Hello TwentyTen!

One of my favorite things to do is be awake before everyone else on New Year’s morning. And I was today. Except for those other folks who got up early. Like the sole jogger I saw on my 0-dark-30 neighborhood prowl.

The parties are over. Both Holidays of Wretched Excess are over. My bank account is still feeling as though it has been bludgeoned by the first of those holidays. New Year’s Cheer did not bludgeon me for the second holiday. I had three drinks throughout the evening but I walked all over hell-and-gone in between them and I was pretty much asleep by nine or so. This morning? I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before six. And that’s how I like to be.

Happy New Year! I came back from my early morning walk, made a small egg-type breakfast for the GG and me and then I dragged him down to the river to walk and test out the scary new camera. I freaked out when I opened that camera on the 1st Holiday of Wretched Excess. I have been using a good but aging Canon Powershot for a few years now. I love that camera but I’ve been feeling some growing pains. But I really was not ready for the behemoth that the GG unexpectedly sprung on me. No!!! I don’t want a new camera! My trusty old powershot does just fine. It only threw an error message once!

I calmed down and you know, I have wanted to learn more about photography for a while now. I never got along with film cameras very well but digital? Oh yeah. I can throw out all the bad stuff? After over 10 years of digital cameras, I have more bad stuff than good. I am an amateur with an occasional good eye. That is all.

And so. All of the photos I took over by the river today were pretty bad. I purposefully shot everything in the “auto” mode although I forced macro some times. I wanted to learn how to handle the camera in my hands. I figured that out almost but, unfortunately, only this photo of leaves turned out good (well?) enough that I felt like posting it and, believe me, it was a random occurrence. Later in the day, back at the Landfill, I had a break-through on camera intelligence. So, we’ll see….

I have no resolutions, exactly. I will continue to pick away at the junk in my house. I will learn how to use this too-fancy camera that I already have a love-hate relationship with. And we will enter 2011 with a NEW KITCHEN!!! Come hell or high water! Starting out tomorrow. Hope we don’t kill each other!

4 Responses to “Hello TwentyTen!”

  1. Le Marquis Says:

    So KW, what make and model did you get? Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. gg Says:

    The camera in question is a Pentax K-x; compatible with our previous Pentax lenses. It is generally an entry level digital SLR with highly rated performance for its price. See http://ylovephoto.com/en/cat/slr/pentax/pentax-k-x/

  3. l4827 Says:

    We got a Cannon Power shot and love its view finder capabilities and we stay in Auto mode mostly. This is our first digital camera. Usually we use the finest disposable camera that CVS would have on hand at the time that we decided that we might need to take a picture……

  4. Margaret Says:

    I want to learn to use my husband’s (my?) D-80; it’s wasted sitting on the counter. Maybe we should take a photography class. I had more than 3 drinks on New Year’s but not a lot more and felt fine the day after. I would hate to make decisions about the kitchen; it was hard enough to pick new carpet for the family room and hardwood for the entry. Ugh. I was a wreck!!