All I know right now is that it will not be fancy but it *will* be beautiful.

In other words, it will not look like this. I hope. If it does, whoever ends up being our floor installer when we renovate the Landfill Kitchen will find himself fighting off a crazy woman riding a Roomba!

This is the result of the last time we installed a new floor in the Landfill Kitchen. It was a DIY job. Lemme see, I think the beach urchins were about six and four but I couldn’t tell you for sure. The only thing I remember about it was that the DIY-er finished the DIY job while the rest of us were at Fin Family Moominbeach. We arrived home after one of those long, hard days of driving down the I75 SUV Speedway with two vee-hickles, with a stop at Houghton Lake midway. I think that was the trip that the Marquis hitched a ride on. If I remember correctly, that trip featured a flat tire in our old Jetta at Houghton Lake and then the Gumper testing the range of his CB radio by calling us continually as we drove on down south of Houghton Lake. Mouse spent the last hour in an exhausted sleep, lying across the middle seat over a bunch of crap that we felt compelled to travel with. She was wearing a tie-dyed dress and, yes, she had a seatbelt on. The Marquis escaped whatever ensued at the Landfill that night by catching a flight out of Metro back to St. Louis.

I think that do-it-yourself household prodjects intentionally misspelled are fine. But this one had taken a little too long. We spent at least a few weeks at the beginning of that summer with no flooring in the kitchen at all. I like to go barefoot in the summer and let’s just say walking on the sub-flooring or whatever you want to call it was not fun. And I did not want linoleum. There was linoleum in here when we moved in. I viewed our mini-reno as a chance to get rid of that stuff. At *that* time (not now!!!!!) I wanted ceramic tile. Everybody and his 3rd cousin seven times removed shouted me down! Unfortunately, I listened. We bought linoleum. From a snake-oil salesman. It was okay for a couple years. After that, the glue that we were sold to hold the crappy linoleum down began to react with the heat from that register. The floor started to develop orange spots. Over the years, the orange spots spread further and further out and the area near the heat register got darker and darker.

I’m not getting linoleum again. I am not going to get ceramic tile either. I haven’t decided what I’ll be buying yet but I’m going for natural materials. I’m not sure what yet. I know about bamboo and cork, et al. We’ll just have to see what I decide. But it’ll be my decision (and the GG’s). And if my new floor starts to turn orange over there by the heat register, heads are gonna roll. Make no mistake.

The new Landfill Kitchen will not be fancy. But it will be beautiful. Because that’s how I roll. That is all.

6 Responses to “All I know right now is that it will not be fancy but it *will* be beautiful.”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I am glad that you are thinking about a new Kitchen. Doug really has some nice ideas. If you decide to buy the kind of cabinets we can get , you will pay what we pay. No. they are not cheap, but in my opinion, you can’t get a nicer cabinet. Also, you will get your moneys worth. I would get them if I was re-doing my kitchen. If you get them for our cost, you will be happy with what you get. As for the floor, I had ceramic tile in Troy. I really liked it even though it was not considered a “Michigan” floor. I found it easy to clean, and as long as there was a basement under it, it wasn’t cold. Susie has Bamboo and likes it a lot. I really wish you would come and see Susie’s kitchen. It would give you a good idea of what you could be living with.

  2. jane Says:

    did you say ‘that’s how I roll’??? I love that!

  3. Margaret Says:

    Mine isn’t fancy either; it’s just white. I would do linoleum again because I’m a spiller. I would NEVER have white linoleum like I do now though. It is nearly impossible to keep clean. Remember that I want to see lots of before-during and after photos. 🙂

  4. Pooh Says:

    This has probably already been mentioned, but Bubs and Harry have bamboo flooring in one of the bedrooms. If you want to check it out, I’m sure you could wheedle an invitation.

  5. Dona Says:

    When my mom got a new (white) floor put in her kitchen many years ago it turned orange in spots as well — the traffic path. She complained to Armstrong but I don’t know if they did anything about it. I’m not sure she considered it might be the glue that was used. The floor was installed by a friend of my mom, but the friend was a professional carpet / floor putter downer.

    Good luck with your new floor.

  6. Tonya Says:

    We have hardwood floors in the kitchen (along with dining and living room) and I really love it. John installed it himself (he’s good at that sort of thing and always has/gets the right tools…) and the boards all came pre-finished. Cleanup is simple and it’s so pretty!