Glahg down!

Yes, I am having problems with my blahg. As you can see, it’s still here, it just loads very slowly or not at all. My host, which is (long story about how I got there) is having problems with the server that houses my blahg. It only (so far) seems to affect the php pages on my site, straight html pages seem to be fine, so far and knock on wood. So, here is one in case you can’t get to the real blahg. With a beeyootiful gradient background.

I am trying to be patient with this but some of y’all know how I am… 😉

What disgruntled me the most was that the first person I wrote to tried to throw the problem back at me. It must’ve been a problem with my browser. Or my internet connection. Or my operating system. Not. I *mainly* use the latest version of Firefox on the latest version of Mac OSX *or* whatever the heck browser/OS the iPhone runs on. And I *usually* use a comcast cable modem via the wifi in my house. And sure, it could’ve been a problem with one of those things. But. “Usually” is the operative word here. There’s Houghton Lake and WCC and the Green Guy Cafe and the beach and any number of waaaarrless internet cafes. And the GG gets online at the EPA on who-knows-what. Sorry guys but the problem ain’t on my end. I was also less than impressed when they called my issue “resolved” and closed the ticket. NOT!

I hope this gets sorted out soon. They won’t give me a time estimate. If it is *not* fixed soon, you can be sure I’ll be going through the painful process of moving hosts this weekend.

And if you *did* get here, scroll down to see what Lizard Breath is up to. She had the wonderful fortune to post just as the you-know-what was hitting the fan.

Sayonara, Kayak Woman!

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