My So-called Life, the Movie

The good news is that a stranded ice-climber has made his way back to civilization or whatever you call it.

Things were not quite so exciting around here today. Once again, I dragged my lazy carcass out of the rack at an early hour, took a shower, and walked the neighborhood. After coffee with Marci, I again forced myself to forge ahead in the arduous process of unraveling all of the tangled up threads of my life with the intent of trying to knit them back together into something new and improved. Specifically, a new career with a reasonable income and a clean, organized, clutter-free house and grounds or whatever you call my suburban yard. I toyed with blahgging about all of that today but it was just too long and melancholy and, well, tangled. Maybe I’ll try to do it in installments. Or maybe I’ll make y’all just wait for the DVD to come out. I know you are waiting with bated breath. I wonder which actress I should get to play the part of me. Lemme see, in my life, people have told me I resembled B-Witch, Carrie, and Cicely Tyson. Wonder if I can get one of those. grok grok. That was *Old* Witch, not B-Witch, you stoopid old bag! grok grok. Getcher head outta the clouds and putcher feet back on the ground. grokGROK!

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