Rat race times about fifteen hundred

Lemme see…

Triple Plus: Breakfast with Sandy at The Broken Egg

Minus: Having to go dredge things out of the safe deposit box.

Minus: Waiting in a long line at the bank.

Plus: Finding the required document in the safe deposit box.

Minus: Power going out at the bank while I was in the privacy cubicle.

Plus: Accessing a safe deposit box is a low tech activity which requires a minimal amount of lucky-shucky (light in the privacy cubicle and the vault, powered by a generator) and no computer (not powered by a generator).

Minus: An unplanned and rather frantic trip to the other side of Ypsi in a drenching rain.

Plus: Finishing scanning Mouse’s travel docs.

Minus: Scanner crapping out before I could scan some *other* important documents (unrelated to Sénégal). How many dead scanners do we have in the basement? I’ve killed three in the last six months. Kee-reist!

Big Minus: Taking other important documents to Staples to photocopy only to find out *Staples* doesn’t have power.

Plus: Driving over to Flying Sheep with Mouse to visit her boss and co-workers one last time before Sénégal.

Triple Minus: Going to the grocery store no less than *three* times (don’t ask) and forgetting to bring bags *all* three times.

Minus: Driving around wondering what all the clinking and clanking going on in the trunk was and discovering that it was pop cans, full ones, that had rolled out of the 12-packs that have been stored back there for a while.

Plus: Putting all the pop back into the 12-packs and sealing the ends of the boxes shut with mailing tape.

Minus: Not getting one blasted, dad-ratted bit of school or client work done today because of running around like a monkey with its head cut off.

Minus: Realizing about mid-afternoon that the garbage and recycling that I busted my you-know-what to get out there before seven this morning would not be picked up until tomorrow because Labor Day shifted everything back a day.

Just plain weird: Running over an empty plastic gallon milk jug on Stadium and getting it stuck under my car for several blocks.

Plus: Rain. And storms. We need it. Bring it on! Or not… Sigh…

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