The dvc

I am up to four who agree with me about the DVC guy and one of those also threw off some similar comments about the author of Lord of the Flies, which I haven’t read since high school.

Anyway, I actually read a book this weekend. The DaVinci Code. I think the last time I sat down and read an actual novel was last summer when I *forced* myself to sit on the beach and read something fun and mindless, all six Harry Potter books. I just have not been able to get relaxed enough to siddown, shuddup and read for eons. I dunno, maybe I am still tired from reading out loud for hours a day through a large part of the 1980s and ’90s. Read it again, mommy, read it again. Read another chapter. Ad infinitum. Ad nauseam in some cases, Cat Family Book in particular.

Did I like the DVC? Hmmm. Far be it from me to pretend to be a book reviewer so take this with so many grains of salt. This book had its pros and cons. I did think the writing was pretty bad. The two central characters seemed, well, one-dimensional (I think that is a cliché, right?). We were supposed to believe they were experts at their chosen fields, yet we learned so little about them. It was as if they were created *only* to educate us about the symbols and codes central to the story. And run around like crazy evading various police just to make things exciting. Am I making sense? I didn’t think so. grok grok stoopid stoopid question grok grok.

On the other hand, I, uh, *read* the book. I could not put it down except to hike and do email with Mouse and talk to Liz on the phone, etc., etc. It had a relatively happy ending. I actually like happy endings in books. If I get involved with a book, I feel sad for days when it ends badly. And not every book has to be high-brow literature. Heck, if it gets people to read and think, all I’ve got to say to the author is, “You GO!”

Religious stuff? Sorry, y’all do not even want to know what I think 🙂

Will I see the movie? Maybe someday when I am 90 and Sam and I are sitting around drinking tea wine someplace, preferably outside, where we can project the movie onto a virtual screen from whatever passes for a powerbook in that almost unimaginable future. And heck, we may even have a supply of rotten tomatoes there ready to throw at that virtual screen.

Cheers, y’all!

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