Have yourself a very froggy Christmas. Santa, rooster, too…

And a couple other background lurkers that didn’t quite fit into the rhythm of the Christmas song that I love to hate. Looks like an African doll and a wooden duck. This cute little Christmas vignette was on top of the ancient Sony television set in the Landfill Back Room during the holidays. I wouldn’t have known it was there if the GG didn’t take a picture of it because I was always busy cooking, cleaning, going to parties, shopping, WORKING, sewing Christmas presents, coughing and blowing my blasted nose. You know the drill. No vomiting this year, thank you god.

I tried very hard to downsize this year. It is hard. My kids are in their 20s and every Christmas I *still* obsess about whether I am getting them equal amounts of gifts, despite their protests. Number of gifts and dollar amount. It cannot be done. This year, I decided we wouldn’t do the usual passing out of gifts from under the Christmas tree. Every time we do that, I end up feeling like somebody has more gifts than somebody else, as hard as I have tried to make it equal. I put each [grown-up] child’s gifts into a grocery bag and they could go fast or slow on opening them. I think this worked. At least it worked for me.

I almost went nuts hearing people say that they hadn’t done a “good” job on Christmas shopping this year. After hearing that from The Commander, for about the third time love you mom, I finally kind of snapped. “Moom, don’t worry about this. We are all trying to downsize.” Man oh man, can we scale this holiday down a bit.

I got more Christmas gifts than I wanted to get and I loved them all although I am still trying to warm up to the fancy camera that I don’t have time to learn to use. I have to say that the gift I have used the most is the black/sparkly Mad Bomber hat that The Commander gave me. I think she bought it for me partly to get back at me for buying her a baseball cap covered with gold sequins. A Commander needs a cap like that, don’tcha think? I love my Mad Bomber hat and I wear it when the temperature is between ski band and balaclava weather. And one of these days, if it gets cold enough again, I’ll wear it to work. They already know how eccentric I am and they still put up with me. Knock on wood.

2 Responses to “Have yourself a very froggy Christmas. Santa, rooster, too…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your hat–and my cap with lights is a close second!! I would really like to downsize Christmas even more than we did this year. I would even be willing to not put up a tree. (but the rest of the family would balk at that)

  2. Tonya Says:

    I’m utterly exhausted after this Christmas. Packing it all up and putting it all away just about did me in. Next year I’d like to say “screw it” and escape to Hawaii. Or somewhere.