Blue Monday

It isn’t Blue Monday. Blue Monday was last week. Google it. January 18th. So why is it that everyone I encountered today just about anywhere was kvetching about having to go to work? Me. My co-workers. My boss. The clerk at Whole Foods. Mouse. In reality, it was a pretty good day. For me, anyway. Except that, by the end of the day, I had just a leetle beet of a teeny tiny headache. I don’t get headaches very often. I think the last one I had was a couple years ago. I could look it up on my blahg but I don’t want to be bothered. Being in the great outdoors almost always chases headaches away for me and so I am fine now.

I think that the reason people were more “depressed” today than they were a week ago on the actual date of Blue Monday is because this year Blue Monday fell on Martin Luther King Day. Lots of folks had the day off and a long weekend to boot (not me though). This weekend, almost nobody had a long weekend and here in A2 we had a January Thaw and so everything was rainy and ugly and now that we are back to work, the sky is spitting snow. It’s okay. Yes, the folks I work with were kvetching but we were all laughing too.

I would like to describe the mound in the photo but I am not sure I can do it tonight.

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