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geologytrails.jpgOne of the ways that I *do* get along with the Grumpy Growler is that we both like to drive around the countryside exploring little back roads. When our kids were small, one of our favorite areas to mosey around included the geology center. The Gerald E. Eddy Geology Center, that is. The geology center was really cool. There were all kinds of big boulders out in front and a big rock collection plus some other somewhat tattered exhibits inside the center. A few years ago they renovated the geology center. The moved all the big boulders around and renamed it the Discovery Center. Some of us old fashioned fogies who don’t like change are still grumping and growling about that. We liked the big boulders all jumbled together in front of the center instead of in neat little displays. At least they don’t seem to have outlawed people from climbing on them. One thing the state can’t much change at the geology center is the floating bog, where mastodon bones were once found. It’s a short, kid-friendly (or slug-friendly, the aminal some of us emulated today) hike from the center. One of my favorite expotitions to the floating bog was with the Regenstrief Regenstreif (kee-reist, I know better than that!) clan during a Christmas break back when Mouse was about six. Several of our hiking party expressed surprise at Mouse’s hiking outfit, which consisted of a black velveteen dress, black tights, and fashionable black leather boots. And probably a ski jacket, I guess. What kind of a hiking outfit is that, everyone wondered? Aren’t you supposed to get all layered up in long underwear and polartech and wear sturdy lace-up hiking boots? Well, not if you are a nice little black horsey! Nosiree! It’s been a long time since we’ve been to the geology center with the kids and it’s one place Mouse mentioned wanting to visit before Africa. So today we went for a drive and ended up there. And that’s about it. It’s just an incredibly boring Labor Day weekend. I can’t believe summer is over already. It started early but it sure went fast. Click here or on the pic for a few slides of our little expotition. Cornish hens are on the grill and manhattans are on tap. What should we eat tomorrow night? It’s about time for some vegetarian cuisine. Any ideas? Hmmm?

6 Responses to “Bog Bahg Blog Blahg”

  1. mouse Says:

    those are awful pictures of me. particularly the first one. take it dooown.

  2. Webmomster Says:

    I *like* the pix of Mouse on the round boulder!!!

  3. kayak woman Says:

    okay, okay, it was a lame blahg entry anyway.

  4. isa Says:

    is that little one a sheep? because if so, mouse may have dark ulterior motives regarding his/her wool that she is not divulging…

  5. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok. It’s a kewt li’l goatty. Grok grok.

  6. Sam Says:

    KW, I love your photos including the fungi ones!