Hiking at Red Rocks

Lemme see, I have done practically nothing useful since I got here on Monday. Other people are mostly feeding me, taking care of me and keeping me entertained. Secret 3:00 AM meetings called together via a bat scope projected on Radical Betty’s garage. Recording and producing amphi-pop music. Evening kayak trips to the island with voyageur women. And hiking at Red Rocks, just a little north of Gros Cap on the Canuckian side.

Radical Betty and Aimee at Red Rock (click for more)

Tonight, my people are coming. Today I have to get off my butt and do something constructive. Make beds. Honestly, being here alone, I have been crashing on the couch under a single comforter. Obtain food. And toilet bowl cleaner. Make an emergency underwear run to Walmart. Etc., etc. Gotta go. More adventures to ensue.

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