Am I back? I think I’m back…

*Apparently* my host has fixed its problems. I was not happy with the customer service except for one person who seemed to actually understand and care and not just be telling me the issue was on my end or spouting company you-know-what. I still want to move. I have another host that is significantly cheaper and provides decent service. However, I have been unable to *successfully* move my blahg to it. I *think* it is a WordPress version issue of some sort. I’m not out of ideas but I don’t have time to hack. Sheesh, I spent all last weekend on this dern beastie while everybody else played outside in the sun. I couldda been kayaking! So, for now, so people like The Commander don’t have to beat their brains out to get at “the computer” aka my blahg (:twisted:), here I am.

Hugs and maggots,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “Am I back? I think I’m back…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hmm, glad to have you back; I’d been missing you! Maybe all the server/host places are having problems; The Guru’s been fighting off an email attack all day—fortunately only his domain/email though….