A cautionary tale for parents of new drivers.

I have been in one vee-hickle accident in my entire life, knock on wood big-time and hold out a big silver cross for good measure. I was 17. I was driving my grandparents’ car (my parents owned it at that time), a 1965 Ford Fairlane, and I was driving past the funeral home, of all places, and there was glare ice and an oncoming vee-hickle went left of center and hit me. Nobody was hurt because we were going pretty dern slow but it took out the front of the old Fairlane. This was before no-fault insurance and we ended up going before a judge who ruled that it was not my fault.

Well. I actually had another little accident when I was a teenager. I think it was with the Fairlane but it might’ve been the Pontiac Tempest. Anyway. I was backing up down at the corner of the road into Fin Family Moominbeach and I backed into the fence. I didn’t slam into the fence. I was being careful and I was going really slow. You can’t go very fast on the road to Fin Family Moominbeach because it is a one-lane two-track. Slow. So I just very lightly touched the fence. It left marks like someone had taken a file to the car. I was terrified. My dad was very particular about his vee-hickles and I thought that I would be in big trouble if I reported this incident. So, I didn’t. My parents more or less freaked out and even called the police about this. I knew that they did this and I still kept mum.

I have had a blahg for going on seven years now. I blahgged about this once before, back when The Engineer (my little brother) was still alive. He commented immediately something like, “they always blamed ME for that”. My parents must’ve been delusional because my bro’ was too young to DRIVE when I did that.

Although we don’t want our kids to go around getting into little scrapes like the one I got into, I think we need to not freak out too terribly much when they do or they’ll lie to us. Like I did. It is a balancing act.

I dunno what I am trying to say here. Driving is different with every kid and I wish you all good luck with that.

3 Responses to “A cautionary tale for parents of new drivers.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still worry myself sick over our 20 year old’s driving. I hope she’ll improve one day!! (SOON)

  2. mouse Says:

    What brought that up? I can only imagine it has something to do with me, except I have no idea what that something would be.

  3. DogMomster Says:

    LOL – Jack probably thought The Engineer had been farting around with something and dragged it across the car, not that he would have been driving it. Heck, The Engineer carried on the “tradition” by getting into OUR kids’ faces if they accidentally touched a bike or a ball or anything to the car and left even a smudge (good thing he wasn’t around when Nook accidentally backed the Miata into something leaned against the edge of the garage door, and left a small scratch…we’d NEVER have heard the end of that!)! So, yeah, you don’t have to drive to damage a vee-hickle.