Ho! Ho! Ho!

Okay, where are we around here?

Sewing prodject (intentionally misspelled)? Done done done (dun dun dun). Yay! Fun, fun, fun. Except the part where the person who published the pattern (on the internet) apparently didn’t use a pattern tester before publishing the pattern. It’s all good. After about two of these secret items (I made five), I could just about make them in my sleep.

Landfill Chitchen? Total pit! I am currently wavering between a massive de-clutter/clean-up or just letting it all rot until we rip the whole mess out. In May? Really? Will I really be able to pick out flooring and cabinets and tile and yada yada by then? Hmmm?

Gifts? Mailing the last Courtois gift out tomorrow morning. To our own Grandmother Trucker, the GG’s youngest sibling. There were 10 Courtois kids and nine of them survive. I believe there was once a motorboat named The Happy Dozen Duzin (corrected in comments ;-)). Fortunately, we draw names these days.

Gifts? The kid version, this time. Why am I still obsessing over making Christmas exactly equal for my two grown children? I don’t know why but I always seem to try. Do they have an equal number of gifts? Have I spent an equal amount of money? Not this year in either case. And then there are the Christmas stockings. I’m trying to remember when The Commander stopped filling Christmas stockings for us. It was probably sometime when we were in our 20s. Maybe when The Engineer got married? Or maybe not until after I stopped going to Siberia for Christmas. When will I stop that tradition with my kids? Not this year, at least. My love for them is as equal as it gets. They are mine and yet they are not. And so it goes.

Work? I am envious of all you teachers who have time off at Christmas and in the summer. But I am not envious of your job. Honest to Pete, the world is much better off having me interact with computers in a cubicle than try to teach your children. It was not the most relaxing weekend in the world (don’t ask) and I was actually SLEEPY when I got to work this morning. Coffee? Coffee? It’s okay. I was steaming along by the end of the day.

6 Responses to “Ho! Ho! Ho!

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    The Happy Duzin. I believe that my dad spelled Dozen wrong so it would “catch your eye” or something like that. He wanted to spell Happy “Hapi” but he was out voted. (It had something to do with the cost of the letters – yes really!!) Was it spelled Happi? I can’t remember. Maybe someone else can. The Happy Duzin was a 16″ (Dumphy?) wooden speed boat with a 75 HP engine. It was painted light blue and the bow, hatch and dashboard were all stained and varnished. It was a nice looking boat but it was heavy. It was a nice boat to water ski behind. There is a photo of Garth on the wall in the kitchen at HL. He is wearing a captains hat in the picture and I think that the Happy Duzin is in the background. Garth did not have a 50 foot boat, but he said he had 50 feet of boat by the time you put all of the boats end to end.

  2. Margaret Says:

    No way to make it fair. This is causing an extreme ruckus in my house right now.

  3. Pooh Says:

    “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” Now my neo-con friends can accuse me of socializing Christmas. You try to be fair, but if it’s not 50-50 this year, it will balance out over all the years. At least we’re past the point where a parent has to dish up the fruit cocktail in secret so that each child has EXACTLY the same number of maraschino cherries. Which is something my Dad had to do to avoid a ruckus! Come to think of it, we seldom served canned fruit to our children — too much syrup. (or not enough cherries?…)

  4. jane Says:

    my guess is that Harry would eat any extra cherries so there were only 3 left.

  5. Jay Says:

    I had totally forgotten the cherry thing. Must have been that I didn’t really care. NOT!

  6. Pooh Says:

    Jane, it’s a dirty job, but a Dad’s got to do it!