Where the *heck* is the chocolate?

I dunno. I am not one of those chocolate freaks. I mean, I like chocolate. I think most people do. But I don’t usually crave it. I don’t know what it was about today, but I *wanted* it. And it was all gone!!!! Mouse and I went to the Westgate Kroger on Friday and, among other things I won’t list here, we bought some “American candy” for her as yet unmet Senegalese host family. And a bag for us. It was good stuff. Some sort of fancy fluffy Butterfinger and Nestle’s Crunch. I can’t exactly describe it. Yesterday, on the Labor Day holiday, we were out buying big rolling suitcases and battery-operated alarm clocks and other typical college student type things and we were in the food co-op. Buying shampoo and that bee lip gloss stuff and I don’t know what else. I was goo-gawing around in the checkout line and I spotted the 70% chocolate bars. Some of them even had orange flavoring! I *almost* grabbed one or two (or three) of those. But I thought, “we have that bag of chocolate at home!” Okay. I forgot to look for the bag of chocolate snack bars yesterday. Today, at about mid-afternoon, I was hungry enough that I was just about ready to eat my arm and I was thinking, “CHOCOLATE!!!” Where was the bag? Nowhere! Yaaarrrghhh! The women’s business meeting I went to tonight saved my life. It wasn’t because I made lots of connections with people that needed my website design services. I am really not good at that networking thing. People try to talk to me and I sort of stutter and blather. I know it just takes time and if I keep going to these things, I’ll end up with some new friends and maybe even more business. For me, almost the best part of the night was that they had chocolate chip cookies! I needed some chocolate. I think Grandroobly just about existed on homemade chocolate chip cookies and a couple tablespoons of raisin bran with milk for breakfast for the last few years of his life. If someone cooked bacon and eggs and the whole shmiel, he would nosh on it. But none of that “green stuff” (eggplant parmesan), thank you very much. I am going to have to remember to put chocolate on my grocery list. That is all.

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