The 23rd anniversary of Mouse’s escape from the womb

And yes, Mouse could not wait to get out and so she emerged big as life about three weeks early. Just as healthy as could be and ready to get on with things. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes I almost wonder if she actually remembers making a decision to get outta there early. I do have an old friend who claims to have remembered his birth while on some kind of painkiller but I don’t think I want to go anywhere near that tonight. In Mouse’s case, I think this means that she knew from a very early age that she was her own person and her moom was necessary for some things but there was no way she was going to let her moom dictate her whole life. And that’s okay with her moom, aka meeeeee. Mostly.

The outfit? Yes, it is killer, isn’t it? That was Mouse’s second birthday. The Commander and Grandroobly were down here from their home in Sault Ste. Siberia and it was The Commander who made that beauteous knitted hat. And no, April 24th is not too late in the Great Lakes State to give someone a wool hat because we do sometimes still get snow in April. Or May. Or June. Or… Of course, this hat was given to *Mouse*. The same Mouse who would always pull hats off unceremoniously no matter what the weather. 10 degrees and blowing snow? I don’t need no stinkin’ hat! The top and skort? Dogmomster and The Engineer gave her that. They wrapped it loosely in a gift bag with tissue paper and handed it to Mouse when they walked in. Mouse pulled the outfit out of the bag and immediately stripped the clothing she was wearing off, right in front of god and everybody else, in our back living room, and put on the new outfit. New clothes, gimme. I think the green high heels (look down) were probably something that were just around the landfill and, well, Mousey is Mousey and she was just getting dragged along for the ride.

So, today was Mouse’s 23rd birthday and it is the first birthday I have spent with her since she left for college, which will be five years ago this coming September. I have always tried to make sure my kids had adequate gifts while they were at college and beyond. Usually that includes a significant amount of money, especially when they were studying abroad. This year I bought Mouse two things. Mouse’s early interest in clothing has blossomed into costuming and, er, fashion, although Mouse’s idea of fashion is to create her own designs, not just shop for whatever is the latest and greatest hot trend. And so, I bought her an adjustable dress form. And, duh, the second gift? A new computer. Because she has been limping along with the Apple G4 Powerbook that we The Commander bought her for college five years ago. We had an interesting experience with the Apple Store salesman who *finally* came to our aid in purchasing a new computer. They were VERY busy there today and seemed a bit understaffed and I was kind of drumming my fingers, like “we want to buy this”, and then the guy who finally did help us was wanting to go through the whole spiel about, well what do you want to do with your computer. Like, what we are already trying to do but the dern thing is so blasted slow that we can’t. In truth, we could’ve easily bought online since we knew what we wanted. Note to self.

Today. We met up with NPJane at Cafe Zola for brunch. Mouse had actually never been there. I’ve been there about a billion times and probably NPJane has too. We drank mimosas and bloody marys and we boxed some food to take home. Then we went to THE MALL (yikes) and bought the new computer and a couple dresses for Mouse for work. Home for a few hours. Then. Moom, let’s go get Indian food. Okay. This was around 3 PM. We were both hungry. We headed downtown again and, of course, we ordered way more food than we could eat, so now we have leftover [Mouse what did we order?] Indian food (really good food) in the refrigerator too.

And Mouse is now out with friends for dinner at Seva and whatever barroom they up at.

Happy birthday Mouse. I love you.

8 Responses to “The 23rd anniversary of Mouse’s escape from the womb”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Happy Mouse’s Birthday to her parents too. Absolutely love the outfit in your photo. So how old was she in this photo?

  2. kayak woman Says:

    2-1/2 years. That was the Halloween after her 2nd birthday.

  3. Jay Says:

    Happy Birthday to Mouse. I thought the present was the material being pinned onto the dressform. But something that can be used for a looong time – wonderful idea.

  4. Tonya Says:

    That dress form is a SUPER idea. Especially since it’s adjustable. (What would a person do otherwise, who lost or gained even 5 lbs?) I would NOT like to see a dress form based on ME, however. Not that I’d ever have need for one. (Sewing machine? I do have one, but it’s got to be terribly rusty). Very happy 23rd to Mouse! (My son turns 24 in June…)

  5. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great birthday for her–and brought back many funny memories! My Alison would do the same thing–just strip in public to put on something new. Ashley is down for the day and needs a new laptop, so we’re going shopping for one. (for her new job and grad school) I hate making decisions!! By the way, how did Mouse get her nickname?

  6. Dona Says:

    What a wonderful idea for a gift. Mouse sounds somewhat like my daughter in that she creates her own style.

  7. Fran Says:

    Without question Mouse was independent from birth. She new the difference between mother and grandmother two or three days after she was born. I can verify that!………………grandmoom!

  8. DogMomster Says:

    I’m running late in reading this post, but did “Happy Birthday” Mouse via one of the “social networks”! Anyway, re your experience at the Apple Store… we did EXACTLY the same thing a while back with one of the girls’ replacement purchases! Poor salesguy wanted to run his spiel, we cut him short with “we have used Macs since 1987, this will be our Nth Mac purchase, we know exactly what we want/need!” I honestly think he was heartbroken, given how his shoulders sagged (probably because we’d started with Apple before he was born… maybe??). Anyway. Janet’s on her way to either another repair OR a new computer. They did NOT get the display properly repaired recently…