First and ten, let’s do it again!

So, who’s watching the Superbowl? I do not know who is playing or what time it is on or anything. Well, I think it starts at about 7:00 PM EST or thereabouts. The GG has the TV on and I will guess that he will watch it and I will fall asleep. Maybe he will fall asleep too. We’ll see.

I am not a football fan in general. It is what it is and I’m not much of a sports fan from the get-go anyway. But football has been a small part of my history and I’m not about to rant and rave about how awful it is. Because it’s not. I loved going to high school football games with my dad and granddaddy (the few they took me to) when I was a little kid and my cousin was on the team in Sault Ste. Siberia. Friday night games there with all those bright lights and popcorn from the snack bar of course. My dream when I was small was to be a cheerleader but that didn’t quite work out. It required a rather different talent than I had. The talent I did have got me into the marching band, and we’ll leave the bits and pieces I remember about that for some other blahg post, maybe in about 100 years. But I did go to football games and the mixers afterwards, and in those days, my college-student boyfriend could attend those with me without harassment from the “authorities”. Note that I was a senior by the time I had a college-age boyfriend.

My family also drove down to the Planet Ann Arbor (yeah, the same planet I’ve owned a house on for most of the 30 years I’ve lived here) to watch a football game every fall when I was a kid. We stayed with our cousins here and that was always fun. And so was the game in a way, which probably means that it was exciting for a Yooper Kid to actually be inside the Michigan Stadium. Back in those days, the Big House did not always fill up on football Saturdays. We could buy cheap tickets at the gate and sit in the end zone, which was not totally jammed with people. I was probably more excited by stopping at Allmendinger Park with my cousins on the long walk home.

I have not been to a football game in about a billion years. The last time I actually remember anything about the Superbowl was four whole years ago when my dad was in Henry Ford Hospital and the Superbowl was there in DayTwa. My dad was in the ICU at the time and one of my favorite residents, Doc G was talking about renting out his apartment to Superbowl folks for big bucks. I hope that happened. We encountered good and bad doctors and nurses there and Doc G was one of the good ones. He understood that my dad was a person with a history and not just some confused old man with a pulverized pelvis. My dad did die, but it was in his hometown amongst friends and family, not at Henry Ford.

I’m sorry that I’m not really a football (or sports) fan. Or maybe I’m not sorry. I am not against football. I just get tired of our culture of celebrity worship. Football stars are people and they are fallible, just like the rest of us. They are talented but so are the rest of us and we are all important in the grand scheme of things.

5 Responses to “First and ten, let’s do it again!”

  1. Jay Says:

    We are watching. Kind of rooting for the Saints, but really rooting for me to win something from our $1/square football pool. The squares I got are
    Colts 7 – Saints 0
    Colts 0 – Saints 1
    Colts 6 – Saints 3
    Colts 4 – Saints 4
    Colts 8 – Saints 8
    Play along with me.
    I don’t bet generally, but this gives an added interest to what is going on in the game.

  2. Dona Says:

    I’m not watching either. Husband was invited to a party but the roads are bad and their cable is out anyway. He’s watching it alone in the family room aka basement

    I feel sorry for him, but not enough to join him for the game.

    While I really like the folks who invited us to their house, I’m glad it didn’t pan out. They keep their house in the low 60’s and I just cannot handle that.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    Not a football fan, but I watched a few commercials then went to the Grocery store, which was almost empty. If we do get the snow on Tuesday that the weather man is predicting, I’m ready.

  4. Jan Miller Says:

    I won $10 in the football pool with Colts 0 and Saints 0 the 1st quarter, and yes it did make the game more fun. I was cheering for the Colts, but was happy to see New Orleans win. We had a party with all of our neighbors, about 25 people. It was a rainy day until about 1:30 and then cool and sunny. A fun day.

  5. Tonya Says:

    I wasn’t planning on watching it, but I ended up getting caught up in it. It was a good game! Often they’re just blow-aways, and I seldom have any vested interest in who is playing (except in 2005 when the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. What a heady experience that was—first time ever or since. I still reel sometimes at how strangely rough the officials were against the team during that game). I actually like football, but only when I care about a team. I was excited to see the Saints win today!