Blue black green purple blue brown

I was in a weird, slodgy mood this morning and it took some doing to get beyond that. It reminded me of a recurring dream I have had since childhood, where I go underwater and try as I might, I cannot get my head back up again. You know, so I can breathe. I don’t know what that dream means and I’m not sure I want anyone to “interpret” it for me. I’ve been dreaming that for a heckuva long time and I am still alive and wildly kicking.

The pre-work part of my morning was okay overall. Since we are going through a vee-hickle maintenance marathon this week, it included the extra wrinkle of driving the GG to work but I actually kind of enjoyed that little jaunt. I got home and ate breakfast and stuff and I was in my library. You do know that, even though we have books all over the Landfill, my own personal “library” is a little basket in the Blue and Only Bathroom, roight? What moom doesn’t have a nice little library in the bathroom?

Today, there was a New Yorker in my library. Only one, for once. Usually there are two or three or four… The magazine that’s there today is the one with the cover that I don’t like and I’m not gonna tell you why I don’t like the cover but I don’t like it enough that I am keeping the magazine folded inside out for the duration and I will be more than happy when it’s time to recycle it. I started to read a short story by Joyce Carol Oates, an author that I am kind of lukewarm about. Not that I am anywhere near any kind of an expert on literature. This story grabbed me. Middle school girl in math class, day-dreaming on a beer buzz about the older boys she’s been hanging around with and trying to pass a kleenex “note” with a lipstick imprint on it to one of them. Turns out her single casino-worker mom took off and she’s been home alone for going on five days. Middle school kid. I am a fast reader but I knew that I had to put the magazine down and get to work. But it haunted me. I could identify with that kid. Okay, I didn’t drink beer in middle school and I didn’t hang around with older boys and I wouldn’t’ve been brave enough to send a boy a lipstick kleenex note and my parents would *never* have left me alone overnight at that age. But a lot of the rest of it rang true. Sitting in a classroom daydreaming about boys and being terrified that the teacher would call on me.

I got to work and bludgeoned my way on to the online New Yorker site to finish the story. I won’t say what happened in case y’all get the New Yorker. And then I started dragging myself back to reality. I didn’t start to recover anything resembling a decent mood until somebody (they know who they are) twittered something about “bow echo”. Say what? I yelled “over the wall” to my cube neighbors, “hey, do you guys know what a bow echo is?” Nada. Wiki defines it as

the characteristic radar return from a mesoscale convective system that is shaped like an archer’s bow.

I read that out loud and everyone including W3.0 absolutely cracked up. Say what? That got my head out from under water and my mood continued to improve. And that was a good thing because the last couple hours of my day included a presentation. It went okay. Despite the fact that everyone including me was half asleep when we convened. Despite the fact that my long-suffering, cat-herding boss couldn’t remember which spec we were reviewing or who had written it. In so many ways, he’s the kind of boss you want. Micro-manager? NOT!!! (-:

Color credits:

Blue: “Daisy” (aka blue Honda Civic) in for scheduled maintenance Monday morning.

Black: “Ninja” (aka black Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual (YAY)) in for scheduled maintenance Monday afternoon (exchanged “Ninja” for “Daisy”)

Green: “Dogha (aka dirty old [beloved] green Honda Accord V6) in for scheduled maintenance Tuesday morning (exchanged “Dogha” for “Ninja” Monday afternoon)

Purple: color of girl’s lipstick in recent New Yorker Joyce Carol Oates story

Blue: color of flowers in today’s pic

Brown: color of leaves in today’s pic

Onward and upward and a bunch of stodgy old systems analysts added “bow echo” to their vocabulary today although I’m not sure any of us truly understand it.

3 Responses to “Blue black green purple blue brown”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I looked up something about the instability principle once and didn’t understand it, even after multiple readings. I’m in a lousy mood right now. Blah.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Yes, I witnessed those “bow echo” tweets and had to go to Wiki, too! I’d never heard the term before. ‘Course, I doubt we get such things in this neck of the woods.

  3. MOM Says:

    If you are interested, the blue flower is scilla. Joyce Carol Oates is too violent for my taste.