Happy Birthday Rey! Or Was It Yesterday?

Well, I have Rey’s birthday as the 7th, so I thought it was today. The Grand Poohbah says it was yesterday though. Yeah, that would be 666. Anyway, today or yesterday, he is 19 now. Other birthdays I have for June are:

  • Pengo Janetto: June 8. She’ll be 17 and I did not forget hers!
  • Tatsuo (Roberta’s late husband): June 9
  • An Anniversary: Harry and Bubs: June 16
  • Teri: June 19 (around my age ;-))
  • Radical Betty: June 20 (at least 110)

Who else? Comment or email me to lemme know.

btw: the main source for this stuff is a calendar The Commander gave me at least 10 years ago. That means it’s pretty much complete up through the Fin G4 generation, since the youngest of those kids is 17. And I probably have every Mac except maybe Alec. Jan has to fill me in on the Fin G5, since she’s the only one of us G3ers with grandchildren. The GG and Kathy my sister-in-law are my main Courtois sources.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Rey! Or Was It Yesterday?”

  1. Jay and Rey Says:

    Apropos of nothing, Rey and I were walking home from the grocery store and read the land-use sign for a cafe that had burned and is apparently now scheduled to be replaced with a mixed use development. This will include 40 apartments, underground parking and … It didn’t really say, but mixed use usually means retail. Since it didn’t say Rey hypothisized that it might well be a slaughterhouse.

    I don’t really know how his mind works, so … OK.
    Then he said that if that happened we would be living in the Shambles.
    And I said what?
    And he said he thought shambles is what they called slaughterhouses
    So … we looked it up.

    OED definitions (abridged)
    Shambles, portable covered stalls, set up in a market-place for the sale of meat. Not applied to the market itself. Precisely the same erection for the sale of any other article would be a ‘standing’.

    4. a. pl. The place where animals are killed for meat; a slaughter-house.

    5. transf. and fig. a. A place of carnage or wholesale slaughter; a scene of blood. Chiefly pl. const. as sing.; rarely in sing. form.

    So, my question to you is … What exactly are your “Shambling Mounds”?