I hereby declare this to be No Politics Day and I ain’t herdin’ no cats neither.

And so I did declare that this very morning and after a while people actually stopped talking about bankers and wars and immigration and healthcare and Haiti and Obamanomics and blah-de-blah-de-blah. And don’t get me wrong. I am not for even one nano-second trying to suggest that any of those topics (particularly Haiti) are not important. I just couldn’t figger how all of us blathering about that stuff all weekend might make things any better. After a while people sort of started to get the drift. I think. Maybe they were just politicked out by then. Other than that, I pumped a little bit of hard-earned cash into the northern lower Michigan economy at the legendary Icehouse Quilt Shop and our favorite Best Choice Market for a few nice No Politics Day dinner supplies. No website for Best Choice. It is at Houghton Lake on old US27 just north of M55. Go there. Try the feta spread.

The weekend of No Politics Day is often a ski weekend for us but this year we are having an old-fashioned January thaw and there isn’t a whole lot of snow and it is just a bit too warm for x-c skiing (for us). So it was a relatively lazy day, albeit a beautiful sunny one. I took a late afternoon walk on the ice, watching the sun go down. I am blessed to have this place to travel to, although I often wish I had a some kind of a port-key to get here on a Friday afternoon. And I am blessed to have such wonderful in-laws to grow old with, not that we are planning on growing old any time soon. Facebook? What is up with all the granny ads showing up on my sidebar today?

Last but not necessarily least (and maybe funniest). Dear Loverly iPhone, it was wonderful this morning when you figured out that I was trying to type “boilerplate”, as in “boilerplate ice”. That was helpful and I was kind of surprised it was in your dictionary. But when I type “owly” (you know, as in the bird of prey), it is not appropriate to autocorrect it to “pelt”. (Y’all, I *know* I can disable auto-correct. I choose not to. Why? I do not have enough words to articulate the reason. Because I am, uh, ME!!! [rolls eyes])

Have a very happy No Politics Day!
Kayak Woman

One Response to “I hereby declare this to be No Politics Day and I ain’t herdin’ no cats neither.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would like to have a No Politics day whenever my husband brings up talk radio which he listens to incessantly and I never do! I’m glad you had a good day. Autocorrects have almost caused me to type some very bizarre stuff. Fortunately, I was paying attention!