Why can’t you buy hamburger buns in packs of two?

Two days ago, Friday afternoon, I was walking up the cabin road. You can’t really tell in the photoooo but the road was nicely plowed and easily passable for my beloved dirty old green honda accord. I parked my Dogha up at Lewie’s anyway because I LIKE to walk the hill. Sometimes I even walk that road in the summer, just for fun, if the mo-skee-toes are not too fierce. None of those little pests were oot and aboot on Friday but there was another much larger aminal (intentionally misspelled) up the hill a way and I stopped in my tracks.

A deer in the road is not that rare a sight in the great white north or even around about the Planet Ann Arbor. In fact, there are so many deer in our state that deer/vee-hickle collisions are prevalent. A deer ran out in front of me on the freeway last summer and I am still not exactly sure how I missed it but it was a while before I stopped shaking. Mouse was driving behind me tandem style. I know she remembers. Still, since I was a little kid, deer encounters (non vee-hickular ones) have always been magical and so was Friday’s.

Whomp. We are back on the Planet Ann Abor. We drove five hours down from Sault Ste. Siberia today (no deer collisions, thank you very much). I didn’t plan on dinner at home tonight because a friend was having a chocolate/wine party. When it came right down to it and we finally got off the dern freeway, we just weren’t up to driving another half hour to go to a party (and then back). So, I threw together a lasagne from the frozen sauce that I took up north that we didn’t use. The Commander had a different idea about what food we would serve and that’s more than okay and it’s why I froze the sauce in the first place. But that’s where my question about hamburger buns came from. I use twelve noodles in every lasagne that I make. I bought a standard grokkery store brand box of noodles today and it had 20 noodles in it. Maybe other people use that many lasagne noodles? I use twelve. Why can I not buy just 12? Otherwise, I end up with something like three packages of lasagne noodles hanging around. Because I get to the store and can’t remember what I have at home, yada yada yada. I know, just shaddup, KW.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. I hope you don’t ever hit a deer with yer vee-hickle.

5 Responses to “Why can’t you buy hamburger buns in packs of two?”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Oh, KW! Beautiful photo. That deer is among 20 + that regularly dine at the Birch Point Road buffet. Four of those are this year’s fawns. Since mid-December, we have supplemented their natural diet with more than 3,000 pounds of corn. (Thank goodness for the Rudyard grain store.) And we are not alone. I know of at least 4 other neighbors contributing to their “all-you-can-eat” fare. Sorry I missed you. Happy Valentine’s Day, deer!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I know they are a nuisance, but I love spotting deer. I hope to never hit one. As for the lasagne noodles–?? I don’t have clue why they don’t make different size packs of them. Can they be put in a container and frozen for later?

  3. Dogmomster Says:

    I’d settle for burger buns being sold in 4-packs, even. My [really excellent] compromise comes to this: my fave little meat market/deli sells Zingerman’s Bakery products; among the goodies are 4-packs of rolls (Italian rolls or Farm rolls). THOSE are the perfect size for the burgers I make, and are obviously nummy by themselves (even split & toasted), so they’ve worked out really well for my situation. As for the lasagne noodles, you’ve done the dish where the dry noodles are used and they cook up perfectly in the sauce! The rest hold out for a while, but yeah, what does one do with 8 leftover noodles? Rollups?

    Most of the deer I see around GB and between here & EL tend to be what’s left of the deer-vehicle encounters… although Nook & I saw a whole herd of *whole* deer in a field not far from the X-way on a recent Saturday excursion!

  4. Dona Says:

    I always love seeing deer in Wisconsin, but when I see them around here they are either dead on the road, in danger of shortly being dead on the road or scavenging in a farmer’s barren field. That said, I did hit a deer once in Wisconsin, but I was driving about 5 miles per hour because it was snowing really heavily and it just bumped my fender and ran off into the woods. My mom got excited though!

    I agree with you about the lasagne noodle dilemma. I sometimes cook the whole pack and use them even though I only need 12 or 15.

  5. Tonya Says:

    I LOVE that picture! Harstine Island is crawling with deer (and they open it up to hunting in October). Whenever we arrive on the island over the bridge at dusk, John and I remind each other out loud, “It’s Deer-Thirty.” They’re normally pretty good about not freaking out at the sight of a vehicle, but we have seen a number of carcasses in the ditch. (So sad). And that hamburger bun issue really fries me! Yes, TWO would be awfully nice because inevitably the rest become a science experiment. And forget freezing hamburger buns.