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Happy Birthday, Twinz of Terror

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

There are just a few too many birthdays in April for me to keep up with and today the Twinz of Terror catch up to me at age 52. I dunno what Bob is doing for his birthday but the GG is going to eat at an Irish pub and then watch Japanese drummers so I guess he is having a multi-cultural birthday. Other April birthdays include:

  • Steven, our great-nephew, who turned 4 on the 5th.
  • Danny, my first cousin once removed, who turned 21 on the 7th.
  • Jan, my cousin, whose birthday was the 16th.
  • Datura, our great-niece, who turned 3 on the 17th.
  • Jack, my brother-in-law, whose birthday was the 23rd.
  • Margaret Finlayson, my grandmother, who would have turned, lemme see, 118 I think, on the 23rd if she were still alive.
  • Mouse, my daughter of course, who, as y’all have already read, turned 19 on the 24th.
  • Last but not least, Kathy, my sister-in-law, whose birthday is coming up on the 30th.

I hope that covers it. grok grok. What about MY birthday? You missed that. grok grok Excuse me a minute. (Froggy, those are just the *April* birthdays. Your birthday is not *in* April. It is October 23rd. Get back in your basket. Take Smokie with you.) Sorry about that. Anyway, it is hard to keep up with all of this all the time. This blahg is really not a birthday blahg, it is a rambling old bag’s blahg. grok grok. An UGLY old bag! grokGROK! (Frooggy, get going!) But I think that everyone should celebrate their birthday by doing just about whatever they want to do, short of committing murder or other mayhem, and I like to recognize birthdays if I remember them. One of these days maybe I will get myself off my butt and create a birthday data base and write a little program that will compare the records in the database to the current date. If there is a birthday, it will make a nice little birthday message with some of that flashing html all the cool web designers are so hot on 😉

Track Meet

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

Go Grand Blanc! I am a sports fan today. Track and field. Pengo Janetto was running in a meet in Ypsi and Karen was a carpool driver and I have never been to a track meet before and the GG and Bud turned off the lucky-shucky at the landfill, so Mouse (who was home for the day) and I took off to the track meet. We are totally sunburnt and dried out but it was a blast! I’ve never been all that crazy about watching sports like football but running I can understand. That is about all there is. Go Grand Blanc!

The Rules

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

The only important rules in life:

  1. Do not go swimming without getting an adult to watch you.
  2. Do NOT throw sand!!!

Important Stuff

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

A visit with my Aunt Roberta today was yet another reminder that family and good friends are pretty much the only things in life that matter and that the procession of generations is what keeps things going. I don’t allow myself to think deeply about that stuff too often because the gamut of emotions that reverberate throughout my body and mind is almost too much. Most of it I can’t put into words. What words I do have are between me and the Big Dipper. Sorry. grok grok. “think deeply?” You? grok grok Thank you Frooooooogy. You and The Marquis are always good for keeping me somewhere near the ground.