An elephant factory with enough gin to float a freighter

Oh man. First and foremost. I hereby proclaim that prospective summer visitors to Fin Family Moominbeach do not need to add to the gin pool. Seriously, you guys, I think I have enough gin here at the Landfill to last us a couple summers. I will take[bring?] schlep it up there on Memorial Day. Please do not buy any. That applies to The Commander too, so I hope she is reading this. That goes for Triple Sec too. If we do run out of either gin or triple sec, I’ll eat my hat! And then I will go and buy more. I have a lot of other kinds of booze that I won’t use up within the next 10 years but I do not think we’ll use it up at Fin Family Moominbeach either. Kirsch, anyone? I didn’t think so.

Where the heck was I? Have you been to the Westgate Kroger lately? The Westgate Kroger was my main go-to grokkery store from 1979 until the Plum Market opened in 2008. I was at the Westgate Kroger every other day or more for all those years. I survived a small change in location, a strike, and about a billion remodelings. I knew which of the cashiers were good and which were bad and which were just plain weird. And I remember the weird bagger who once got stuck on asking me “paper or plastic” forever. The cashier just rolled her eyes at me. Honestly I think he had Tourette’s Syndrome and maybe some other problems. But that was almost in another life in a way. The Plum Market opened the winter I started working full-time again and I have developed the habit of walking to the Plum Market for most of my grocery shopping. Today, when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted anywhere else, I tried the Westgate Kroger. WOW! They have totally redone the place into a HUGE version of the Plum Market or Whole Foods or whatever. I was lost and overwhelmed and I loved it but I also love walking to the grokkery store. So most of the time I will probably still walk to the Plum Market for grokkeries. But I do like to spread my meager wealth around.

There is an elephant factory in my house at the moment. My Mouse has designed a stuffed toy elephant in corduroy and cotton batiks. She is listing them on Etsy and she has sold a bunch of them and we are keeping them away from the gin and the triple sec. And this is not a sales pitch. It’s just what’s going on at the Landfill right now. Click or don’t click. Buy or don’t buy. I will love you whatever you do. 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 Responses to “An elephant factory with enough gin to float a freighter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The gin would last a long time with me around, since I’m not fond of it. I will do Canadian whiskey once in a while, but that’s about it for me and hard liquor. I love going to Seattle co-ops and marketplaces because they are so different from the big box stores. I see lots of products I’ve never even heard of!! (does that make me a hick from the sticks?)

  2. jane Says:

    I am officially volunteering to help in your effort to clean out your liquor cabinet. it’s ok, no need to thank me – I do what I can. 😉

    re: the new Kroger — I am still lost there!

  3. gg Says:

    Hock a loogie.