JHMK!!! (driving rant, beware!)

I hope I stop shaking before I have to go to class! I pulled warily into the overcrowded WCC parking lot just after noon today. I managed to get past parking lot A or whatever it is without somebody pulling out of one of the rows right smack in front of me. I went to make the left turn onto the road that passes parking lot D, which is where I usually park at the end of the row right across from the bench at the edge of the pond. So I won’t forget where my vee-hickle is. And yes Mouse, I had my turn signal on. I did not have a stop sign. There was nobody coming from the opposite direction. I had the right of way. So why in the HECK was there suddenly a HUGE behemoth of an SUV heading straight for the left side of my cute little blue honda civic with a yellow flower stuck in the blower? Hmmm? Because some nincompoop of a young woman was RUNNING A STOP SIGN! I honked. She stopped about two feet away from me. I yelled, “YOU HAVE A STOP SIGN!” She gave me a snotty, “I’m sorry.” Sorry? That just doesn’t cut it. Lady, who in the HECK gave you a driver’s license? And do you ever think to look DOWN when you are driving? Because people like me with small, FUEL-EFFICIENT vee-hickles are sometimes down here. And sometimes we even have the right of way! I’m sorry but this is about the third time an incident of this sort has happened to me in the WCC parking lot this fall. Another time, a kid made a left turn right smack in front of me. “I had my turn signal on!” he yelled. Yeah, but don’t you have to wait for oncoming traffic before you turn? How do these kids get their licenses? How can they afford to buy such gigantic behemoths and how can they afford to fill them up with gas? Why can’t people put their damn phones and iPods down and pay attention to the road? Sorry, I guess I’m done now.

One Response to “JHMK!!! (driving rant, beware!)”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Do NOT apologize!!! Heck, you are right on with this rant! Too many drivers are too tied up in their own little selfish narcissistic worlds to even apparently CARE that there are indeed *other people* out there driving and there are indeed *rules of the road*!

    I have had too many close calls for comfort, and that is even while using my Super Special 360-degree eyeballs and Super Special Driver-Stupid Act Anticipation Radar in action.

    This morning, on my way to the Nashville Airport, I discovered a Harley Davidson (driven by a female, yet – at least I *think* female…) hiding very nicely in my blind spot. I was *wondering* what the heck that gawdawful noise was being produced by… And the side mirrors on Pontiac G6’s (and Buick LaCrosses, too) are woefully inadequate (after having used for so long my LOVELY DGSLD side mirrors, which are properly-sized for the job).