Tuesday’s Post

It was a long hot day and I finally turned the air conditioning on and I was sitting here last night getting ready to write a whiny blahg post about how much I hate air conditioning in my house and then all the lights went to half mast. Except the blue LED xmas lights in my living room that I turned on because I hate having all the doors and windows shut. The whole neighborhood was on brownout or whatever until about 3 AM. Makes it real fun to try to pack and load your vee-hickle up in the dark. I had to use the light from my cell phone to get the laundry out of the dungeon. Thank the gods it was actually dry. So I didn’t get much packing done and now it’s 4-something in the morning and I am scrambling. Or not, I guess, because I’m sitting here blahgging. My guess is that everyone in the neighborhood has replaced their 1950s vintage furnaces in the last couple years, adding air conditioning and that we all turned on the a/c at once. And now if I can just get my vee-hickle packed without running into any skunks because yesterday morning at around this time, it was so skunky around here I couldn’t even sleep.

Sayonara for now,

Kayak Woman

One Response to “Tuesday’s Post”

  1. Dogmom Says:

    Love you, take a huge bear hug to Fran for me, safe travels, big hugs for Liz and Mouse and YOU, and just be aware that I am REALLY bumming that I have to be sitting her in my icky little cube packing up and getting ready for my office to be removed lock-stock-barrel to Pontiac by noon tomorrow…