A peek at one of my classes.

I have two fantastic classes this fall and the one I’m going to talk about today is my Adobe Illustrator class. When I enrolled in the class, I basically knew how to do two things in Illustrator. One was black and white website architecture diagrams and wireframes and the other was cute little 3D-style aminals and things. That’s a slight exaggeration. I can always figure out how to bumble through just about anything by using The Google. But, at this point in my life, the structure and challenges of a classroom setting force me to do what I’d probably slack off on if I were totally on my own.

So, it’s late and without further ado, here’s a prodject (uh, I do really know that isn’t how you spell “project”) that I did really well on. I’m actually doing well with the class even though I think of myself as one of those “I don’t do art” people. I credit the teacher. But I’m working hard and will have to continue on that track to keep up my grade. Anyway, here is Muksaslooie! Click to enlarge. G’night.


3 Responses to “A peek at one of my classes.”

  1. jane Says:

    Mike cat!!! well there’s a blast from the past. he was always fun. in an angry, often-scratching kind of way. 😉

  2. kayak woman Says:

    He was a personality in every sense of the word. I remember when he was a *tiny* little kitten and would run *sideways* — just about literally — around the walls in Don & Katie’s cabin. I really want to write more about him. He’d almost make a good character for a childrens’ book, not that I think I’d be up for writing one, not to mention “Illustrating” one. 😉

  3. Pooh Says:

    Mike cat and Duke, BFF! Your stories have to include their many interactions!
    Why is the exclamation point (!) a lighter shade?

    On a side note, I really like the commercial where the mom is haranguing the teenagers about running up the cell bill with all their text messages, then turns to Grandma, and says “Who are you texting all the time!” “My BFF, Rose.” replies Grandma. Best Friends Forever!