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“You are my wife!” “Goodbye city life!”

Sunday, June 16th, 2024

This is “leftenant” “Finnelson” back in WWII. If I get it right (and I could well be mangling it), his dad (my granddaddy) was on the local draft board. Dad was in college and his brother was in med school and maybe they could have squeaked by without serving in WWII. But Granddaddy grew increasingly uncomfortable with sending other people’s sons to war so he told his own sons to get their affairs in order and enlist. My dad joined the Army Air Corps and I think my uncle was in the Navy, serving as a medic.

Many years later, one of my beach urchins was interviewing my dad (on the phone) for a school prodject and she was asking him questions about WWII. When The Commander wasn’t interrupting in the background to try and correct him 🤣🤣🤣, he told about how by enlisting, he got to choose his job. I dunno exactly how true that is but he wanted to learn to fly and that’s what he did, mainly training other pilots who got sent off to the south Pacific or wherever.

He never saw action because A-bomb. He and The Commander lived with her family in the Detroit area for a bit while he did factory work and tried to finish his college degree. He struggled with “hay fever” and at one point, he said something like, “I am going to the yooperland, are you coming with me?” The Comm was working at the downtown Detroit Hudson’s store but she pretty happily said goodbye to city life. They lived in the yoop for the rest of their lives, becoming what my dad called successful failures.

The Commander, ever the stickler for grammar/syntax/whatever always hated that some local folks mispronounced our family name (Finlayson) as “Finnelson”. Upon recently learning from the GG that some people up there are still doing that my reaction was to laugh out loud and embrace it 🧡

Sliding seasons

Saturday, June 15th, 2024

As the asparagus season wanes, the shelling pea season begins.

I had asparagus on our Day Before Father’s Day menu. I figured it was getting late but I’d still be able to get some at the farmers market. And yes! I did. I heard one of the vendors tell someone this was the last. I still miss getting it at Farmer John’s lunchroom market over at Cubelandia but anyway. I got asparagus today and I ALSO GOT SHELLING PEAS! So I shelled them and added them to our menu. Local asparagus and local peas on the same menu? Yes yes yes.

I told one of my local friends that I would be home for shelling pea season and she said something like, “That’s one of the things I like about you.” Her husband plants a HUGE garden every year and they harvested something like 1400 veggies last year, which kept them in veg pretty much the whole year. I’m pretty sure they don’t do peas.

I have been to the Plum twice since I returned from the yooperland and both times I’ve been hailed with “Welcome home!” from various employees. This morning my own personal employee was also there meaning a [small] chorus of “there’s your mom” apparently ensued. And I am now known as a pea-sheller but that’s all I will say about that.

Anyway, I was down at the farmers market at 0-skunk-30 this morning. Came home for a bit, then hit up the Plum for things I couldn’t (or didn’t) get at the market. A long day of cooking prep and cooking, then kebabs grilled in the backyard and eaten with friends (kebab friends and human friends).

And that’s about it for tonight. Love y’all, KW.

Black Thumb Banana strikes again

Friday, June 14th, 2024

Way back in January when Black Thumb completed yet another trip around the sun, one of the beach urchins ordered her some flowers, as she always does. This year, they came accompanied by a small house plant. The beach urchin knows how bad Black Thumb is with gardening and plants and offered to adopt the plant. “Oh no, lemme just try it,” said Black Thumb.

Wonder of wonders? It actually survived and seemed like it was thriving! For a couple weeks after its arrival, it wasn’t really on Black Thumb’s radar screen. It was sitting on the window sill next to teleCublandia so not really all that hard to ignore. Nevertheless, she persisted. (To ignore it, I mean.)

Until one day she looked down on the window sill and it looked a wee bit droopy (the plant, not the window sill). Hmmmm, I bet it needs some water. So Black Thumb poured some water out of her water glass. Within hours, the cute little plant had perked up. Black Thumb actually continued to monitor it, albeit not too closely, which is probably good because she suspects that most of her past plant failures involve over-watering. And (wonder of wonders), it began to flourish.

Until… Dun da dun dun… Black Thumb left for the yooperland for two-and-a-half weeks. She failed to make adequate arrangements to take care of the poor little plant. When she returned, the plant was still green but droopy. She watered it. After a while, it had perked up a bit but the next morning some leaves had turned yellow.

Black Thumb is hoping the Plant Protective Services will confiscate it and hand it over to her beach urchin as a foster plant to hopefully nurse it back to health while Black Thumb completes Plant Parenting classes.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Thursday, June 13th, 2024

So today I was like, looks like LofPnet got a new car? This seemed odd to me because he normally drives a BIG pickup truck and looked like he now had a smallish SUV of some sort.

I am not a neighborhood busybody although telecommuting all these years, I am sort of a modern day Gladys Kravitz type spy. If you are old enough to have watched the TV show Bewitched, you might know about her. Years later, watching “B-witch” re-runs on morning TV provided the kind of multi-tasking that helped get my older beach urchin dressed on time for kindergarten.

I was hauling my reee-cycle out to the curb as LofPnet was arriving home this afternoon and I got these scoops:

— It is NOT a new vee-hickle. His (beloved) pickup truck got side-swiped on MOTHER’S DAY and has just now gone in for body work. I am pretty sure I don’t wanna know that long story.

— In a recent spate of vee-hickle “break-ins”, our next door neighbors’ doorbell cam caught a person wandering up and down the street trying car doors.

1) A number of people had their cars ransacked, including one of our next door neighbors’ cars.

2) I had picked (some of) this up on next door neighbor (as did a friend of mine NOT in the neighborhood who messaged me about it).

3) We were not home Saturday night as were none of our vee-hickles.

4) When we DID get home on Tuesday I did not manage to lock our car doors that night. It was a long travel day and involved FlaMan, that is all I will say. Our vee-hickles were apparently not entered. I had a baggy of laundry mat quarters in Cygnus (not visible unless you actually entered the car) and they were undisturbed as was everything else in the car on Wednesday morning.

— Two doors down, the people who have lived there less than a year have moved out but some relative is moving in. They will apparently renovate the house (probably needs it) and are good at gardening. Maybe I can hire them? 🤣🤣🤣 The people who just moved out had a child-size bicycle on their front lawn just about the entire time they lived there. I’m not sure if I ever saw a kid ride it or not and why it was never stolen I will never know.

— Was I not retired?!? (This after I mentioned we’d been outta town for a while and I was telecommuting.) No no no. I am not. When you have a sweet job like I do you hang on to it until you are damn good and ready. Of course, I work for an at will company so ya nevah know.

All right KW, go lock your car doors.

Suzy Homemaker

Wednesday, June 12th, 2024

Whaddya think? There are three piles of laundry there, two of them in baskets. We won’t even talk about the shoes.

This was undoubtedly a laundry day and I schlepped all of that crapola into the laundromat (except the shoes), probably with at least one beach urchin in tow. I would fill up at least two triple loaders.

This morning I did two loads of laundry here at the Landfill. One was a moomincabin load, the other was stuff Mr. Rank and Odiferous left in the Landfill laundry basket from his Tick Trips. I did not (yet) wash the sleeeeeep comforter or my sleeping bag but I’ll get there.

I schlepped the first finished load upstairs myself but wasn’t ready to deal with it, most of which involved putting it back into the basket for the next drive north. The GG grabbed the second load and then kicked in to Suzy Homemaker mode and sorted it all out. Which was fine except that he folded the moomincabin bath towels the wrong way and I had to unfold and refold them. We’ve been “rolling” them these last few years.

“I’ve got the all night laundry mat blues. I’m washing everything I own except my shoes.” (Credit to Joe Walsh.) Except that I can actually wash my shoes these days because I almost exclusively wear Keen sandals, even in the winter. They are washable but don’t throw them in the dryer.

Can you tell I am taaarrred tonight? Yes. Yes, I am. G’night!

“I feel like I’ve been talking to Columbo”

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

That was what the GG said as we left FlaMan’s place this afternoon. I knew what he meant but not sure too many in the younger generations would. A side story about Columbo is that when I was much younger, I sometimes watched Columbo with my family and at some point, we realized that The Commander regularly wore a trench coat that matched Columbo’s. And she kind of looked like him, except for the fact that she was not an Italian(?) man. This was funny to her, believe it or not.

Anyway, we traveled down south today because on a Tuesday there are usually waaaaay fewer yay-hoos on the I75 SUV Speedway than on a Sunday. And that was true today with a couple notable exceptions, one being Gaylord, where we needed to stop at Meijer to get some supplies for FlaMan. Gaylord has always been a “cross-roads” and now, with the addition of lemme see… Meijer, Walmart, Menards, Lowes, and I can’t even think what else, it is CRAY-ZEE there, even on a Tuesday. Add to that the fact that I couldn’t exactly remember where Meijer was and the GG jumped out ahead of me at the freeway exit (we were driving two cars because we love to waste gasoline, of course). There was no way I could catch up with him and it felt like I was halfway to Elmira before I finally saw the Meijer sign. I’m thinking next time we need a Meijer stop on our way down the I75 SUV Speedway, we’ll try West Branch.

FlaMan’s place was hot and noisy. Gunsmoke reruns were on loud (this is per usual), and an oxygen musheen was also running. Also loud, which is probably why Gunsmoke was so loud. And then the O2 musheen started emitting a LOUD alarm. Think smoke/CO alarm. I was going absolutely nutso by that thing but of course “we” (aka the GG) had to stay to try to silence the alarm because it was ALSO driving FlaMan nutso. Given my recent dying smoke alarm experiences, I felt for FlaMan. But their conversations were also driving me nuts and I wanted to get home home home.

The last hour of the trip from FlaMan’s place to The Landfill was fine, since it wasn’t a Sunday, but it is ALWAYS busy on a weekday with lots of trucks and things.

The pic is from my lunch break yesterday. It was colder than blue blazes. But now we are back on the Planet Ann Arbor where it is supposed to heat up into the 90s over the next week or whatever. Part of me is wondering what the heck I am doing here but another part is whispering, “It’s shelling pea season.”

P.S. We have been home fewer/less than two hours and the GG has already been to the hardware store or wherever and is whaling away with some noisy tool in the backyard in order to fix the lawn mower. Or something. I hope he fixes the hole in my flower-watering hose too.

Sunset Alert

Monday, June 10th, 2024

I was in the Water Closet. I was washing my feet, which I do every evening, especially when I’ve been going barefoot. I usually go barefoot here but I’ve been wearing Smartwool socks a lot during this trip. Why? Because it’s C-C-C-COLD!

So I was in the Water Closet and the GG yelled my name! I don’t really like my name (Anne). Among other things, it sounds like a buzzer when someone yells it. But okay. What the heck do you want? I am in the bathroom!

It turned out to be a Sunset Alert. And even though I have taken umpteen bazillion pictures of the sunset here, this one was worth putting on my socks again and heading down to the beach to get a pic.

The moominbeach faces northwest and when we’re near the summer solstice, the sun sets pretty much directly in front of us so here ya go.

When I was a child here, on evenings when the “seas” were calm, the setting sun would make a golden path across our bay and I would imagine walking across the water on that path to, well, I don’t remember where but some kind of fairyland, probably. (Or maybe the Mackinac Bridge, which is in totally the wrong direction.)

Extracting the brain through the nostrils (TMI?)

Sunday, June 9th, 2024

It was a bit TMI for The Commander whenever I read “Mummies Made in Egypt” (by Aliki) to my older beach urchin. It was a little “iffy” for me too but the beach urchin ate it up seemingly without any issue.

Imagine my surprise when this very thing was mentioned in a book I just finished. The first in a trilogy of The Durrells in Corfu. I didn’t realize this was a memoir when I started reading it so I had a little trouble processing it. Now that I know there is a series, I think I will add that to my list of things to watch by myself. I’m not sure it would be the GG’s cuppa.

Here on the shores of Gitchee Gumee, the temperature never made its way outta the 50s today. I am feeling for a facebook/childhood friend who lives in Las Vegas where the temps have been 112 for a couple days now. How does anyone cope with that kind of heat? The highest temperature I can remember dealing with is 108. It was summer 2012 on the Planet Ann Arbor and I got into the Ninja to drive home from Cubelandia and she reported that temp. At least her a/c was working. My trusty Landfill Chitchen indoor/outdoor thermometer got STUCK at 108 that day. The next day it was MUCH cooler and I remember squinting at the thermometer wondering why the indoor temp was 77 (which felt accurate) but the outdoor was still 108. We have fancy new thermometers nowadays.

The pic is from yesterday when a storm blew through to the west of the moominbeach. I can’t call it a plassover because plassovers cross farther north across Whitefish Bay into Canananada. But this one missed us. I guess it plassed over in a different direction.

We had Copper River salmon (grilled) and friends tonight. Friends being brown rice, asparagus (purportedly local) with scallions (definitely local), and corn on the cob (very unlikely local but pretty good).

Boppin’ around town(s)

Saturday, June 8th, 2024

First I headed east to Sault Ste. Siberia. Picked up a few things at Meijer, dropped off the recycle on my way to Penny’s Kitchen where I picked up a take-away lunch. I didn’t take-away because COVID, just it was too early for lunch. A bonus for the lunch errand was that I finally figured out the new Siberian parking app, which was a good thing because I couldn’t see any kind of a device to put quarters in. And I had my laundry quarters with me. Okay. Then back to the moomin to drop off the grocks and pick up the garbage and off (west) to the res for their green bag garbage dumping service.

I cannot say how much I appreciate the green bag service. I remember my parents struggling to get their big garbage can up the hill for weekly pickup. An exercise in Blue Language, at least on my dad’s part. Nowadays I buy a bunch of green garbage bags at the tribal gas station and when I fill one up, I go over to the drop-off facility and drop it off. Easy peasy (although I actually hate that expression).

The big news today was that the lake freighter Michipicoten (689 feet) struck “something” underwater somewhere near Isle Royale. It was taking on water and listing 15 degrees. We see this bote go by the moominbeach ALL THE TIME. News stories are sketchy (as they are these days) but last I knew, they had evacuated half the crew, pumped a bunch of water out and the bote was limping toward Thunder Bay accompanied by the Gott (another freighter) and a bunch of helicopters. I hope everything turns out all right and the bote doesn’t sink. At least Gitchee Gumee was not in a Bad Mood today. The last freighter that sank on Gitchee Gumee was the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. Gitchee Gumee was in a Bad Mood that day. Cue up Gordon Lightfoot.

I said Gitchee Gumee was not in a bad mood but I was down on the beach a while ago and big thunderous looking clouds were passing by to the west. That storm did not get to the moominbeach but there was enough thunder that I decamped to the deck.

I have a decent pic of today’s weather but I am posting what I got last night. There was a decent sunset but I didn’t get any good pics. And then. After the sun set, I looked out front and there was the waxing crescent moon! The red light at the bottom is a navigational buoy in the shipping channel, not the sun.


Friday, June 7th, 2024

We’ve been rather intermittently watching the most recent Fargo TV series. I couldn’t begin to explain the calculus we use to decide on the TV series we watch together. Some things work better than others. (I think “series” is the same in the singular and plural forms. Where is Mrs. Loye when I need her.)

Fargo is what is working for us now. But we haven’t watched it in a few weeks and we couldn’t remember which episode we had last watched 🐽 The GG was outta town with the Softies and then we were up here and we hung out on the beach or the deck or whatever and never got around to watching. I thought we were on season five, episode one (I did not exactly enjoy season four). It turned out we still had two more episodes in season four. I like the characters, etc., I just don’t quiiite understand how it fits in. But we’ll see.

So last night the weather wasn’t conducive to the beach or the deck so we watched an episode after we finally figured out which one was next. Alas, for about the first 20 minutes or so Mr. Golden Sun was making a bright descent directly in front of us. There are three picture windows here and we were getting reflections on the screen from two of them. We closed the drapes but that almost made it worse. In the end, we toughed it out for a bit until Mr. Golden went behind a cloud and we were able to seeeee.

There aren’t a whole lot of series we enjoy watching together. I mean I don’t think he was interested in “The Crown” or “All Creatures Great and Small” but I happily watched those alone. I am currently watching “A Gentleman in Moscow” (which I think he would actually like). I loved the book and the series is fine. I am in the phase of “does this match up to the book?”. Not that it matters if it does or doesn’t (delete complicated thoughts here).

The weather deteriorated throughout the night and at four-something I woke up to visit the Water Closet and it was RAINING! My window was open and it was so beautiful to hear that sound I went blissfully back to sleep. By the time I woke up for the day, a nor’wester had also blown up and it kept up the entire day. It’s fine. It’s typical weather around here. I don’t usually actively miss my parents but I remember so many days being here at the moomincabin as a kid with my parents and brother and there would be a nor’wester and they would have the old wood stove going to beat the band. I would be reading or doing color by number or who knows what.

Thanks to our parents and grandparents for leaving this beautiful place to all of us in the next generations. Love you.

Admitting my ignorance

Thursday, June 6th, 2024

I have always been a terrible history student. I could argue this was due to the dryness of the subject as taught in the public schools I attended. There may be some truth to that but also I think I’m just not very interested maybe? Also, I think I’m unable to translate names and dates and events, etc., into, well, “pictures”. I mean pictures in my head, not some Hollywood guy’s vision (not that there aren’t some good WWII movies).

I had NPR on all day and talk shows were almost exclusively discussing D-Day. And wow! Now, you MAGA guys (I know you’re out there). This was not a whole bunch of “communist radio” crapola. In particular, there were a lot of first-hand accounts from soldiers who stormed the beaches, or stories people heard from long-gone relatives who stormed the beaches. Plus a couple really interesting interviews with a historian who wrote a comprehensive book, “When the Sea Came Alive”. It all sounded like a pretty balanced account of an important piece of history but then my MAGA radar is disabled via my DNA. (I did not learn that from my Ancestry DNA results.)

Prior to listening to this coverage, I had NO CLUE what D-Day was all about except that it liberated Europe. In other words, I knew the short story. For the first time I was able to visualize the massive undertaking this invasion was and how many ships, planes, and whatever were involved. When the sea came alive.

I don’t remember my dad saying a whole lot about the war. That wasn’t because of PTSD because he served in the American southwest teaching other people how to fly. He was slated to get sent to the South Pacific but we dropped the bomb and that was canceled. Most of what I know about his service was from The Commander talking about her train journey out there from Detroit to marry him. (I – first of two children – wasn’t born for another 11 years.)

The Gumper (my beloved father-in-law) would often talk about his service, which was master mechanic on the aircraft carrier Hornet (the second Hornet) in the South Pacific. He saw action but he always said the storms were worse than the action. There were certain things he would sometimes get a little teary-eyed about but I’ll leave those memories with him.

I don’t feel “qualified” to get eloquent about any of this. I grew up with all the freedoms white* people of my age in this country had and I do credit all of those brave (or more likely scared to death) folks for that. Not to mention all the people who lost their lives defending “us” from Nazi dictatorships, et al.

Which brings me to conclude with NOW. We have a presidential candidate who has openly stated he would like to be a dictator “for a day”. For a day? Really? MAGA might say, “Oh that’s just Trump talking”. Sorry but that is *dangerous* talk from anyone. I did not enjoy Trump’s first term and I do NOT want him to get a second term. I believe the world is in dangerous political territory these days. We need a better “leader of the free world”. Trump does NOT care about anyone but himself. DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

Water lily photo credit to my country mouse.

*I do believe in the idea of “white privilege” and I have benefited from that (except for the part that I am female) unlike lots of others. Sorry MAGA. Go take a long hike to Antarctica or somewhere.

Marital bliss (or not)

Wednesday, June 5th, 2024

The GG was off on a Boy’s Trip. He and his ID twin, their younger brother, a nephew and the nephew’s friend. They stayed at Wilderness Park down near Mack City and I dunno what all they did.

He called me around noon or so today on his way back to ask if I needed anything from Meijer… Well. First. I had already been to Meijer today. I could not find a small jar of dill pickle relish to save my life. I could not find a pint of whipping cream, which made me stop and change my whole meal plan right there in the dairy aisle. And then, plan changed, I could not find plain old PITTED kalamata olives.

It was not a wasted trip. Ima gonna guess I can get a small jar of dill pickle relish at the park store a couple miles up the road. I don’t need whipping cream any more. The olives that I DID GET were loverly. They were a mixed bag but were perfect in the coq au vin I made tonight. But we did need to replenish the terlet paper and paper towel supply and they were not out of those.

So I couldn’t think of anything else I needed but then I did think of a couple things, so I called him and left a message and also sent him a text message. Did he see either of those? No he did not. By the time I connected with him, he was on the way home from Meijer. Oh well. None of that was critical but why didn’t you check your messages to see if I might have thought of something else?

So then, he was rummaging around about cooking a bratwurst for lunch. Okay. Cook a bratwurst for lunch. But then he went outside and I wasn’t sure what he was doing and after a while, I realized that Mooon Yooonit was not in the “parking lot”. So okay… But he was gone for a reeeeeaaaly long time. When he finally came back, he came through the back door. Where was he? He had been in the GARAGE the whole time doing something with a trailer or whatever.

Like… I don’t care where you are or what you do but could you at least say something like, “I’m going out to the garage?”

Jeebus… How many years have we been married? Don’t tell me.

Rusticity on the shores of Gitchee Gumee

Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

We are rustic here but we have lucky-shucky, hot running water, and fiber optic wifi. Oh, we also have an indoor terlet.

When I was a kid, lemme see. We had lucky-shucky. We had cold running water in the kitchen sink from a garden hose that ran from my next door uncle’s well. If you wanted hot water? You heated it on the lucky-shuckial stove in a big teakettle and poured it into the sink or wherever.

In those days, we mostly only used hot water to wash the dishes. If you wanted to wash your BODY, you went down to the lake. When I got into my upper teens and early twenties, I used to sometimes beg showers from relatives who had showers. After all, I was working at Tempo and did not want to be stinkified when I got there, not to mention that I CANNOT STAND being dirty from the getgo. I did still sometimes bathe in Gitchee Gumee before work anyway. People at work including our big boss Mr. Drysdale (yes that was really his name and he was a friend of my dad) knew that I often bathed in Lake Superior and one day when I arrived at work with wet hair, Mr. Drysdale asked me if I had been in the lake that morning. Yes.

My parents put in a septic tank when I was in my late teens but they did not install indoor plumbing at that time so we were still using an outhouse. It was when we obtained an in-law (my brother’s wife) that indoor bathroom plumbing (and a water heater) was installed. The GG wasn’t an in-law yet but he would’ve been okay with an outhouse and whatever water system we had. After all, at the Moldy Old Hoton Lake cabin, in the winter, we had to pump water by hand and heat it up in big teakettles on the stove. Until I sussed out a shower bag, there was no way to take a nice hot shower. I have to say that I was happy for the improvements at the moomincabin, no matter who the impetus was.

I am sorta off the rails here. We have everything we need here nowadays. We don’t have central heat or insulation but we don’t really need that in the summer and we don’t stay here in the winter. I was nutso today because our NPR radio substation was off line for most of the day so they could upgrade some equipment. I am not complaining even though it was awfully quiet around here today except when a bird hit one of the picture windows. It’s okay, it flew off.


Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Because I have nothing else today, I will talk about ticks. Yesterday I was whining about being trolled because I once commented on a facebook post about ticks. I forget what the original post was exactly (besides ticks) but for some reason, I felt compelled to comment that I grew up in this area (Sault Ste. Siberia and Birch Point Beach) and the first time I *ever* saw a tick was after I was 50 years old.

Uber Kayak Woman and Radical Betty and I went hiking at Naomikong Point and after we returned to the moominbeach, RB encountered a crawly thing somewhere on her body. We did not recognize it and she did not want it on her body so she captured it in a plastic container and I drove us into Sault Ste. Siberia to the Chippewa County Health Department to ask, “What is this creepy crawly critter?” It is a TICK! YICK!

Fast forward a few years and the eastern yooperland (among many other places) crawls with ticks. Naomikong Point is a sure bet and the JimFin Nature Trail (JimFin is my late brother) is another sure bet to find ticks. As are a lot of the places on the North Country Trail where the GG does trail maintenance. I have not really picked any of them up here at the moominbeach but I bet they are around, just not on the beach, where there is no tall grass for them to sneak up on mammals and whatever else ticks prey on. I did see one in the kitchen the other day but I think it came off the GG’s clothing… I killed it and put it in the garbage.

So I’m not sure why saying that I saw my first tick (in this area where the original poster and the troll both live or at least grew up) after 50 was troll-worthy. Just that some people are born trolls and that’s why I rarely post or comment on social media. I guess my blahg is social media but I don’t get a lot of comments (which I am *fine* with) and the few troll-ish comments I get are from people I know VERY WELL in real life. And love. And they can just suck it 🤖 if they don’t agree with my opinions. AKA I hate Trump and MAGA!

Beach Day stealer 🤣

Sunday, June 2nd, 2024

All good things come to an end and npJane had to leave what seemed like a promising Beach Day this morning. And it was actually a decent beach day for a while. The MOE-skee-TOES weren’t intolerable and it was warm and sunny. Until it wasn’t. Well, it’s still sunny but the wind came up and the temperature dropped mid-afternoon. I guess npJ took our loverly weather south with her.

I have found a political show that I can actually listen to – Left, Right, and Center. I think that’s the name. It’s on NPR. I don’t really know anything about this show like how they select the hosts and contributors or whatever but I have listened to two shows now. It is on the NPR channel I listen to here in the yooperland but not on The Planet Ann Arbor (and yes I know I could stream it).

What do I like about it? People on all sides of our uber-divided political landscape seem to be able to discuss things in a calm, I’m even gonna say friendly manner. There’s no yelling and screaming and I don’t detect any name-calling, Biden, Trump or whoever. There is laughter! I was struck today by how the right- and left-wing people AGREED that paying a lot of attention to political polls so soon after Trump’s convictions was probably not constructive. Let it sit for a bit! Said the right-wing gal and the left-wing guy agreed. And so do I.

I contrast this to the grammar/spelling-mistake-laden memes posted by facebook “friends” of mine like “Mushie”. I don’t actually know Mushie in person but he friended me many years ago. Why did I accept? It was a familiar name and he went to high school with some of my slightly older cousins. We only occasionally interact but these days I don’t often interact even with people I actually know on Facebook.

So a recent Mushie Meme had to do with “kids these days”. You’ve seen stuff like this. The “kids” these days are lazy and don’t want to work and don’t contribute anything to society. I’m not sure where this stuff comes from. Since time began there are *some* “young folks” (and older folks) who do not want to work and don’t contribute anything. But I don’t see that it’s a large percentage and nothing has changed recently that I can point to. The younger generations of my family are certainly successful, thoughtful members of society. As near as I can figure out (from facebook posts) *Mushie’s* kids (and grandkids) are pretty successful too.

Again, I dunno where this stuff comes from. It would be nice if every one of our citizens was a productive member of our society. I also know that for a lot of people there are many barriers and roadblocks to becoming successful. Persistent poverty, lack of access to a good education, generational trauma, mental health issues. I could go on. Some people can rise above this stuff Horatio Alger style. Others cannot. Why not help them if we can?

Back to Mushie just for closure. I think he is actually a really really nice person, whatever his politics are. Every FB interaction I have ever had with him has been friendly, and once when somebody I didn’t know trolled me, he came quickly to my defense. He remembers my family with great fondness and that seems to extend to me even though we have never met. BTW, I was trolled during a thread he posted about TICKS, not polly-ticks. Jeebus.

People are complicated.

79 percenter

Saturday, June 1st, 2024

For those of you who wait with bated breath (or not) for my daily blahg of blather, no there was no entry yesterday. I started one, then npJane came over for an adult beverage, THEN my DNA test results came in, and when I finally got back around to finishing my entry, the server was down (or something). So y’all got a day off. You’re welcome.

So, the results? Drum roll… 79% Scottish, 7% Irish, 10% some Scandihoovian countries, and 4% England and Wales. Did this surprise me? No it did not. I’ve pretty much always known more or less what I’m made of although Scandinavia was never anything “official”, just a guess. The Commander always said something about German but she also called it “Pennsylvania Dutch”. I’m not sure what Pennsylvania Dutch actually means (no, I haven’t googled it) but Germany was not represented in my results.

Interestingly enough, the results actually pointed out Caithness (northern Scotland) as being where my DNA mainly hails from. Thanks to an amateur genealogist in the family, I have a book documenting my family’s connection to that area including a picture purporting to be the old farmstead. If I have it right, that would be where my dad’s paternal grandfather was born.

I’m not sure what (if anything) to do with this information. Going in to this, I was adamantly a hard NO for making the results “public” (within Ancestry I mean). Now I find myself intensely interested and am “sitting on my hands” so as not to flip the switch without thinking about it some more. I suppose I could always turn it off again.

Some of the things I *can* get at are, hmmm… I’m not sure what word(s) to use but here are some examples. I am an introvert (YES YES YES!). I smell asparagusP (yes). I like individual sports over team sports (yes) but I like to *watch* sports (not really although I did watch Umich win the Rose Bowl this year). I am a night person (NO WAY!!!). I am not a pet owner. No I am not but not because I don’t like aminals. I am a one-dog woman even on a three-dog night and that dog died after I went to college. I play a musical instrument. Yes albeit not so much any more but I spent YEARS of my youth playing the flute and I can manage the “puano” except I am hampered a bit by small hands. Anyway…

The can depicts a barred owl (“who cooks for you”). It was purchased at a brewpub down in O-haaa-o near Hocking Hills by our mouse-ish beach urchin and the GG finally drank it. I don’t think we are eager to get rid of this artifact.

Karma or covfefe?

Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Today’s notable news event isn’t quite as memorable as the day JFK was shot or the day the Trade Centers fell. It was notable enough that I will probably remember it anyway. I was driving home from the lovely little farmers market at the Bay Mills Indian Community on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

First, the caveats. I well know that the Trump guilty guilty guilty guilty to all charges verdict does not mean that Trump will lose the next presidency. It doesn’t mean that he’ll wear an orange jump suit. It’ll no doubt rally his “base” to support him. We’re not done yet and we have a long way to go.

What felt good to me was that somebody *finally* called him out on something. It always seems that no matter what he says or does, he gets a “get out of jail free” card. That’s in quotes because you can’t really put somebody in jail just because they say and do totally idiotic, irresponsible, and often dangerous things. But he has done some outrageously awful things and you interview people in a barber shop, say, and the owner says something like, “Trump has his wild side but I like his policies and he at least tried to help small businesses.” POLICIES? Whut? And who did he ever try to help except himself? But let’s go there some other day.

People sometimes compare Trump to Richard Nixon but I don’t see a comparison. Nixon did some horrible things but in the end, he resigned without whining and crying about how unfair it all was. The big orange toddler has been doing this throughout his whole trial and any other time someone challenges him. DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on Nixon. I was barely of voting age then and not all that politically aware.

I got home this afternoon and listened to some of the news commentary and analysis and then I put my Smartwool leggings on and headed down to the beach for a bit. The MOE-skee-TOES were oot and aboot but they didn’t really bother me.

P.S. My 🐭 reminded me that today is the 7th anniversary of the night Trump tweeted a partial sentence that ended with “covfefe”.

P.P.S I have decided that I will no longer (usually) refer to Donald J. Trump as “The Orange Baboon” on my blahg. I am thinking about Harry Potter here in which people at Hogwarts called Voldemort “he who cannot be named” (or something like that). Harry decided his enemy needed to be named. Trump is my enemy (not that he knows or cares) and he is the enemy of every US citizen, including his “base”. Do not vote for him.


Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Yes, this is a fantabulously AWFUL photo. But it illustrates something so rare that I had to break the law to get a pic. And yes, in the Great Lake State, it is now illegal to use your phone to do ANYTHING when you are driving a car. Unless you are using it hands-free, which I am not really good at. But.

So, I wended my way along the backroads into “town” to the grock shop this morning. There are NO traffic lights my whole trip. But there are a few stop signs. Like the one at this level crossing on Five Mile Road. The notable thing about this crossing is that there is nothing but a stop sign to make people stop. No lights or bells or barricade. Dangerous? Yes yes yes.

What I think makes it even more dangerous is that there are almost never any trains. I mean there are probably one or two trains daily but it’s really rare to encounter one. I am baggy and old and I definitely ALWAYS stop and look both ways on the off chance there is a train. I can’t remember the last time I saw one though.

Today I was driving back out to the moominbeach when I saw train cars passing at the crossing. I was hoping there would be more so I could actually STOP and get a decent pic. Alas, it was a very short train and although I stopped ANYWAY (there IS a stop sign, right?), the train was already past and this is all I could get. I did not get a ticket for taking this pic. There were no other cars ANYWHERE, definitely not any cop cars. Turkeys? Yes.

Weather report

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

The weather since I’ve been here has alternated wildly between COLD and Umpteen Bazillion MOE-skee-TOES. The first night I slept in my Smartwool leggings. There were no mosquitos. The second night I didn’t need my leggings but “a” mosquito (maybe multiple mosquitos) dogged me most of the night. eeeeeeeee. I won’t bore you with a play-by-play but today is a COLD day with no mosquitos. I ran the propane stove ALL DAY. It’s a good thing a propane refill is on order.

Such is the yooperland. Or not. Two sayings about our state. State motto: Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice. (If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.) The intertubes separates “circum” and “spice” for what ever reason. I always thought “circumspice” was all one word but it’s been a long time since I took Latin. A quick intertube search is not conclusive (AI maybe? Not impressed. Where is Mrs. Velde when I need her?). But I am not gonna die in that rabbit hole. The second: If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait five minutes. I’m guessing we’re not the only state that fits that description. And yet sometimes here it seems like we have to wait forever for a change in weather.

I am kinda done for tonight. I’ve been listening to an NPR thing about how the goddamn electoral college got started. I am not a historian or a political analyst but I’m starting to think we need to abolish that institution. Some people (they know who they are) think I get my opinions from NPR. Actually it’s more that NPR AGREES with my opinions. At least the NPR folks don’t rant and rave like maniacs.

The pic is from a few days ago when a marine layer made its way in.

Coffee Boy and QOFE mug

Monday, May 27th, 2024

Since covid started and I became a full-time forever telecommuter, the GG has taken on a new persona, that of Coffee Boy. In the early, scary days, he started making me coffee every morning. Prior to that, I schlepped over to Cubelandia without coffee. I occasionally grabbed a cup from the office kitchen but usually not.

This Coffee Boy thing got to be such a habit that I don’t usually make my own coffee when the GG is not around. Here we are at the moominbeach and he makes coffee every morning. And he chooses a mug for me.

Imagine my surprise Saturday morning (our first morning here together) when he approached me with a *black* mug. I was like, “Where the heck is Big Ass?” Because that’s usually the mug he hands me and it is white.

My dad began collecting mugs in his retirement when the parents traveled around the American/Canadian west so he got this one from the Columbia Icefield and named it “Big Ass”, which I think was a kind of a dig at The Commander kinda like “you peckerwood” was. I *own* that mug now and all it entails, even though I don’t really have a very big ass.

So the other day the GG was handing me my coffee and I was like, “what the heck is this black mug coming at me? Where is Big Ass?” Oh, it is a QOFE mug. I guess I can accept that. We’ll have to alternate the QOFE with Big Ass though.

The mug collection kinda drove The Commander a little nuts and we weeded some of them out after she died. But I will always keep Big Ass and some other ones.