Triangulating through the Twilight Zone

Ouch! Crash-landed on the Planet Ann Arbor this afternoon following a non-stop drive down the I75 SUV Speedway from the Yoop. Well, I did stop long enough to hand the Mackinac Bridge tollbooth guy my commuter card. That was it. No, I did not get deep vein thrombosis just in case you’re wondering. It was not what I would call a good day and we won’t say anything much more about that. Y’all just do not want to know. I did not hit a deer today. That was good. I saw one at the side of the road in the Yoop but it was running along parallel to the road and not interested in jumping out in front of me. Clarification: No accident. Smooth drive home, dry roads, light traffic. Crash landing = back to the reality of work and chores, etc.

Grandroobly (aka my dad) had exactly two automotive accidents in his life. As a WWII flight instructor, he was rated as a superior airplane pilot. He was pretty good with automobiles too. Both of his automotive accidents involved a deer jumping out in front of him on M28. If I have it right, both accidents happened in the same location, just after he crossed a certain bridge. I can’t remember which bridge though! The first time this happened, the parents were driving to Munising (or maybe Marquette) to attend a banking function. They took the “bank car”, a vee-hickle that spent a lot of time parked at our house. The second time was when they were driving over to Houghton to attend my brother’s wedding. I think Grandroobly was probably driving his big old “banker green” Buick that time. We used to tease the old man that he always bought dark green vee-hickles. I own one now too. Anyway, no one was injured in either accident except maybe the deer.

I had long been looking forward to a long weekend in the Yoop with Uber Kayak Woman and others. When I first got there, it felt like we had forever. Like it always does. It’s over. I am back down here on the Planet. Ka-whomp. I am actually looking forward to being in my cube tomorrow. I wonder what I was working on last week. Actually, I do know what to get started on in the morning. I’ll still miss crashing out in my sleeping bag on the Commander’s couch.

3 Responses to “Triangulating through the Twilight Zone”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would be terrified to hit a deer. It happens around here occasionally, but mostly on the passes or in Eastern WA. An elk would be worse! It sounds like you had a good time in the Yoop–but that you’re also glad to be home. I’m like that too; I like to get away yet home is nice to come back to.

  2. Tonya Says:

    OK, so…you weren’t actually IN an accident, were you? WERE YOU? (Sense something is amiss!)

  3. MOM Says:

    In that second accident the deer was killed. I was driving behind Jack. I had to help Jane move out of the dorm to live elsewhare while taking a surveying course. And I got to go to Jim’s wedding, too. That deer came out of the woods looking exactly like the signs and hit the grill which was metal and slightly deformed. It (the deer) managed to get across the road but not far. Another car had stopped and we went back because of course it took all of us a bit to get stopped. We found the deer just off the road. Jack said he could have taken the deer had he wanted it. He just reported it to the State Police, in Munising I think.