Quotes. Gimme More!

Quotable quotes from the Shores of Gitchee Gumee, recent and historical:

  • It’s a plassover.
  • Don’t fall over the fly-swatter.
  • Grandaddy is not in the bathroom.
  • No bedtime snorts, Grandmother.
  • If you girls don’t be quiet, I’m gonna fling a muskellunge at you!
  • Speed bumps are fun.
  • He’s not a plasterer, he’s a midget!
  • Grok grok grok.
  • If you drive this car over 50, the engine will explode.
  • Why is Grandma the boss of Grandaddy?

Sheesh, there are so many more but I can’t remember them now. You guys, put your memories to work! I am done for the night.

One Response to “Quotes. Gimme More!”

  1. Pengo Says:

    “bear make big crap.”