The Second (or Third) Last Day


I bailed out today. There was a kayak trip on the Lower Tahquamenon River. Nine miles. Would’ve been fun. Except that it was with a big group of people and we would’ve likely had to spend significant time on logistics and possibly waiting for people who are, uh, not, quite as, uh, fast impatient as I am about getting down a river. And there was also a North Country Trail hike, Naomikong overlook to Avery Grade. I like to hike and the NCT folks are fun but I bailed out on that one too. I just wasn’t that interested in schlepping through the woods on a swelteringly hot day. Anyway, Jane was here. It seems somehow that I’ve spent a lot of last days here hanging around down on the beach with Jane. I may not have kayaked nine miles or hiked seven. But I’ll have hiked about five by the end of today just walking the beach watching terns and ducks and seagulls. And Jane and I kayaked over to Birch Point where we hung out in the water watching the baby ospreys for a while. She golfed. That’s her newest sport. Big water and sand traps here! I sponged sand dunes and spiders and things out of kayaks. We swam. And drank Sweaty Betty beer with Radical Betty. It’s not really my last day. I’m going back to The Planet for eight days and then I’ll be back up for one last hurrah. Therefore, there’ll be another last day. And then there’ll probably be a third when I come back up to help close the place up for the winter. Of course, that’ll be October or so and it could well be snowing by then, who knows? Cheers, Bughouse aka Kreacher aka Kayak Woman.

2 Responses to “The Second (or Third) Last Day”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    “Sweaty Betty”? Is this something brewed up at the Winery downtown? Somehow, can imagine that happening…

    I still need another trip up there… have NOT had enough Cabin Time this year, and probably will not manage it regardless 😥 BUT! I do have a trip to MTU in the works for October 12-14!!! 8)

  2. Maquis Says:

    Regarding Jane:
    Was she able to hit out of the water hazard?
    More importantly did she ever make it into said hazard?

    Regarding Sweaty Betty:
    I have always believed that Oil of Ole (AKA Oil of Old Lady) was produced by rending fat old ladies.
    Bottling old lady’s perspiration offers a whole new product line.