Welcome [back] to the real world, Kayak Woman.

One of the reasons I haven’t been more on top of the recent issues with my blahg is because I actually have a part-time job. It’s an internship with a financial services company in town. It’s interesting work and I think I’ll be able to bumble my way through it. I think. My co-workers are really nice and, amazingly enough, I don’t feel like everybody’s mother. I will not be blahgging about my job. If I do, it’ll be tangential stuff like how today was the first time I was able to bumble my way into the building without waiting for someone else to arrive to help me get in (“Help, I’m neeewwwww!” :-(, or whatever), not the details of what I do or who I work with. I think it’ll be fun and I am going to take every opportunity to learn absolutely as much as I can from the experience. Not to mention that I hope I can contribute something to the company and the people I’m working with and for.

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