Things that are in my living room #1

Actually, I am pretty much avoiding my living room these days. Not because of the tepee and, no, we do not have any small children here. That is a froog backpack and an Orange Baby in there and this is the Landfill and sometimes all I can say is that it is what it is and I have very little control over much of anything around here, except for the snow shoveling and the garbage and the compost bin. I only have control over those because nobody else seems to notice that those kinds of tasks need doing on a sort of semi-regular basis. Well, snow is a relative outlier, so shoveling isn’t often an issue. Anyway. I don’t even have much control over the laundry or the refrigerator, try as I might. Actually, scratch that about the laundry. I’m happy to not have control over that. The beach urchins started doing their own laundry when they were about 12 and 10 (respectively). I think they decided I wasn’t doing a good enough job. And that’s okay with me. When they got to college, they were self-sufficient about laundry. So I did right by doing wrong, hee hee hee. One of those fine unintended parenting moments, fer sher.

Y’all might guess that a froog backpack is a stuffed frog in the form of a backpack. This froog has been hanging out upstairs because a few years ago, the resident amphibian known as Froggy (the one who occasionally takes over this blahg to post something a little, well, off…) mailed himself to California. Yes. I was rather relieved but the GG was looking high and low for him. He found Backpack Frog down in the Landfill Dungeon with all of the other aminals that were thrown down there during an anti-climactic tornado warning umpteen million years ago. Backpack Frog is a good, serviceable aminal but he will never have a personality like Froggy’s. And that’s probably a good thing. He does take good care of Orange Baby.

Orange Baby? I’ll save her [their] tale[s] for another day.

3 Responses to “Things that are in my living room #1”

  1. isa Says:

    I think I took offense to frequent mix-ups between Mouse’s and my clothing during the sorting portion of the process.

  2. Margaret Says:

    People don’t notice stuff that needs to be done around your place either??? Eh, I thought it was only here!

  3. Dona Says:

    Yours is the only living room I’ve ever seen with a tepee in it, not to mention orange baby.