Goin’ to kzoo

Dum de dum de dum. grok grok. Haveya packed the listerine? ooh ooh ooh ah ah dum de dum. How ’bout the frog juice? ooh ooh ooh ah ah la la la. I can’t believe (grok grok) the ol’ witch (grok grok) is lettin’ us outta here. grook grfok. Didya check the engine? ooh ooh ooh ah ah. How ’bout paddles? grok. Do we have ’em? ooh ooh ooh ah ah hee hee hee dum de dum de dum. We are goin’ on an adventure! grok grok. We’re gonna fly to Kalamazoo (grok grook) and take my owner (grook) out for a nice flea and fly lunch (frok grok) with spider shortcake for dessert. grok grok. Mmmm. She better be ready to eat! grok grok. ‘n’ then we’re gonna (grok frgok) pick up Squeaky and Aunt Mousey (grok grok) and bring ’em back to the Planet Ann Arbor. Grok grokka. Smokie, strap Clammy onta the back o’ buoy 22 there (grok grok) ooh ooh ooh ah ah and let’s fire up this here flyin’ machine (grok grok) and get outta here (grok grok) before the ol’ witch changes her silly ol’ mind. grok grok. Bats in her belfry!! Grokgrok. Ready. Set. Ten. Nine. Grok. Eight. Seven. Grok. Six. Oops. Smokie! I lost count, where am I? Oh, yeah. Five. Grok. Four. Three. Grok. Grok. Two. One. Ignition. VARRROOOOOOOM!!!! GROKGROKGROKGROKGROK!!!! We’re in the air! grokgrokgrokGROK! Kalamazoo, here we come! grokGROK! Hey Smokie, grok grok, hand me that jug o’ (grok grok) frog juice. grok grok. With a niiiice listerine chaser. Schlurrrrrp chuga-chuga-chuga grokgrokgrok HIC!

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