Happy Mother’s Day, you old bag

Dear Old Witch,Here is a Mother’s Day poem for you:

“F” is for the fleas and flies you feed me,
“R”‘s for flying rockets to the Moon,
“O” is for old witches and their broomsticks,
“G”‘s for garbage women and raccoons, (and skunks, grok grok grok)
(ooops, another “G” is comin’ up, whaddo I do with that? Oh, yeah…)
“G” grok grok grok grok grok grok grok groooook groooook,
“Y”‘s for when you yell and scream at me,

Put them all together, they spell “FROGGY,” amphibian that means the world to you.

Love, Froggy.

Froooogggy, that is just about the strangest Mother’s Day poem ever written.

grok grok grok. EVERY DAY is Mother’s Day, you old bag. Click here for the audio version. If you dare.

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