Forest Fire?

Not here (I don’t think) but it’s awfully smoky around the beach. It’s a clear, coolish morning with a lightweight northwest wind (now increasing a bit). Except for the haze out over the water. I didn’t notice it until we (me, Ernie, and Alfred) walked to the Doelle end of the beach. The smell of wood smoke hit me in the face and I could feel little heat waves. I knew that the owners hadn’t built a bonfire the night before because I had walked down there quite late in the evening but I kept looking for one anyway. Then I noticed that it was hazy out in the channel. Radical Betty said she could smell it as soon as she walked outside her house. Canada? Or further up the Michigan coast? Can’t find anything on the news so it’s a mystery. Other than that, it’s a busy morning. Some of the kids went swimming at around 7:15 or so and the dogs and I saw four deer come down to take a drink leaving footprints that were of great sniffing interest to Alfred. And now the pilot boat is heading up to meet the salty Federal Maas.

UPDATE: Apparently there is a forest fire somewhere to the southwest of here. The GG, Liz, Ana and Hannah drove out to Raco today. They saw lots of smoke in the Strongs vicinity and said there were places in the woods where breathing was interesting. The Soo Snooze reported on the local cheerleading team going to the national championships. Forest fire? Say what? There is one somewhere. Go figure.

2 Responses to “Forest Fire?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    any updates?

  2. l4827 Says:

    What? The wacko was in Raco? 🙂