The trials and tribulations of As and ologies and trying to install WordPress without Fantastico or adequate technical expertise. All I gotta say is bleag. Oh yeah! How could I forget? I came within *inches* of being hit by an idiot in another car this morning! Didn’t even make me shake like a leaf. Just made me MAD! Driver’s license? Crackerjack box? “Moom, go spend some quality time with your sewing machine.” Okay, Mouse. “Take a break.” Okay, Sam.

7 Responses to “blahggin’”

  1. Mark Says:

    Am I 1st?

  2. Isa Says:


  3. Isa Says:

    WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE ARCHIVES???? those were valuable. mainly when i want to make carrot cake.

  4. Mouse Says:

    hahaha moom! you switched it! now it looks like mine. except people will read it because they don’t have to sleep through knitting speech =D

  5. Mouse Says:

    and when did i say that to you, by the way?

  6. Sam Says:

    Congrats on the redesign, and especially on perservering through the unhelpful technical types to bring GREEN to my screen!

  7. acourtois Says:

    good morning!
    Yes, The Marquis was first. Almost immediately after I posted the new design.
    The archives will come back, slowly, though, more in today’s blahg entry, when I get it done.
    You said that to me sometime in the spring after grandaddy died. I was using it symbolically yesterday.
    Thanks, green symbolizes Michigan to me. I mean trees, not school colors, of course 😉 And I guess white is also symbolic. Or grey, in the case of SE MI.