$21.98 x 2 > 12:01

The previous earthquake post is much more interesting than anything I have to say today so scroll down to read that one. But this is what I predict, not necessarily in any particular order:

  1. Harry Potter will not die. Except possibly in the case that the author has another seven books up her sleeve and plans to resurrect him soap opera style in oh, let’s say about book four. “It was all a dream!” as was once said in Dallas.
  2. Dumbledore will morph with Fawkes and they will resurrect as Super Falconcam!
  3. Snape will do all kinds of horrible dastardly things and then he’ll meet Harry’s Aunt Petunia. They’ll fall in love, she’ll divorce Uncle Vernon and Snape will adopt a muggle lifestyle.
  4. Harry and Ginny? Harry and Hermione? Harry and Luna? Luna? Luna who? Oh yeah, Luna. The other kid who can see the thestrels. (I didn’t remember that by myself, it was on the radio.) Anyway, who knows? And who cares? They’re all 17 or thereabouts. They’ll break up.
  5. Voldemort? He’ll take up the trombone and join the MSU Spartan Marching Band.

Whaddya y’all think? I will not be one of those who has the answers by three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

7 Responses to “$21.98 x 2 > 12:01”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Ummmm, #5 happened in 2004, if ya hadn’t heard.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Heard from Valdemort at 10:03 this morning (yes, 10:03AM Saturday, July 21) as I was leaving Border’s with my newly-acquired copy. She had already FINISHED reading the book. Stayed up all night to accomplish that feat, too.

    No spoilers, or I would’ve had to kill her 😈

  3. kayak woman Says:

    I pre-ordered ours in April. I went to check on there whereabouts this morning. The one going to Berkeley said “in transit, expected delivery July 21.” Fine. The one coming *here* said “delivered July 20, signed for by ‘Johnson’.” Say what? Called amazon and found out that they had sent the books UPS to the *post office*, where “Johnson” must have signed for the whole shipment. Hopefully ours will be here with today’s mail. If it ever gets here. Mouse gets first dibs. *When* she gets home from theatre camp performances.

  4. jane Says:

    I haven’t started reading yet. I finished at Arborland last night after 2:30 and didn’t get to sleep until after 4:00. phone rang at 8:45 this morning so I am just tired. I want to have my wits about me as I read this final book. this afternoon I’m just hoping for a nap to occur.

    However I do recommend this link -it’s JK Rowling reading the first chapter last night at midnight.
    http://www.scholastic.com/harrypotter/home.asp then click on “watch JK Rowling midnight reading”

  5. fran Says:

    I have a copy of H.P. and the half – blood prince but no list in it of what number it is so I don’t know whether to read it or not. Think of what I am missing !.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    The Halfblood Prince is number 6. Do you want us to bring up the other 5 when we come?

  7. Kate Says:

    I picked up Meg’s reserved copy today and Priority Mailed it up to Al-gon-Quian where she’s a camp counselor… She’s frantic that her campers are going to spill the beans before she can read it. She’ll have to plug her ears and say LaLaLa….
    I have to wait to read it til she somes home. shhh!