Old Leggy. Or Eggy. Or whoever.

Bdaa bdaa bdaa bdaa. Tap tap tap. Hey, little ol’ blahg, are you on? Couldda fooled me. Where do I start? I dunno. It is Thursday. I borrowed That Device (aka the iPad) from the GG today and showed it off to MMCB at Barry’s this morning and to various work people all day. I will stick my long giraffe neck out there and venture to opine that most people were more impressed with it than they expected to be. MMCB has recently returned to Apple after a long hiatus but doesn’t have That Device. Work folks are divided on what they use for personal computing. Of course, AT work, we all use Windows because it’s the online banking industry and you better believe they want to have control over what applications are on each employee’s computer. I have no problem with that and I get along with the Windows operating system just fine. I have never figured out why The Great Divide Exists. On some level, an operating system is an operating system is an operating system… The first operating system I learned was the Michigan Terminal System, which interfaced with a mainframe. We really thought we were cooking in those days. And then these little personal computers came along and, it took a while, maybe 15 years or so, but they changed the world. And so, for a long time at my old job, I used MS-DOS. And then I quit and during all the years I was a SAHM/volunteer, I did my work and eventually interacted with the world with Apple products. In a way, they are all the same. And then somebody hit fast forward and my cute little baby girls grew up and somehow we have gone from clunky (yes) old mainframes and FORTRAN to tapping and swiping things on screens to make things happen. I think that That Device is pretty cool and also a rough approximation of the future. That’s as far as I am gonna go tonight.

That is definitely a leggy old broad in the photoooo, which @agategal pointed out on Twitter. Oh man, that pic makes me look much more skinny than I am! Except for the legs, of course. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. But so are the winter mornings when I can see the Big Dipper when I walk.

Thursday night cheers! G-night. KW

2 Responses to “Old Leggy. Or Eggy. Or whoever.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You’re making me want one!! STOP. Columbia tuition is outrageously expensive; I’ll be using a pad and paper, not a fancy gadget. 🙂

  2. Sam Says:

    Leggy Eggy—love that picture!