Hold the pickles.

  • Tiptoed gingerly out the front door of The Landfill at 0-dark-thirty, watching warily for skunks.
  • Became totally bamboozled at the signage for how to get to the passenger pickup at the “old” terminal and subsequently…
  • …Survived an unpleasant encounter with a nasty little b*$#% security guard at Metro. Did I really call her that to her face? Maybe. No, I am not proud of it. But not particularly sorry either. Sheesh!
  • Picked up red-eye passengers (Jay, Carl, Ashlan) from Seattle.
  • Breakfast at Marc’s Midtown with passengers and Jane. The State Street Marc’s, not the other one. Conversation? A little dingy (I mean dingy doy da doy da doy, not dingy dirty), due to various members of the red-eye crew. But that just added to the fun. Seeya on the beach if not before!
  • Chipped away at the usual mountain of chores, tasks, and errands with a couple of little flute oases in between.
  • Diligently checked all online financial records to make sure no further virtual pickpocketing was done by fine, upstanding companies such as Reservation Rewards or TLG*Netmarket/Trilegiant.
  • Emails from Amazon.com cleared up the mystery of the two identical pending bank debits that appeared earlier this week and then disappeared. Harry Potter books that I ordered way back when, of course. One to The Planet Ann Arbor, one to Callyforny. Eventually, I guess I’ll get to read one of them. Still not sure why the pending charges disappeared but I know they’ll return.
  • Helped hung out at the YAG summer theatre camp 2nd Thursday barbecue. I brought a trowel just in case but it wasn’t needed.
  • Scrambled to help move the remains of the BBQ food inside when the skies opened up and dumped.
  • Hid behind the STAC door watching campers and snack ladies lob each other with water balloons in the pouring rain. *Why* did I forget my camera???
  • Helped transfer umpteen million empty cups from one broken box to another and back again (don’t ask), stashing some special big red bups cups in yet another box for use in an upcoming pee day.
  • Home. Whew!
  • Tornado siren.

I think that’s about all. Guess I’ll go for a walk.

One Response to “Hold the pickles.”

  1. jane Says:

    My guess on the magical disappearing charges from amazon.com — if it’s the same as at Borders, if you process a payment of Harry Potter 7 prior to 12:01 Saturday it appears as an actual sale, and therefore a violation of the “street date”.