HB to Mr. Roboto Glitter and his Twin of Terror!

And what did Mr. Glitter receive for his birthday? Well, practically nothing, from yer favo-rite blahgger anyway, although sometime tonight he will get a steak dinner. Why isn’t he getting big piles of presents? Because Mr. Glitter dun gone ‘n’ ordered hisself one o’ them thar dee-vices. You know the ones. Yer favo-rite blahgger found out about it ’cause he tweeted it. It ain’t’a gonna git here till maybee th’ end o’ th’ week ’cause he went all full tilt boogie ‘n’ ordered one o’ them thar 3G ones. ‘n’ maybee it won’ even git here till after that. Okay, he hasn’t been totally neglected. I ordered him a Scottevest and he can play around with that until That Device arrives. And Mouse bought him some books. He’ll live.

And yes, to those who may not know, I am married to one half of a set of identical twins. The Beautiful Gay is married to the other half, who comments occasionally as the Uncly Uncle. The Beautiful Gay was the UU’s high school girlfriend. I didn’t start hanging out with the GG until until I was 26. TBG and I are different in a lot of ways but we have some similarities too and I love her and we get along very well. Can I tell the twins apart? Yes, but. When I am looking at whatever twin I am talking to, I certainly can. No mistake. When I am just hanging around, say the Houghton Lake kitchen or whatever, and one of them walks through and says something and I’m not really paying attention, I’m not always sure. The Twinz of Terror are numbers five and six of 10 children! At the time they were born, my lovely late mother-in-law Sally had six children ages six and under.

Once, when Lizard Breath was a little over a year old or so, we spent a day helping the UU and The Beautiful Gay and their kids move into a new house. Late in the evening, the UU and I took off to get a drink somewhere. The Beautiful Gay was at work at her family’s bar and the GG was left to watch over Lizard Breath. Lizard Breath being our daughter. Guess what? She thought that both of her parents had left her with the UU! She was NOT happy and spent the entire hour or so that we were gone complaining about it. Nothing the GG said to her managed to convince her that *he* was her *dad* and not her *uncle*. Go figure.

Yes, Mr. Glitter and his twin were holy terrors. I have that on the authority of their late Aunt Gale. She dropped that little tidbit at our rehearsal dinner. Something about the twins wandering around their neighborhood at the grand old age of five, cutting people’s screens. Or something. I can’t quite remember. Guess what? By that time, I had already figgered out that they had been holy terrors and I was going through with it anyway.

I guess I am done for tonight. Good night and have a great night. If you have nothing to celebrate tonight, raise a glass to the GG and the UU. You have my permission! (-:

8 Responses to “HB to Mr. Roboto Glitter and his Twin of Terror!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t imagine being married to an identical twin–that would be kind of freaky!!

  2. Paulette Says:

    I raise a glass and raise you two more! Happy Birthday, GG! Many happy returns.

  3. Dona Says:

    My husband’s brothers are nearly identical twins — fraternal, but I cannot tell them apart. I don’t envy their wives though — not because of the nearly identicalness — but because of the relationship the twins have — not all love, but an uncanny connection. Happy Birthday to GG and UU. I’m raising a glass of New Zealand white.

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    The twinnies were a lot of fun. You know the story of how I cried when I learned I had two more brothers instead of a baby sister. (Five against one!)They also came home from the hospital on my 4th birthday, which added insult to injury! Good thing a lot of people dropped by the house to see me and my new bike. As for the story about the twins cutting screens, I think that they went out to soap windows, and they soaped some screens instead. The soap did not clean off very well. It left “clean” marks on the guys screens. The neighbor was a little miffed. Also I don’t think they were alone. There were other neighborhood helpers – probably Don and John. The best story was when they had an egg fight. One was in the living room and one was in the dining room, with the foyer in between the two rooms. The Egg yolk stains did not come out of the gray wool carpeting, but it was O.K. My mom found a good use for the oriental rugs that Uncle Harry brought when he came to live with us. (I think he was really recruited as a mothers helper!) I’ll save the story about how they were pretending that the chandelier in the foyer was a pinata for another time.

  5. Bill Says:

    I remember throwing eggs around the house – especially the dining room. (I remember the one behind the living room curtain that Mom didn’t find… right away…)

  6. Jan Miller Says:

    Happy Birthday Bill!!

  7. l4827 Says:

    HB GG & UU !!
    We’ll toast you both with a double.

  8. Uncly Uncle Says:

    Our Dad called us the wrecking crew.