I fergit what else. Okay, I think I heard “centrist” a few times. As in, “I am a centrist.” I wasn’t at the research team meeting today so I am not sure what went down in there. What happens in the research team meeting stays in the research team meeting. So I didn’t ask about whatever Trumpian crap was being discussed.

I know that most of the White Males that I work with felt the same way that I did when we walked in after Trump (incredibly, in my opinion) won the last election. I woke up that day wanting to post a black rectangle on social media somewhere. I did not and I did not have to. A facebook/high school buddy (white male) had already posted one for me. I got up and went to work, where a couple of my favorite white men were feeling as low as I was about the presidential election.

I like the rather disheveled pic of Hillary Clinton that the GG attached to the refrigerator. We’ll talk about that some other day (maybe). There were days that I did not like Hillary way back when but I did vote for her. The short story is that the republican party moved waaaaay right from me and my parents.

P.S. To the Hilary bashers out there, I am *over* the fact that Hilary lost. Just that (again) I would prefer Micky Mouse in the White House to what we currently have there.


Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

I spent the afternoon untangling spaghetti. I don’t even mean “spaghetti code”. I’ve untangled that before. I’m talking about spaghetti user interface design / functionality. FZ set me straight that something was amiss in my explanation of said functionality and then pointed me to an entity in our test environment where I could “play around”. If I check this or that or these or those checkboxes, what do I get on the report. I can sure understand why nobody has ever written this stuff up coherently. I am a quarter of the way there. I have gathered my “data” and now I need to figure out how to organize it, outline a write-up, and WRITE it up, complete with tables and screenshots and whatever we need so that no one forgets how this stuff works again!

And then it snowed (lightly) all day and the roads were messy (but fine for an Outback with a careful non-texting driver) but it was a long slog. And then when I got home, the GG met me in the driveway with his yooper scooper at hand, directing me to back out into the street so he could shovel the little bit of snow out of the driveway. It was okay, I just chilled out.

I have written about shi-shos before, I’m sure. They are a form of pasta. They come in cans with “sauce” mixed in. Can you guess what the real name for them is? I’ll give you a hint. They are round.

Little kids who don’t, you know, eat anything but air, will actually eat shi-shos. Sometimes they will eat nothing but shi-shos for weeks on end and just about the time you have bought the entire Westgate Kroger out of shi-shos (not possible in reality), and your house is overflowing with cans of shi-shos, said child decides they do not like them any more… … …

That didn’t really happen with shi-shos, at least not until after the teenage years’ ramen noodle craze (Grandroobly’s reaction to those when The Commander once served them to him was something like “kzcx”.) And then, they become adults and forge their own healthy way into eating.

Shi-shos were emergency food for a loooong time around here and nowadays when I talk to friends who have upper-el school kids, I tell them about the first time my kids cooked – on the stove – by themselves. I was in the house but I was immersed in sorting out the messiest PTO treasury on earth (another spaghetti-like prodject, which I dragged into Excel ’cause that’s what I dooooo with that kind of data) and so I was surprised when I entered the Landfill Chitchen to see a stool pulled up next to the stove and both children watching carefully over a pan of shi-shos. Mom isn’t feeding us but we’ve seen her do this a gazillion times and we can do it too.

It was fine. The shi-shos got cooked. Carefully at low heat with two young children watching carefully. The house didn’t burn down. Wish I had a picture of that but it was years before the iPhone and I didn’t even have a cell phone yet…

Put the hatchet down, it’s just a football game

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

And so he did put the hatchet down but he must’ve been itching to get at the xmas tree because when I got home from Cubelandia today, I could hear the distinct whine of a chainsaw somewhere in the neighborhood. And sure enough, the tree was gone and the GG was out in the back yard sawing it up. I love xmas trees but good riddance.

We ALWAYS get a real tree. That’s just what we do. We have purchased them from different places over the years. Once we even got one from Whole Foods. Wonder what we paid for that one? I don’t remember (and I don’t really care, although I am not the spendthrift y’all might think I am). This year he bought it from, well, I won’t say who, because a little snort of Yager was involved.

Today? Gone gone gone. If y’all think we are horking up the envaaaaaronment by disposing of a xmas tree somewhere, you have to know that we will burn it. Because it is already chopped up, we may be burning it in our faaaarplace during this polar vortex type winter. Apparently we do NOT have a whole lot of faaaaarwood to burn. Whaaaa? If not, we will burn it a few many months from now, after the 2018 Ice Age has finally left the Landfill Backyard, in our *legal* backyard burner. Are we horking up the envaaaaaronment by burning the tree? I dunno. We are humans and we need light and heat and we use the faaarplace and backyard burner on an occasional basis. Our fuel-efficient furnace is what normally keeps us warm.

Froggy has exchanged his Santa Claus glasses for a Frozen head-dress. And one of the women I have worked with forever gave birth to her SECOND set of twins over the holidays. (She works remotely so I have only met her in person a couple times.) Her new twins are fraternal (girl and boy) and I *believe* the first set are also fraternal, although they are both girls. The GG (an identical twin) always says, “More is better!” Knowing the GG and his twin and his twin’s wife (The Beautiful Gay), I can only agree.

You eat all the bacon and I’ll eat all the shrimp

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Sing it to the tune of that old cowboy song, “I will do the dishes while you go have a beer.” [Youtube link, probably with an ad] I remember this song being on the CD player in the POC a lot, particularly once when I was driving the beach urchins up to the moominbeach for a few weeks. We had left the cFam cabin at Hoton Lake that morning and they were sleepily lounging in that big old beastie and I’m not sure that they realized that I liked “their” music as much as they did, although to this day, when I remember that song, I can’t help remembering some of the lyrics as “Where have all the cow pies gone”, rather than “cowboys”. A mondegreen except that I well knew the real lyrics. My eyes squeezed out a couple of involuntary tears upon hearing that song again tonight. My fave mondegreen ever is “Lincoln on his deathbed” but that is a whole ‘nother story and one that makes me laugh every time I think of it.

So, today… It is still frickin’ cold out and the GG now has the New Years cold. We had a very small brek today including about six ounces of bacon between us. There were two half-strips left last I looked and those were gone when I came back in to do the dishes (while he went and had a beer – not really). That was fine. We weren’t counting. But later on when our wee circle of shrimp was almost done, I managed to snag the last two shrimps. So I guess we are even, although we were not counting.

I tried halfheartedly to get the GG to go out in the county for a ride today. It is cold out. He had/has a sore throat. I didn’t really want to drive and I didn’t push it. What the heck. As it turned out, I got outside only far enough to reach around the corner of the front porch to throw stuff into the recycle. Nothing wrong with a slow start to the new year. We’ll pick up the pace after a bit. No resolutions here. One day at a time.

Purple lights last night? Yes, and red. These are LED bulbs and we can make them be any color we dern well want via an iPhone app. Right now they are a nice soft kind of incandescent light color.

Happy New Year, Love, KW