“Dad says this is okay but we don’t think it’s safe.”

safeforkids.jpgSo said the five-year-old, sitting on top of that wall there, holding tight to her little three-year-old sister. See the wall I’m talking about? The one that’s at least six feet above rocks and water. Not very deep water but still. I know. There are no kids on that wall. I just took the picture today. The fishing expotition happened umpteen years ago. Like about 18, maybe? We had arrived at Houghton Lake that afternoon and the GG drove the kids around to one of the canal bridges on the road around the point to “fish”. I walked over and met them and, as soon as they saw me, The Speaker (i.e., the older one) piped up with, “Dad says this is okay but we don’t think it’s safe.” Well, I didn’t quite think so either but whaddaya gonna do? I’m a mom. I wouldn’t have perched two miniature little girls on a thin little wall with a six-foot drop down to rocks and water. But they lived. They didn’t catch any fish but I’m not sure they would’ve known what to do with them if they had. And I mean *everyone* there. I’m not sure the GG has ever caught a fish. Grandpa Garth used to do a lot of “trolling” in the time I knew him but I never saw him catch anything. Then again, maybe it was because there was no one at the cabin who was interested in *cleaning* his catch. 😉

2 Responses to ““Dad says this is okay but we don’t think it’s safe.””

  1. isa Says:

    you ought to have posted that picture where i’m smoking a cigar and fishing, all in my diaper…

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I’m not sure I have it with me…