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Birch Pt. Beach Blahg Archives
July 2003

Tue. July 22:

Mouse/Mom drove up from A2 & arrived mid afternoon. Walked the beach and swam. Mouse and I simultaneously read Goose's book, The Lovely Bones -- nice light beach reading. Walked the beach a million times. Katie & Kristen are here with kids: triplets plus Katie's three. They told me about Saddam's sons being killed at which point i realized I haven't paid any attention to news ALL SUMMER! :-)

Wed. July 23:

groceries, then got our annual grease quota at Clydes. Hung around on beach in afternoon, swam and surfed in the waves for a long time.

Thu. July 24:

chilly, windy again today, walked to Cedar Point, kayaked in the afternoon. Fish @ Cozy Inn with a whole bunch of old folks. Walked beach and sat on Jan's deck for a while.

Fri. July 25:

weather about the same as yesterday. Walked the beach and kayaked this morning. Paulette was kayaking too, hung around talking to her out by the 2nd sandbar for a while. Grandaddy patrolled the old road and parts of the beach. Strong SW wind in afternoon. Saved someone's air mattress from flying all the way to the end of the beach and disposed of a dead bird that hit the picture window. Rain moved in by evening.

Sat. July 26:

a day of rain! And chores. And unexpected events. The Porters dropped off my kayak spray skirts, then I got to hang around with Betty and Mike for the afternoon. I opened up Mike's new digital camera that he'd been ignoring and got it going, then we had gin and tonics. I neglected all my chores.

Sun. July 27:

started out gray, cold and windy but now the sun is out. Excitement needed but elusive. Took two great-great-aunts over to meet Nate & Sunny's new baby, Buzz. Then after hanging out on the beach for a while, got brave and tried out a kayak in the waves with a spray skirt. VERY klutzy and don't think I got the skirt on right but it was FUN playing around in the waves! ATV tracks on the beach in the evening! Gr-r-r-r!!!

Mon. July 28:

sunny, chilly and a little less windy. Lunch @ Penny's Kitchen, then bookstore and bank for laundry quarters. Turned into a pretty good beach day but nothing exciting.

Tue. July 29:

started out rainy, went to do laundry and grocery store. Sunny and warm on the beach now, kayaked around the bay.

Wed. July 30:

pretty good beach day, Mouse and Janet went to town to get fudge and nail polish. Jane came up at night.

Thu. July 31:

beach day!! Kayak powwow (Jan, Jane, me) in the middle of the bay. We were drifting in the direction of Canada in fairly strong winds so finally we went to the island to look at the great blue herons, then back into the beach. Big sisters and out-laws came up last night as well as two more kayaks.