And you too can take home these big great pants if you win the Bag Game

I have never understood the rules of the Bag Game. Somebody hands out playing cards and then the hostess draws cards from another deck and if you have a matching card, you have to take a bag from under the Christmas tree. If the hostess is running out of cards, sometimes she speeds things up a little bit and makes people take two bags. After all the bags are distributed, there is some crazy passing around and horse-trading that I never quite understand and eventually everybody goes home with some stuff that they didn’t bring to the party. The GG bagged a very cute birdy and I dunno what else.

There are folks who absolutely love this game but if I can manage it, I try to hide out in the kitchen while it’s going on because I have more than enough junk in my house to make my own bag game. Or two or three. I may not be the best Bag Game player but we’ve gone to this Christmas Eve party for most of the years since our kids were little and I always have a good time. And I did tonight except that a virtual wall of fatigue hit me about an hour into it. I am exhausted. I have some kind of cold virus. I do NOT have the swine flu. There’s no fever. Just some congestion. Hack and cough. Hack and cough. It’s a productive cough probably about 10% of the time and that is probably too much information.

I was hanging out in the party kitchen and suddenly for some odd reason, I realized that I had left my phone somewhere out by the front door. I wasn’t worried about losing it. It was in my purse and nobody at this party would walk off with my purse or my phone or anything else. Still, I wanted to find it. I walked out to the front entrance and was fumbling around by the closet looking for my purse. There was a knock at the front door. It wasn’t my house but it was a party so I opened the door and there was a friend I used to walk with almost every day, back in another life. I could walk into her house without knocking. Our kids grew up and we didn’t exactly grow apart but she got divorced and moved over to the other side of town and she went into the real estate business and I went back to school and we don’t see each other or the party hostess much any more.

This is long and rambly and I am exhausted (how many times have I said that) and I am sick of coughing and I think I could sleep for about 12 hours. Good night. Merry Christmas if that’s your holiday. If not, I hope you have a relaxing December 25th.

3 Responses to “And you too can take home these big great pants if you win the Bag Game”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t need any more stuff either, but manage to get it every year. (then try to find places for it all) Ugh. I wish we could just get together, eat and drink and give up on the gifts, except for the little kids.

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Merry Christmas.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Merry Christmas to you, GG and the girls. Hope you feel better in the morning. (I hope you found your phone.)