grok hic grok. Get drunk and sleep at the cabin? grokGrok hicburp. Yesh, shounds lika good idea. grok frgok hic burp. c’mon Sssshmookie, lesh go (grok grok) get Buoy 22 warmed up (hichic grok).

Uh, Froggy? You are on the Planet Ann Arbor and the cabin is on the Shores of Gitchee Gumee. That is 350 miles from here. Don’t you remember what happened the last time you tried to fly Buoy 22 when you were drunk? I do not need any more fighter jets landing in my back yard. Why don’t you just go sleep it off in your laundry basket?

grokHIC groook frok. I wanna join the Thud Club! grokgrokgrokGROK! hic grok sprrroinnnnng! whoooooosh! THUD! zzzzzzgrokka

Froggy? Froggy? Are you okay? Hmmmmm. Thud Club, eh? I’d say Froggy has passed the initiation test for that fine organization with flying colors. Green, that is. With a little purple around the eyes. Hey Smokie!

ooh ooh ooh ah ah?

Will you go and wake up Moley?

ooh ooh ooh OOH ah ah!!!

Yeah, I know Moley can get a little surly when you wake him up. Here take this dirty sock in there, that’ll brighten him up. Get Moley and then you, Moley, and Clammy oughtta be able to schlep Froggy back into his basket.

zzzzzzgrokka flying machine zzzzzzzgrokka sleep cabin zzzzzgrokhika thud thud thud zzzzzzzgrokkahic

G’night, Froggy, seeya in the morning. Hope your head is okay. Empty nest? Kee-reist!

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