Software updates are [one of] Apple’s weak points

Yes, they are. I think that Mr. Jobs needs to spend a few minutes away from the roll-out of new and better phones and Devices (you know the one) and dip back down into the user experience us old-skool MacBook laptop owners have to experience when there is a goddamn software update. Yes. That was the GD word and I owe a damn dollar. Oops, that’s two dollars. Where the heck is the Engineer. I think he owed at least $400 dollars at one point.

Okay. Almost every time software update pops itself up (and popups are NOT good user design but we’ll leave that alone for now), I am just about ready to leave the house. Usually to go to work, where they actually, you know, pay me money, so that I can buy Apple computers (and phones and other Devices, you know the kind). So I almost always just close the dern Software Update window out because I DON’T HAVE TIME!!! This afternoon, I came home from work and stashed my Windows machine and farrrrd up my own personal Apple machine and a software update popped up. Well. At least it didn’t pop up when I was about to shut down and leave the house. I decided to go for the update. I could call The Commander and by the time I was done talking to her, my update would be done. I wasn’t. It took a LOOOONNNNGGG time. It kept going a long time after I was done talking to the comm. And for a while, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I got that nebular star-scape screen for absolutely ages, with a progress bar that seemed to take absolutely forever to get to the end. And then there was the blasted blue screen. The GG says that Apple doesn’t have the blue screen of death. I dunno. *Finally*, my little laptop shut itself down and re-a-started and [my fingers were crossed] started up quite quickly and successfully.

THANK YOU, all you commentators who had suggestions for my gardening problems. First, the Uncly Uncle (the GG’s identical twin) has it right, er sort of. I need to chuck chunk things down into pieces I can deal with (love you Bob). I would love to have Mouse’s help with all of this. Mouse may not have any particular experience with gardening but, Mouse can do ANYTHING!! Trowel Tart is Sam’s (archaeologist, not dog) friend. I have a few trowels but I use them clumsily. I was touched and surprised that my “cuzzint” Pooh also has trouble with gardening. Pooh is just about the smartest person I know and I will never forget when she made a prime number sieve for a math project in fifth grade or high school or whenever. And finally, I appreciated Margaret’s idea to find someone local to help and then NPjane knows of a local person and I’ll take advantage of that if all the other stuff fails.

2 Responses to “Software updates are [one of] Apple’s weak points”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that you got good advice about the gardening. When my computer wants to update at school, I am a WRECK. It takes forever and it’s sooooo slow during that time.

  2. Marquis Says:

    I’m a newbie Apple customer (iPhone) and a dyed in the wool PC fan. I love my iPhone and I thought that I had an epiphany about it on Monday. Why can’t I use my iPhone as a modem for my laptop? Turns out that you can or rather you could. For a brief time iTunes offered an App to do just this, then they took it down, then they put it back up, but then they took it down again. Now this App is only available as a jailbreak App and as a newbie Apple customer, I’m not ready to go there. If this App has run afoul of contractual some issues with AT&T (as I suspect) Apple should have said so, but it didn’t. I think that Apple has become the Big Brother that it once mocked in its 1984 ad.