Glub glub glub

I am sorry but I am not one of those wunderkind who can manage to text message somebody from an iPhone while driving, even if I am driving an automatic tranny like I was today and especially if I am on westbound I94 going around the south end of The Planet Ann Arbor with about a brazillion trucks and what have you surrounding me. Tight WWII-style cloverleaf entrances anyone? Heading home, clunkity clunkity clunk along the crumbling I94 18-wheel Slogway. Clunkity ka-whomp. Finally. A crash landing in the Landfill driveway. (Don’t worry, no real crash (-: )

I sat there for a minute, reading the text messages that the GG sent while I was on the freeway, and called him. He was waiting for me downtown. This was not exactly a surprise. Last Friday we did meet downtown for dinner. He walked to work and then downtown and I came home from work and walked downtown. It was a beautiful warm day and I had great fun and even acted like a tourist here on the Planet that’s been my main home for 30 years. Last night we talked about doing it again tonight. I think it was even my idea. I do not think we made a firm plan but maybe I’m delusional. Or maybe he was delusional. Whatever. We’ve been married for a pretty long time and he also has an identical twin and sometimes I think he gets us mixed up and thinks he can actually read my mind. Not.

This afternoon, after five miles of walking and a whole day of work including a presentation, I sat there in my driveway and I thought to myself something like, “He’s downtown waiting for me and the last thing I feel like doing is jumping out of the Dogha, scrambling into the Landfill, changing my clothes and galumphing hucklety-buck all the way downtown.” Physically? I could probably have walked 10 miles. Psychologically? Glub glub glub. I felt like I needed at least a half hour to chill. Wash whatever dishes were around (Mouse beat me to it, thank you Mouse). Wash my face. Tink around with cosmic debris. Run my Roomba. Take the compost out. Blahg. Whatever. Bottom line? After much *intense* cat-herding, we’re going to Knight’s aka the neighborhood pub/steakhouse. We are even meeting friends there. It’ll be fun. It is Friday! TGIF!!!

One Response to “Glub glub glub”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Once I get home it’s HARD for me to go out again, even though it’s often fun once I get there. Something about the house makes me want to relax and nest.